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The Abbey Closing


During my years in the music scene I have been through many a club closing...there were some great ones.
We've said "Good-Bye" to some legendary places; of course the Rat comes to mind first...
and then there is the infamous close of the Underground... and we bid a fond adieu to Cantone's and The Club; the places that were the foundation for this Boston scene we have now.

Then there were others...Streets, Storeyville, yeah yeah Bunratty's too and Green Street Station...the list does go on...
so this Thanksgiving Eve, November 26th, 2008 we said "so long" to another club that I am sure will be a legend in Boston Rock: The Abbey.
When the Abbey first opened it was that awesome mix of townies and the new kids on the block; the rockers, taking over an old dive. At first there was some tension but the place quickly became a cornerstone in the Boston music scene. Andrea Gillis was booking the place at the time and she had that little club booked with awesome bands every night!!

Also when The Abbey first opened, everyone likened it to Cantone's because it had that divider wall in the middle, besides the great booking and the dive feel it had, the aura of the Cantone's legend cemented it in the scene as an important club.

There were months in which I didn't go to any other clubs; everything I wanted to see was at The Abbey!! Kudos too must go to Michele Paulhaus, who took over the booking after Andrea, she too kept the shows at a high caliber of rock'n'roll that was above most of the other places in town.
Then the job was handed over to Skinny Mike, who started doing the booking.
Well my friends, things change and troubles happen and here we are and The Abbey had to close...the end of an era.

So I knew it would be a packed and probably sold out night, I got there at 9:20 and yes, it was packed! And it stayed packed until 2AM when I l left! Like the special event it was, it made for a special kind of electric, high energy in the place. Everyone was friendly; all the bands did their best. The Curses were crazed; lead singer Brian was his weird combo of punk and David Bowie inspired mania,...Spitzz were awesome and the lead singer was the quirky, jerky nerd I remember him being when I saw them the first time and LOVED them...Muck and The Mires , well they are always great and they didn't disappoint this night either, they weren't as smiley as usual though, maybe they were really bummin'..... The Konks were super high energy and infectious, I wanted their set to go on and on! They started smoking cigarettes on stage, hey why not right? What are they gonna do, close the place?.....Sometime after The Konks, I think, there was a loud yell from behind the bar; "We're out of beer, we are OUT OF BEER!!!" and that was that..but everyone was so into the night it didn't seem to matter anymore anyway!!

Then there was Triple Thick, I just love Triple Thick, they are fun lovin' and never take themselves too seriously and they are cute and have memorable songs..tonight they even got their original bass player to come up and do a few tunes with 'emů.The Coffin Lids were great too, but they didn't get much time on their own on the stage because as soon as Skinny Mike got up there people were going really crazy! And everyone was jumping up to join them.
Before you know it people were hanging off pipes, stage diving, and there was such a crowd on the stage, literally they couldn't fit one more person on there...
It was an absolutely fun night, its unfortunate it was for the sad and sorry event of the close of a great and favorite Boston rock club like The Abbey..damn..

Photos by Miss Lyn unless noted.
A1MicheleMike.jpg - 69.50 K
Michele forking over the cash to Mike..
A2Crowd9PM.jpg - 61.89 K
The crowd at 9:20PM.
A3Crowd920PM.jpg - 67.51 K
The crowd at 9:40 PM
A4Frontband.jpg - 68.05 K
Front door guy's band
A5ZIMSBAND.jpg - 61.19 K
The Acrobrats
A18ShotBehind.jpg - 71.70 K
Overall view from behind the bar.
Picc1AcroBassMM.jpg - 65.07 K

Bass player of the Acrobrats.
Photo:Michele Meadows.
Picc2ChrisLynMMBeatGirlMM.jpg - 38.98 K
Chris, Miss Lyn, Michele and Beatgirl.
Photo:Michele Meadows.
A6Zim.jpg - 113.08 K

The Acrobrats
A6ALiamKonksZim.jpg - 81.28 K
Kurt with the Acrobrats
A7Screamin.jpg - 70.98 K
Fans scream for the Acrobrats
A8FrankBob.jpg - 62.79 K
Bob Colby and Frank Rowe.
A9Bartender.jpg - 68.05 K
Blue clad bartender.
A10Curses.jpg - 85.77 K
A11Curses.jpg - 78.25 K
A12BrianCurses.jpg - 74.08 K
Brian of the Curses
A13spitzz.jpg - 70.55 K
A14ExcelentSpitzz.jpg - 67.13 K
A15Spitzz 2.jpg - 61.68 K
A16SpitzzKirk.jpg - 76.54 K

Spitzz - channeling Capt. Kirk.
Picc4MichTomTSpitzz.jpg - 53.90 K
Michele and Tommy T of Spitzz.
Photo:Michele Meadows.
A20JulieRayJAnyAllen.jpg - 68.42 K
Julie Ray and Jay Allen
A22MuckMiresBass.jpg - 74.43 K
Muck with unsmilling Mire bass player.
A23AwesomeLIndaMuck.jpg - 67.74 K
The AWESOME Linda Muck.
A24BillyRuiane.jpg - 51.98 K
Billy Ruane makes the scene.
A25EricLiamKonkJOanie.jpg - 67.30 K
Taking it all in...
Eric Law, Kurt Konk and Joanie Lindstrom
A26CrowdespMitchAram.jpg - 73.18 K
Mitch in the crowd.
A31Bartenders.jpg - 69.31 K
We'll miss you Steve!!!
A30UmMaybehe.jpg - 85.98 K
Maybe not up to picture taking at this point?
A36Konks3.jpg - 82.72 K
A33Konks2.jpg - 78.85 K
A32Konks1.jpg - 75.97 K
Picc3KonksbMM.jpg - 34.87 K
Photo:Michele Meadows.
AAKonksBYBEATGIRL.jpg - 110.91 K
A39KonkswereTimes.jpg - 67.61 K
A28JAyALlenEvaMuke.jpg - 66.16 K
Jay Allen and Evan Muck
A40triplethick.jpg - 65.74 K
Triple Thiick
A41AJimTripleThick.jpg - 67.64 K
Jim of Triple Thick
A41TriporigBass.jpg - 59.81 K
The origial bass player sits in on Triple Thick.
A42Triplepeoplestage.jpg - 74.00 K
Triple Thick and Konks and Lids bang it out.
A43Lidsfriends.jpg - 75.43 K
Coffin Lids and friends.
AUpsideBEATGIRL.jpg - 97.57 K
Flipped by the closing.
A46crazestage.jpg - 69.26 K
Crazy on stage.
A47last.jpg - 78.77 K
Last moments
A48bye.jpg - 77.55 K
Bye Bye Bye
A27MOREcrowded.jpg - 74.83 K
more and more crowded on the stage.
A49crazierLast.jpg - 77.89 K
Getting crazyer
A51saygoodbye.jpg - 79.94 K
Still saying goodbye...
A52mikeSaysdone.jpg - 80.96 K
Mike over, already.
A53nextlastimage.jpg - 71.04 K
Next to last image...
A54MyLastphoto.jpg - 66.60 K
Final image of the night.


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