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Joanie's DC Vacation

Around Baltimore

A12viewMarriott22.jpg 308.42 K
View from the Marriott Inner Harbor
A13skyline5.JPG 84.06 K
Some very cool buildings
A14balt.JPG 114.96 K
Some not so cool buildings
A15fells.JPG 109.38 K
Down by Fells Point
A16harborDowntown.JPG 85.21 K
Downtown and Harbor
A1harborBoat.JPG 79.19 K
A lovely harbor view
A2bench.JPG 112.38 K
Maybe Baltimore *is* the greatest city in America
A3bldgVacant.JPG 94.31 K
Then again...
A4riteaid.JPG 46.83 K
Selling stolen toothpaste and such outside Rite Aid
C992noddingout.JPG - 46.34 K
Some of the many folks nodding out on public transportation
A5bldgVacant6.JPG 111.96 K
Just two blocks from the main drag
A6bldgVacant3.JPG 101.14 K
I should go into urban renewal
A7statueTrain.JPG 41.20 K
But now we're at train station
A8stationGlass.JPG 108.02 K
Inside is pretty
A91fedhillKleins.JPG 115.58 K
In the cute Federal Hill neighborhood
A92fedhillBrick.JPG 140.81 K
Not a bad place to live
A93statueDay.JPG 69.28 K
Back downtown
A94skyline3.JPG 46.98 K
More great views
A96bldgHippo.JPG 98.42 K
Another nice building
A97bldgnite2.JPG 75.15 K
Downtown at night
A98harborboat2.JPG 104.65 K
We'll leave you with a nice view

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