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The Boston Groupie News presents
Tribute to Helanie Saad
Kirkland 7/9/2004

Helanie, Jules, Rayboy    We here at The BGN figured it was time to start showing tribute to some of our fellow scenesters and Helanie Saad has been a memorable figure on the Boston Scene for SO many years we figured 'Who better to start with?!" So we got some bands together and had a Helanie Party! !! The night started out with Frank Rowe (of Classic Ruins) doing an solo set, then it was The Mickey Bliss Organ Combo.

    Mickey felt it fitting to show tribute to Helanie since way back when, what? Ten years ago? It was Helanie who started dragging people over to Club Bohemia to see bands when no one even knew about the place!!! Next up was The Last Ones. Drummer Ritchie Johnson has been particularly close to Helanie over the years, but all the members of the band have been friends with her so they were glad to join in for the evening.

MickeyBliss.jpg - 9.71 K
Mickey Bliss
Helanie = party gal.
Helanie Dancing it up.
Ritchie.jpg - 7.82 K

    Next up was Asa Brebner, one of Helanie's closest friends in town, with Mickey Clean guesting on lead vocals. Asa and his band did all Mickey Clean and The Mezz tunes and Mickey, who flew all the way up from Florida that day just for this show did a fantastic set!! Helanie used to book Asa & Mickey in The Mezz back in '75.

LastOnes.jpg - 22.78 K
The Last Ones

    Finishing off the night was Girl On Top featuring songstress Karen DiBiasse, a newer but certainly no less dear friend to our pal Helanie. Lots of friends showed up as well; Bob Colby, our favorite drummer, Jimmy Birmingham, Suzy of Hubba Hubba, former Warhol star, Patrick Fleming, J. Leanna Ness of The Noise, Nancy Neon & Billy Borgioli, Jon Macey and members of Reddy Teddy, Ed 'Moose Savage meeting Mickey Clean…kids the list just goes on and on…….

GirlOnTop.jpg - 11.54 K
Girl On Top
MickeyStage.jpg - 16.09 K
Mickey Clean


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