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Thoughts on Kathy Duff by Johnny Angel

Did you ever see her dance?
Red leather jacket, red leather jacket
pegged black pants impossibly narrow down the rail thin frame to where I don't know.
I can't recall her shoes.
That's funny.

You'd shrug this off, but I'll say it anyway
I got the name, but the angel was you
But there were two of you angels, two that I knew
I knew them both
Smart assed smirking knock me down rock chick
You made that one up
But the other one?
The frightened doe
The world made that one up
They lived together
In that same skinny little house
That yellow haired house
With shoes I can't remember
Funny, huh?

Did I ever tell you
You shoulda been
A California girl?
Or a London girl?
I know you would have liked that
Like Jackie DeShannon
Like Marianne Faithfull
Impossibly beautiful mod and all is sunny skied 1965, even in '85
That's the you I remember

Because I see you and I can smell that perfume of yours, like I was next to you again.
I see you and I feel you coming back to me
I see you and we're sliding on ice and crashing into buildings
I see you and I hear Jimi Hendrix singing "fly on, my sweet angel'' and it segues into "She Pays The Rent".

Unplug that DJ.
Funny, huh?

Oh, to just see you again and I will
So, I wait for the moment
In between sleep and awakening
Where your spirit can visit
And we walk together laughing
Through the timeless and winding
And all hurt is forgotten
All missteps forgiven
And all shame is cast off
the fingertips and away and we're whole again
Like the backbeat that gave you back your feet
That I can't remember in shoes I never saw
Just that dance
Just that dance
Just that dance.

By Denise and Frank Rowe

Back when our Susan was about 3, she would walk around with a blonde Barbie Doll and tell anyone who would listen: "This one is my favorist. Her name is Daffy Duff." Kathy thought it was hilarious. Susan idolized Kathy and around the same time convinced Susan they just about looked like twins. "I look just like Daffy Duff, she said so, yes I do."

On Tuesday night, Susan asked Frank why I seemed sad. He told her an old friend had died.
"Daffy Duff?"
"How did you know?"
"I don't know, I just did."

Baby shower for James: "I don't care if her clothes are ironed, get her over hear now!"

Salem Willows with MaryJo, Maria, Diane Nardone, Wendy Hart, Eve, Carol Moore and a few others. Boom box on loud, singing and dancing on the edge of the water.

Wendy Hart's wedding. Kathy (and Wendy) looked great. All of us so grown up in our good clothes (2 years ago).

Many, many dinners with Jeff and Kathy on Beacon Hill. Working at Cantones, getting fired for stealing beer from Cantones, getting re-hired, fired again.

Kathy and I chasing Divine's limo down Charles St. because she made us late for his book signing. We eventually got the autographs, I think one of us may have hurled ourselves on the hood, while the other pounded on a window at a red light. Then back to the Seven's.

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