Midway 9/21/02

The Real Kids, Classic Ruins, and The Last Ones.

godlike Billy Cole sees a chord and says, Why not ? I'll try it.
To get right to the point - The Real Kids were great. Betsy 'Badges' always tells me, " Felice is God". She's right.
It's been a long time since I've heard a Telecaster tone like the one Felice had on this night. So sweet. It seems so simple ...plug in and play, but almost all groups you hear now have some sort of effects box between the guitar and the amp to make it sound don't know, something else other than the guitar they're playing.
It was a kick seeing Billy Cole again. On stage he looks around and every now and then looks down at his guitar and seems amazed it's there. I bet the guitar is surprised too.
Bass and drummer were new to me and very good.
Great songs. Great sound. They still got it.

Frank cranks a Les Paul Jr. The USA rocks.

Long live The Classic Ruins. If I ever get sick of hearing this group, PLEASE SHOOT ME.
The line up now includes Matt Burns,drums and Carl Biancucci bass. This is a classic Boston sound. Carl really shined on this gig. He moves all over the fret board and has very interesting runs. This gives the band and the songs a dynamic movement in a way a static bass player never could.
Not to forget Frank Rowe. The voice was in good form...gravelly yes, but not at the Jabba The Hut you can't understand level.
Rawhide has been retired for Ace Of Spades. Please, Please, Me was done as an instrumental (Link Wray style)....real nice.

I missed The Last Ones who ironically were on first.