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The Top Ten Songs

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  1. The Forty Nineteens | As Such and Such | Good Fortune | Rock Ranch Records
    One of those pop tunes you want to play over and over.
  2. GNARDS | I'm a Demon (Roky) | Deep | Bandcamp
    It'a a year old but this Roky Erickson inspired song is cool.
  3. Black Beach | No Place for Me | Play Loud, Die Vol II | Pre-release
    What they do live is captured here. Primal pounding and vocalizing an existential threat.
  4. Miracle Blood | Slow Death | Cannibals | Bandcamp
    They drill into a descending riff and make this short and simple affair work.
  5. Blame Shifters | Domesticating the Tiger | Domesticating the Tiger | Bandcamp
    About the grind of being in a punk band. Hey, I thougth it was wonderful!
  6. Loser's Circle | Ghosts of Yesterday | Took Long Enough | Bandcamp
    They now have some of the pop punk we have enjoyed live on CD.
  7. Corin Ashley | Little Crumbles | Broken Biscuits |
    There's a lot of The Move and Beatles in this song off a very Anglophile CD.
  8. Oh The Humanity | Roadsick | Tired Ears | Bandcamp
    A manifesto for the working musician. Just love the chorus.
  9. The Digs | San Dimas | Kinetic | Bandcamp
    As they break up we just are beginning to appreciate what these guys do.
  10. The Chicago Vin Coalition | Hey Little Girl | American Dream | CD Baby
    Cool new garage.

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