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Kim and Sue have a birthday
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Birthday parties at the Dilboy

March 13 + 14, 2009

Kim and Sue's Birthday Bashes

LKimCakeG.jpg - 103.51 K

    OH! We had a lot of fun at The Dilboy VFW Hall in Davis Sq this weekend!!
   Friday night was Kim Ackland's party with two Prime Movers' sets. And man they were THE Best ever that night. Everyone was commenting on how awesome they sounded, now I do hear that they will be playing out from time to time but are yes pretty much actually broken up. Dennis and Cam are working on a project together so that good! It was a real fun night, everyone dancing and had a blast.

    Saturday night it was back to the Dilboy (I mean even the name is cool huh?) for Sue Lemont's birthday party and she had a loty of bands: Preston Wayne's band, Radio Knives, Red Invasion, Classic Ruins and The Doom Buggies playing. Again, there was a great turn out and everyone was in a great mood!

    This Dilboy place is so cool, right in Davis Sq, cheap drinks and it's a great size and ladies, they always have a can of Aqua Net in the ladies room!! Oh yeah! Everyone should think about having a show there for whatever reason or no reason at all except that it's a great place to have a show!

Friday Night - Kim's Birthday
mkimcakeG.jpg - 79.51 K
Party girl Kim.
Photo:Michele Meadows
BPrime1.jpg - 135.38 K
Prime Movers played two sets of primo garage.
BPrime2.jpg - 151.33 K
Prime Movers
mprimmovers2G.jpg - 73.95 K
Photo:Michele Meadows
LCrowdFRIG.jpg - 84.02 K
The Friday night crowd.
Photo:Miss Lyn
mKimMichLynAnya1G.jpg - 81.58 K
Kim, Michele, Miss Lyn, Anya.
mKimMichLynAnya2G.jpg - 76.41 K
Girls Gone Wild
mKimPurseG.jpg - 59.44 K
Kim with matching purse.
Photo:Michele Meadows
mEdBobyDennisG.jpg - 78.06 K
Ed 'Moose ' Savage, Dennis McCarthy, Boby Bear, Blowfish
Photo:Michele Meadows
mJordanVDMcCarthyG.jpg - 83.18 K
Miss Valentine and Dennis McCarthy
Photo:Michele Meadows
Bdrummers.jpg - 132.67 K
The drummers summit.
Dennis: It's - Boom de boom boom
Boby: No it's - Boom boom de boom.
Saturday Night - Sue's Birthday
Bsue.jpg - 108.08 K
Miss Lyn, Joeyboy and Birthday Girl Sue
Bpreston.jpg - 142.15 K
The Preston Wayne Four
BWaynStrat.jpg - 155.63 K
Preston's Strat which is signed by Dick Dale.
LRedInvasion1G.jpg - 109.10 K
Red Invasion
Photo:Miss Lyn
mAmyProhaskaG.jpg - 92.45 K
Amy Prohaska
Photo:Michele Meadows
LPresetAquaNetG.jpg - 88.05 K
AquaNet always available in the Dilboy bathroom.
Photo:Miss Lyn
Bradio.jpg - 173.73 K
The Radio Knives play as a duo and quite good too.
LClassicRuinsG.jpg - 90.75 K
Classic Ruins
LFrakJoeyG.jpg - 92.23 K
Classic Ruins with Joey Boy sitting in on drums.
Photo:Miss Lyn
Bball.jpg - 151.00 K
The height of entertainment.
Bdoombugs.jpg - 149.31 K
The Doom Buggies.
BdoomDilboy.jpg - 144.10 K
The Doom Buggies with a picture of Dilboy (We assume.) overhead.
Bdisco.jpg - 128.92 K
We look up to see the Dilboy disco ball,
which has seen better times, and bid you adieu.

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