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December 21, 2009

    First I want to mention that our condolences go out to Sandy Neades….the passing of Beefy DC's Ray Neades is sad news and we are sorry to hear of the loss of another great Boston Rcoker….since the memorial has passed you can visit the Remembering Ray Neades Facebook Page and leave a comment if you like…

Elevator Drops at the Middle East down.

Izzy maxwell     Now, This past weekend the BGN crew ventured out before the storm to go to The Middle East down to see the Elevator Drops along with Bon Savant and Count Zero…..hmmm, what can I say??? It was torture getting through the first two bands….though Blowfish was saying the bass player of Count Zero was very good…we later found out the bass player was Izzy Maxwell, yeah he might be a good bass player but ……for me the bands were just too irritatingly emphasizing the low end of their sound/their instruments…the bass was overbearing, the drums were miked way too high and even the guitar sounds was annoying. These kids grew up with boom boxes and stereos with a mega-bass option and now you can hear, and feel it, in their music…ugh…no thanks. And it seems the opening bands had another shared theme…nerd rock…the singers were nerdy but Count Zero was too jazz inspired for me…I kept thinking about the art rock bands I saw in the late 70's when I lived in DC and I also thought that if I want to see nerd I'd rather be watching the lead singer of Spitzz any day of the week!!!. Bon Savant started out with a really promising song that sounded a lot like Joy Division but immediately deteriorated into BORING!. In fact every song sounded like some other band from the 80's; like Thomas Dolby or XTC but without a hook or memorable anything!! Thankfully we were saved by the Elevator Drops who were much more entertaining and polished!!! I absolutely LOVED the makeup job on the lead singer….gorgeous...sort of futuristic Japanese flower child

    So what's going on out there…this Monday, Dec 21st, Three Day Threshold are doing a charity event at All Asia in Central Sq…..also a little further down the street there's a Winter Solstice Party at The Plough and Stars….
And actually a couple days later at the Plough, Dec 23rd , The Downbeat 5 will be playing there along with JJ Rassler's new band JJ & The Cuban Heels!!...also on the 23rd is TT The Bear's Place Holiday Party which is free and will have short acoustic sets by many people like Corin Ashley, Mark Linda etc….and did I say it is free???

EbonSavant.jpg - 122.78 K

    Now if the holidays are bugging you there's plenty to go out and listen to and see…in fact it'll be a perfect time to escape all the family insanity …on Christmas night The Pill will still be happening at Great Scott's in Allston and The Midway will be having a Christmas Extravaganza!...
   then you have options on the next night too…like Church on the 26th; to see The Varmints, The Boize, The Last Ones, and The Doom Buggies
Sunday the 27th you can check out Foxpass at Johnny D's in Davis Sq….
    Monday, December 28th there are actually two punk shows one at Charlie's Kitchen with Razors In The Night and Hate & War … and one at The Midway with The Klix, Hate & War, The Cryptics, Calamity and Cutthroat Society….
    and the next night there's pretty neat show:, on Tuesday December 29th a tidy little band, will be playing along with The Classic Ruins and Kenny Chambers at Church…you might wanna go…..
….if you can't make that show though…I am sure fun will be guaranteed at the very special Triple Thick Holiday Show at the Plough & Stars on Tuesday the 29th

Ezero.jpg - 173.49 K

And here it comes…just looming over the horizon…New Years Eve…..there's a royal NYE at Church again with The Upper Crust and The Gentlemen……
    And get your tix now folks because First Night is loaded with good music all over town!! And just about everyone I know is going to see The Neats reunite in support of the recent reissue of their early recordings on " Neats 1981-84" , and play at the Orpheum along with Buffalo Tom and The Lyres.
    And if you didn't get to see them before the holidays…Monday January 18th JJ Rassler's new band JJ & The Cuban Heels will be at Charlie's Kitchen alrighty folks have a wonderful and rockin' holiday!! taslk to y a next week email me please!!! 2


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