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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Silver Slipper
"saturday 30 dec 17 was over in dudley square, realized i wasnt getting any younger and suggested the Silver Slipper. It's a soul food breakfast place that mlk and malcolm x ate at. seven bucks for virginia ham and eggs and would i like grits with that. nice friendly place. saturday night wrko played best of '67; pushin too hard and somethin stupid; figgered a hendrix-cum-dick dale version in d"....


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

"our latest Miguel D'Amour message: "Let's go to some Portegei festivals this year": boston-portguese festival facebook. yeah....fuck music eat linguica! But before Migeul (Hopelessly Obscure guitar 1`982-1984) sails back to Azores, he DOES need a place by 31 march, has some craig list leads but "I'd rather have someone from Groupie News". so 617-470-7422 help out Miguel and mucho briagada, he has done some bon musicia!"...

Thursday, January 4, 2018

"New year's eve 2017. twilight zone marathon on scy-fy channel. then, A hard day's night (post-work) but my splurge was Flames in brigham circle. west indian food, i been to the dorchester one. curried goat was good, reggae music was good; the ole '70s stuff i lissenbed too AND, full moon, Buffalo Bills made the playoffs! so picture yourself in a bar on the genesee river, full moon, new year's eve and brockport townies...somebody goes to the harp this coming sunday...without quoting LSD (lucy etc) Bills mafia in full force at harp sunday 7 jan 18, thinkin' o' goin'. lastly, coast to coast AM basically recalled everyone's 2017 predictions, half, of course, which didn't happen! Joe Biden did NOT die! A good night for hibernation, for sure and sorry it aint '68 or '78, music was better"....

Twilight hard Days Night

Friday, January 5, 2018

Movie poster
Hogmany Day 1988 ,a dark-haired stranger came acrost my doorstep with harold madison juniour; that was madonna's distant cousin mark darling giroux. thirty years later, a lil more saner; chinese movie, amc boston common at 1145, which is quarter til...."common aT NOON"! Ex Files 3 has a teaser movie trailer on my wall and youtube; basically two wild and krazee guys become single in Beijing and gurlfriends do same....."romantic comedy" but i needed a good laff! One of the stars was a K-pop star, good asian pop music....ok,so china now is SO amerikanised cf. to Mao-era....these kids could be IN LA. funniest scenes the dudes hook up with twins, they go to karaoke bar, one sings a melancholy ballad, other sings "die muthafucka die"! kinda funny in miniskirt and high heels....AND that WAS MY week; Go Bills!".....


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