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Father's Too Reunion - 3/10/2007

At The Baseball Tavern

Mosh to Gang Green     Father's Too Reunion March 10, 2007     Father's Too was definitely known, as the center for drunken and drug induced debauchery, it was the place you went after listening to a band at The Rat and all you wanted to do for the rest of the night was some serious, cheap-ass drinking!! You could get two drinks at Father's for the same price as one at any other place.
   It was also the place to go on Sunday nights, that's what I remember most. It was always packed and um, really interesting then!

   And near the end it was the only place you could go and hear really good music on a juke box, especially the only place I could hear Touch Me I'm Sick by MudHoney. I'd play it over and over.

   Yeah all the drinking I did there is some of the stuff that made me realize I had to quit! It was that good my friends! Oh yeah!! Memories, I had a few…coz I was so drunk most of the time I'd not have any memories the next day!

   So I just had to stop in at the Reunion this March 2007 and see if I recognized anyone from the my days at Father's Too….. Hey and be sure to check out the Father's Too My Space site for more pics! Father's Too Webpage

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Gang Green
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Sam and Joey
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Jenny Huricane from the Midnight Creeps
Jami from the Sleazies
Fathers Too Reunion Audience
Audience Bliss
Fathers Too reunion Crowd
The Crowd checking out
the band in the pit.

Word on Father's and the F2 Reunion
by Rico Petroleum

Rico3.jpg - 17.40 K    early to mid 80's at Father's was like a snakepit to most others, a real saloon... to me it could be that, or an oasis, or a place where a drink in the face was like a feather in your cap. it depended on how the course of the day (or night) went there.
    it was usually Sundays, had enough of the same faces and alike from the weekend, so i stayed chill near the front mostly. easy out, plus i always had a job and rarely closed the place.
    we took the place over on Sunday (bands and the post Cantone's kids) i always felt at home there. but we weren't the 1st. the place wasn't new. it was a biker hang in the 70's,
    my loyalty to the place almost put me in the can when i asked some plain clothes if we could ALL have vests while ranting about their guns in the place. the thing is, we took that shit hole for granted and it was..
    seeing a lot of the folks at the f2 party was a real rush, because it was planned, and there were several eras through the 80's; different crews from different scenes. i'm sure the place has unique kinds of memories for everyone.
    for me it was my cave...

    The reunion was at the Baseball Tavern which is being booked by Martin Doyle. There will be no gigs on days with baseball games because of its proximity to Fenway Park. A steep set of stairs lead down to the club. The band plays in an even lower section of the room. A natural pit area. It's actually sort of cozy.
   The Sleazies, The Piranha Brothers and Jay Allen were booked for the night. Gang Green were playing at the Linwood and gave a surprise set, quite great too.


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