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The Top Ten Songs

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  1. Brix 'n Mortar | Suburban Murders | Freshcut | Bandcamp
    Exciting mix of hardcore and melody. We expeccted lots from these guys and we are getting it.
  2. Coffin Salesman | White Girl, Wasted | Misadventure | Bandcamp
    Listen to them now before they become famous.
  3. Genya Raven | Don't Go Into the Bathroom | Icon | Voodoo Rum Bar
    Histerical and historical - about the CBGB's bathroom and club
  4. Wire Lines | Blind | Terminal | Self released Bandcamp
    An avalanche of hardcore with meaningful lyrics that speak for right now.
  5. Lockette | Compromise | Compromise EP | Self released Bandcamp
    A plodding fuzz intro gets upended with agile vocals and song twists and snappy playing.
  6. Dan Webb and the Spiders | Jerk In Progress | Be Alright | Bandcamp
    One of the many hard pop goodies on this album.
  7. Wargraves | Hard to Complain | Life on the Outside | Bandcamp
    Ragging rocker. Some slamming accents break up the urgent momentum of the beat.
  8. Local Cult | Put On | Drip | Self Released Bandcamp
    Simple and punkish music but the singer gets the emotion in the lyrics. All their songs are like this.
  9. Cheap Gunslingers | Good Time | Cheap Gunslingers | Rum Bar Bandcamp Hopelessly hooked on this. Sounds like Mink DeVille.
  10. Dumb | Club Nights | Club Nights | Mint Records
    Arty, angular and gritty.

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