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Monday, January 11, 2021

Saturday 9 Jan 21 was a Mad Painter practice, studio again in two weeks. "Highway Driver" by german '70s group Randy Pie WILL be done, a big Pierre le Coutre favourite from "then". Also, SOUNDING like "then" keyboardist Alex Gitlin has a new toon written THIS year that sounds like 1972 "Limey metal blues"/boogie in a Status Quo vein BUT he and I both agreed his keyboards echo Savoy Brown on Hellbound Train/Street Corner Talking etc. TOO soon to record YET but am excited over this one and stay tuned for more mad painter and LIKE them on facebook!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sunday 10 jan 21 produced the Stigmatics at Lowell street where resides Miss Lyn's Salem Witch trial uncle (John proctor house "site"). (His second wife was an Ipswich Thorndike whom was a distant cuzzin of Miss Lyn's Big Grammy Cardinal; just like Alice Cooper descends from the Rhode Island Throckmortons!). To make things even more Coast to Coast, as guitarist Bob Roos drove north, a Real kids song from a 1983 French release comes on Sirius/ lil Steven radio and NOT ironically, Alpo, whom is buried 11 miles north of studio, played on it. So west is Miss Lyn's uncle, north is Alpo's grave. Dr ken, the Day tripper, had his Gizmojo workin'! bass and drums sounded tight, and in eight hours, Bob and guitarist Pete MacCormack, laid down guitar tracks on eight songs; one hour per song! "Be great or be gone"- David Briggs producing Grin. On drive back it was Rodney Bingenheimer tyme on the Sirius and (wait this is BGN relevant!) the Shang-Hi-Los and the Hi End were played. Glad for the local breakout for both!

Shang Hi Los
Shang Hi Los
The Hi End

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Til Tuesday 12 jan 20. took another listen to Boston rock and roll anthology 21, this tyme Heidi Jo Hines had a cut with a fellow name Nico. She is daughter of Denny Laine, whom sang Moody Blues "Go Now" and Jo Jo laine. At the fortieth birthday of an infamous Kinks groupie back in 1996, Kirkland café, I had the distinct pleasure of being Jimi Hendrix playing with the Ronettes as Jody Moore/ JoJo Laine and a young Heidi Jo Hines did "be My Baby". Sober, I can say she inherited her dad's singing voice! "As it is" is great stuff like the Raveonettes channeling doo-wop and girl-group. "Who's foolin' Who" is a bouncy Jewel-like tune but with stronger lead vocals/ double-track harmonies. Everything on this comp is slick and commercial radio "friendly", the more I listen, the more that "I dig a Pygmy!"

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Kenne Highland
day of Wodin 13 jan 20. or maybe the day before; coffee and pre-dawn movies is a poor substitute for the sci-fi marathon at Somerville theatre! BUT, say 0530, I tuned into 1962's Swingin' Along and caught Ray Charles doing "Sticks and Stones", then he announces a key change and into "what'd I say"! I felt as excited as a young Joe Cocker (whom covered "sticks and stones' on mad Dogs and Englishmen). This footage is six minutes of youtube. Music in this movie is my parents pre- beatles collection from life as Southern Marine brat (no baseball bat). Dad had Ray Charles Greatest Hits but also in the house was Roger Williams whom makes appearance at end of film. 1962...a good year to take photos of wimmen and comb yer hair before taking out the garbage! (in my case, I should never have left North Carolina nor kindergarten!)"

Friday, January 15, 2021

Til Tuesday 12 Jan 20 914 pm Paris France. Facebook friend Eric Pouille posts: "first sonic trip of the year podcast. trip -12jan2021 . " GREAT Kenne-type music and even Kenne musique! Gizmos "America First" into MC5's "American Ruse"! Hmmm....was he in my 8452 Ridge Road Brockport NY bedroom early 1973 with my MC5 Back in the USA 8-track? "There are no coincidences>'-George Noory"

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saturday 16 Jan 20. Though all my excitement this weekend and next is recording at Lowell Street, on facebook "I read the news today oh boy". First off Tim Bogert of Vanilla Fudge/Cactus/ Beck Bogert Appice had died and tributes from those in those bands, all facebook friends of mine including Timmy. Glad I DID see him play with Fudge at Regent Theater (2004?). Then Sylvain Sylvain Ny Dolls also died, another facebook friend. 1974, my last year of high school Brockport NY was a lot of NY Dolls listening. April 1974 Solomon gruberger and I saw Ny Dolls at Bottom Line (?); it's in an O rextasy issue. Now Sol and 80 per cent of Dolls are gone, thus me/Iggy/David Johansen last member of O rex/Stooges/Dolls. Dolls opening act was "Kleiner Suzi": Suzi Quatro! (got back to me within the day too!). age 70, WORKS OUT AT GYM, just seems to be doing as well as a "Glycerine Queen" could. mad Painter practice tonight and studio next week and see you all soon, God willin', crick don' rise"


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