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Kenne Gizmo's 48 th B-day Party

What do ya say about Kenne Highland?
Kenne and Linda I not Linda II but that's another story.     You can read about him in The Noise, you can see him in 'round Boston in one of his various bands, giving a soulful and smokin' performance on stage. You can root out an old Gizmos record and marvel at the energy of these krazee mid-western boys or listen to any of his newer releases and be captivated by his lyrics, both ridiculously cryptic yet somehow insightful….or maybe you were at the Kirkland the night the lights went out in Cambridge and Kenne's kilt came off so all could see what lie beneath…..Or invited to one of his legendary Adrian Street barbeques in the 90's and sat around rockin' 'til 4AM. Either way, for most of us, to know him, even just a little, is to love him! And that's why so many showed up to help celebrate at The Kenne Highland 48th Birthday Bash at the Kirkland Café, Friday April 2nd 2004.

A short but sweet history lesson: I met Kenne when he was 21!
It took Mickey two hours to light the candles.     I was writing The Boston Groupie News and received a copy of the Gizmo's EP to review. I was blown away by the photo of the strikingly handsome "Krazee Ken" as he was called at the time. We started writing and Kenne soon came to visit at 'Groupie Towers' in Harvard Sq, Cambridge. Kenne immediately took to the Boston Scene and it's inhabitants. One thing that will always remain true about Kenne, no matter who might try to change him; he can make fast friends with anyone!! And that he did, everyone loved him, he was immediately part of the scene!

    We got married and after a couple years finishing up his stint in the Marine Corps we moved back to Boston and ……the rest is history…… though no longer married we have remained devoted pals throughout ….. This is the 27th birthday I have celebrated with Kenne and I must say he is almost as wild and crazy…and probably more eccentric than ever! After all those years, a couple divorces and many many cool bands later Kenne is still an important part of the Boston Scene!!

Which brings us back to 04-02-04!! The Kirkland Café in Cambridge….
Denise Donahue Pictures
Bret did some drumming during the night.
Bret Milano parched from
drumming is mocked by
JJ Rassler
Cam and Frank Rowe
Rowe:"Hey Cam, if I've
played already point
me to the door."
Can I join you in a drink? Think we will fit?
Many took to over-drinking
to make it through the night.
Is that woman completly dressed?
Oh ya, tough, isn't it JJ?
Simon and Lyn
Listing to the right: Jan
Vertical: Simon
On the right: Miss Lyn
Max and Lyn
T.Max and Miss Lyn
take to slapping each
other to stay awake
Helanie and Arianna. This makes it an official scene
Helanie and Arianna
Drummers Bobby and Ray
Drummers Extraodinaire
Bobby Bear+Rayboy
McKenzie father and Mckenzie son
Bob Mc Kenzie and son.
Two generations of beatings.
Some Mires, no Muck
Some of the Mires.
Linda and Mike
Two Martins and a Rachel
Bob Martin, Rachel
and Helen Martin
Terry Brenner on the right
Outside a group tries to collectively keep standing..
Mickey Bliss
Mickey Bliss on the job.
JeffCrane with Cilla
Cilla:"Jeff, I can see the other
side of the bar through
your ears.!"
Ciulla and Bell
Very Cheeky
Lynn Ciulla and Mach Bell

Photos of the Stage antics by Blowfish.
These are POP UP pictures so if you have a POP UP killer software please make adjustments.
Mach Bell, T.Max, Kenne and Bridget from Blacklisted.

The McKenzie family belted out Don't Talk To Me. Bob...Cellia and Bob's son. Its hard to see him so check this picture. Kenne said he was a great drummer. Runs in the family of course.

Mach Bell, T.Max, Alexx Water Goddess, and Kenne.

Classic Ruins with Kenne singing Dizzy Miss Lizzy.

Bad Ron playing harp on 2120 Michigan Avenue

Bret Milano playing drums!! Dont worry. When the drummers start writing....worry.

I Can Only Give You Everthing performed by...Aram Heller, Miss Kandy Kane, Kenne and Carl Biancucci

Doom Buggies kicked out the pop-metal toons.

A great line up Aram, T.Max, JJ Rassler, Cam, and Kenne. They did Whatcha Gonna Do About It by the Small Faces.

Johnny Black and Mach Bell. Mach sang Slade's Goodbye to Jane with the Cables.

Carl Biancucci. Carl did a lot of the work getting the gig and rehersals together and he played 80% of the night. He's the get-it-done guy

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