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Cheryl Eagan-Donovan Interview.


Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Do you know about the Creeper movie?
No. Tell me.

Click here for Creeper info

Are you getting a perspective on the scene you didn't know about before?
Yes, the archetypal significance of Felice and the music.

Come across anyone who HATED the early punk days?

Any EMOTIONAL moments for you? ...or the person being interviewed?
During the interview with John's mother and sister, both got visibly upset when talking about his leaving home at such a young age. The entire interview with them was highly charged emotionally.

Have you slept with any one in a band?
I met my husband in 1982. I picked him up at a Lou Miami show at Jack's. My husband Brian was a total new wave/punk rock scenester. After we met, we found out that we had been at many of the same shows (The Descendants at the Underground) and parties prior to actually meeting. Of course we both loved Lou Miami, La Peste, Dangerous Birds, Bound & Gagged.

What do you think about the role of women in the local scene, then as opposed to now?
The carefree, pre-AIDS days of the late seventies provided a great opportunity for women to get even. Sex is power and women have always used that knowledge to get ahead and to relate to men. Today, women definitely have more clout in rock and roll. We are ALMOST equals. Back then, people like Joan Martin (Lou Miami's manager) were my role models. She was truly fierce and that was great. A real breakthrough. Real Kids at the Space .

What made you get into filmmaking?
As John says in the liner notes to one of the Norton reissues, "I guess I've always had a need to express myself." I started writing very early, read poetry at City Hall Plaza in the seventies, next wrote promo material for bands, then did booking and management, joined BFVF, took master classes with Whit Stillman, Christine Vachon, Rose Troche, Maria Maggenti, and John Pierson. Got invited to a Miramax workshop with Kevin Smith, Brad Anderson, all kindsa indie filmmakers and industry reps, met Roland Tec, Kaylyn Thornal, started doing publicity for local indie films.

We know all the people you interviewed have gotten OLD but have they gotten boring or are they still punk/outre/outsiders/rebels?
Almost all of the people I have interviewed are still "punk" in that they continue to live outside the mainstream, even if only in some small way, by playing in a band, being radio deejays, being "loners." They are all still very much independent individuals, don't care what anyone else thinks of them, are not afraid to be different, have strong convictions and opinions, and value music above almost all else. Even if they are married, have children, have regular day jobs, they are still originals with attitude.

Who did the longest interview?
The longest interview was probably Willie. He has so much to offer.

Who was the most difficult and/or least responsive?
It's a toss up between Richman and Felice. First of all, I can't believe Jonathan finally agreed to do an interview. He is known for his refusal to grant interviews to anyone so I am thrilled to have been allowed to shoot him at all. And, of course, Felice has been extremely cooperative and open about his life, allowing me something close to full access. Still, it is very difficult to get close to the real John.

The BOOB in Mickey Cleans Face. Did you talk to Bob "The Boob" Colby?
No. I've been introduced to him at shows, but have yet to interview him.

Did anyone illustrate The Boob dance for you?
No. Please do.

Click here for Colby background

Were you shocked by anyone's lifestyle/home?
Everyone's lifestyle is pretty much what you would expect. Barry Tashian is into Feng Shui. Alpo plays golf and still hangs out with Steve Cataldo. Billy Borgioli is a visual artist. Howie lives alone, still plays drums with Mickey Bliss. Patrick Mathe is still charming and opportunistic. Willie has a beautiful home, filled with paintings. Rick Corracio has two kids and a boat. J.J. Rassler is a shrewd businessman and a great raconteur…

Have the people you've talked to moved on or are they stuck in 1979?
That's a good question. I love the Brigadoon analogy: we are a community of music lovers whose taste has stayed the same because we have been uninfluenced by the changes in the world around us. I have said that the Boston garage/punk scene is like a lost civilization, waiting to be discovered. But I don't think anybody is stuck in 1979. Even Felice has moved on.

Did you see the effect of drugs on some people?
No. As John points out, everyone has found his or her own method of surviving. Jeffrey I hear you...SHUT UP.

Your fave punk group/show/record?
I love the early Replacements, the New York Dolls, Sid Vicious, the Queers, the Explosion, the Dictators, the Damned, the Classic Ruins, the Decals, the Lyres, DMZ, La Peste, the Girls, Human Sexual Response, Johnny Thunders, the Dogmatics, the Piranha Brothers, Last Stand. And I don't care what anybody else thinks: I love the Strokes.

Can you tell us if we will see some music performances in the film? A real Work OF Artie.
I have more performance footage than Artie Freedman…(just kidding Artie!)

Did anyone surprise you by being different than you thought?
John Felice is a romantic. It comes through loud and clear in his music, but rarely in person. It's true.

Who did save the most crap from those days ?
Willie Alexander is the undisputed king of the archives. Rick Corracio had tons of old photos. J J Rassler and Billy Borgioli had great scrapbooks. Miss Lyn had the best scrapbooks besides Willie, probably because tons of the stuff in her books is from him. We are going to interview Lynn Cuilla next and I can't wait to see her photos.

When did you start the film ? How long will this take all together?
I started in May 2001 by going to Paris to shoot Patricke Mathe and Le Bataclan, after Artie Freedman gave me a copy of the 1983 Real Kids show there. My goal was to have a rough cut by now, so I guess I'd better stop writing and start editing…

What about a Boston Groupie News movie?
I would love to do a Boston Groupie News movie: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE…

When/where will be the premier?
I if I ever finish cutting it, I hope it will premiere at a local festival. If we end up showing first in a festival that's not local, we will definitely do a Boston premiere at a local theatre or club. I love doing parties.

Miss Lyn asks: Do you mind if I go to the premier WITHOUT Blowfish (and pretend I don't know him) coz Alpo is gonna be looking to beat the crap out of him after the movie!!
You both have to show up. It's in the fine print on the release you signed…And don't believe everything you read. It's a little like Rashomon. Wait until you hear all the versions of the story and then decide…

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