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Monday, December 31, 2018

sunday 23 dec 18 tavern at end of world; a wee bit sparse so i did a LOOOONNGGG set lotsa blues/country sittin' in a chair....what do i remember a week later...well the BIG'UN back from when i listened to first Bob Dylan album and fashioned a harmonica rack out of a coat hanger AND borrowed Ma's lipstick holder to play bottleneck ala Suzi Rotolo was first song, side one of Bob Dylan; my age in gizmos when he recorded and in english class (Fast Tymes at brockport High!), a now-deceased classmate heard "times they are a-changin'" in english class, rock lyrics as "poetry" ("in motion"-Johnny Tillotson!) and classmate said "this guy sounds about 100 years old!" (was he tryin' to channel walter brennan on that west virginny sitcom The Real McBees?). So FINALLY since fuckin 1971! Jesse Fuller's "you're no good" which'd be THE first Dylan toon one would hear versus "dont think twice, i'm fucken leavin yo ass bitch" off the Freewheelin lp. (that's my gangsta rap remake!). Jesse Fuller would play a "rag" ala "fixin to die"/"alice's restaurant" chords descend chromatrically MAYBE but i never took fucken music classes at fairleigh dickenson university like ken kaiser! (fightin' therm commies at the NSA coz "the only good commie is one that's dead"....)....and the lyrics are about my REAL wife, maybe based on that book i saw Morgan (Huke's) Memorial mama cass boulevard, roxbury, Da Hood: WHY MEN LOVE BITCHY WIMMEN. "well i dont know why i love you like i do/aint nobody in the world can get along with yew"...Tazzification AND double negative, burn those Dylan records before my great-nephew does a whammy on yo ass sleeping peacefully (like the Omen) and throwin debbil horn's signs!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Gizmas 2018. mary queen of scots-kendall cinema. 1587 Scotland: "1547, when James McBay gave his bond to John Campbell of Glenurguhay". mutual ancestor of me and my cuzzin Linda Garreau Highland: Thomas Hubbard "burnt at stake 26 may 1555 for his protest-ant beliefs in essex. " "english civil war", Proddy versus Pope, England's "troubles", sister versus sister even! (catholic mary and Proddy Elizabeth, both from henry VIII, he is!) I mostly slept, shall see it again but i liked a kenne-looking Highlander, only spoke Gaelic but had a lowlander translate that he'd swear fealty to queen". intrigue when they murdered the queen's allegedly lover....lotsa blood, guts, intrigue etc. "the good ole days!" fuck, "i'm so glad i'm livin' in the USA"! final: a movie to see AGAIN!"..


Thursday, January 3, 2019

Thor's Day 27 dec 18. Ken and Gee Julie decide to try out Highland Fried in Inman Square. yes! that New orleans cookin' is good BUT, how to tie this to Boston rock. Listening to what i THOUGHT was King Sunny Ade, but our hipster host says was The Budos band (a guy with a man bun with good taste in music.....what the funk?). "drawn from Ethiopian music the band had been listening to that had a soul undercurrent to it"; dudes, as a "ethnomusicoligist" (big word learnt from Suzi Lee of Slide) ANY African funk band sounds like James Brown on Polydor only HEAVIER! Russ Gershon was in the Sex Execs, then he discovered Ethiopia and i believe either/orchestra is his thang (Sex Execs had a party place in inman square between Aram's pizza and the Chinese place Randy Black from Limbo Race goes, but next i'll tell you Ronald Reagan is still president!). So said A-funk band was THE BUDOS BAND; associated with sharon jones and dap kings whom backed up amy weinhaus on "rehab". 2005 debut album, The Budos Band (wikipedia): includes special guest appearances by: Neal Sugarman! '80s memories of him: brother of Prime Movers bass Jeff (RIP), was in Boy's Life (Geno's saturday after thanksgiving, portland maine hopelessly obscure and boy's life), saw him once at Prime Movers loft do Beatles 'and your bird can sing" guitar intro note-for-note; a GREAT musician, glad he found success with Daptone records et al. "and in the end": eat at Highland Fried and check out The Budos band and other records Neal Sugerman could be on!".....

Friday, January 4, 2019

"I better sum up NEXT week with upcoming you read this Sunday 6 jan 19 you're already at tavern at the end of the world and hello World! Natalie Flanagan is booking bands on Saturday nights now so contact HER....ok, y'all got that....Tuesday 8 Jan 19 1130 pm slot at midway; Mark Drinkwater of Fable Grazer has his trio VAT plus a sword swallowing circus act opens! That guy never ceases to amaze me....last but not least outpost Thor's Day 10 Jan 19 8-11pm Leon Rich of Sans Nomenclature (Anderson marr RIP; Johnny Marr: still alive! morrisey: "Still i'm sad"!), 8-11 pm a Busker's open mike and I'll be there....Sans Kilt!!! haha! I'll list February gigs when, like the Indigo Gizmos, we get "closer to tyme" or even better: grand Funk, "closer to home"! (though that 'aimless lady" b-side.....DANG!!!!!!"......


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