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July 4, 2011

    This week we were interviewed by Chris Parcellin (of D-Filed) and Lenny Scoletta (of Sticky Business) for their documentary "Boys From Nowhere: The Story of Boston's Garage Punk Uprising"
    The interview went really well and these guys are pretty motivated to make this's a story that could be told many times over in many ways and we hope they succeed in getting this story out for people to see and hear!!! Go to their FB page and "Like" it and if you have interesting stories to tell about those days contact them!!!

   Now as to what is happenin' out there... Hey coming up this week! The Roy Sludge Trio are at Atwood's on Cambridge St in Cambridge this Thursday July 7th - 10 PM- awesome band!!!
    And Saturday the 9th Black Fortress of Opium is down in the Cantab Club Bohemia ....
    Friday July 15th at Church is another Fredstock event.... ...go out and support this...and hey it's a good show too! Muck and The Mires, The 360s, Black Fortress of Opium and Curious Rituals....

    Friday July 15tyh at Obrien's there's a good show with The Acrobrats, Cradle to the Grave, The Scandals and Full Body Anchor....

    And well worth a mention and a trip out on a Thursday night it's JJ and Thee Cuban Heels with The Weistronauts and Hillbilly Holiday at Church.....on July 21st...
Also on the 21st, in Porter Square are Cadillac Heart and Liz Borden at the Rosebud

    Saturday , July 16th there is a great show at The Rosebud with Razors in The Night and Tijuana Sweetheart - yeah!!...

The Rosebud does it again with a great show on Friday, Aug 5 - The Port Charles Quintet, Brownboot, Thee Cuban Heels

    Frank Rowe...crosses the line to 60 in a celebration at The Midway on August 13th Oh its gonna be a excellent evening......

   And mark your calendars now for the Rock'n'Roll Yard Sale in Union Square Somerville in August on the Sunday, the 21st, And on August 26th another Birthday Bash, this one for Nancy Neon is shaping up and will be at the Cantab Port Charles Quintet and Classic Ruins, more news to come on that one!

    And Robin Lane has launched her film project on Kickstart ...looks pretty interesting!! Check it out and's a biography with amazing twists and turns of Robin Lane, called A Woman's Voice.....

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