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Monday, January 27 , 2020

Sonntag 26 Jan 20. Gee Julie and I caught the S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night version of Little Women at 930 pm til almost "After Midnight". A nice period piece set in Concord, Mass. I admired old costumes and old houses. Famous Kin > family-tree > name=2 says nine generations back, Louisa May Alcott descended from Thomas Kilbourn (1578-circa 1640) and Frances Moody (1584-circa 1650) as did my great-grandmother Highland. Kilbourn christened Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire, england died Wethersfield, Connecticut. Famous, besides me, descendants: some presidents and first ladies and founders of Woolworth and also Barnes and Noble of which I am NOT the heir BUT: Dead People Facts: The Wicked Witch of the West, Felicity Huffman, "poor lil rich girl:, "Make my Day" (Clint and Dad are cuzzins!), the Mayflower madam and....John Hinckley Jr.! (I'm also cuzzin to Jody Foster but WILL not use the twinkie defence!) get out the movies midnight, listen to blues on WHRB and catch a 1215 double feature ($13!) of Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde! capped off by a Mad Painter practice for Sunday 8 March 20 at the Jungle plus a fun jam on "Smoke on the water" paraphrase Blowfish,kinda: "if these guys played California Jam back in '74, we'd be following THEM around!"

Tuesday, January 287 2020

Monntag 27 Jan 20. Renewed Brattle membership, so got a Boris Karloff double feature, two drinks AND large popcorn. 7 pm was The Man They Could Not Hang.(1939). "gothic sci-fi tale in which a convicted murderer is revived by a mechanical heart and sets out to wreak a wierd vengeance on those involved in his trial". followed by The Boogie man will get you (1942). "An eccentric inventor attempts to contribute to the war effort by creating his own superman in his basement laboratory'....It reminded me of the Three Stooges when they were in haunted castles episodes! (probably same se).Lastly WMBR 0530-0700 If six was nine played a lot of Sun and Stax records(dj must have returnt from memphis)....Elvis on Sun was cool but Roscoe Gordon! It was said they stole ska from his recordings and this IS proof!".

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Til Tuesday 28 jan 20. Gee Julie attended Fantastic Fungi documentary at regent Theater seven pm; I was detained at work but missed it. It was $20 (!) but her At Large report notes there is youtube trailers ("Fantastic Fungi: Coming 'Shroom") and also: Fantastic Fungi-Home| Facebook! it's a community you can "like"! "Join the Mycelium Network!" Julie WAS hangin' with the head of MAPS! Pull out your Nuggets album and listen to "It's A-Happening" by the Magic Mushrooms! (1966)".

Thursday, January 30, 2020

day of Wodin 29 Jan 20. FREE book lecture third floor harvard Coop. The Puritans: A Transatlantic History by David D. hall. talk by a harvard history professor! (did i say free?) "A panoramic new history of Puritanism in England, Scotland and New England". Dead People fact: descended from BOTH parents! (and related TWICE to John Hinckley Jr!). What I learned new was the roots of Calvinism and AnaBaptists, and also on the Continent about the Huguenots and Dutch reformed of which Dad also descends. And Boston only hung FOUR Quakers. (more witches, obviously). The main thing was "thrift, piety and lack of idolatry", all of which I practice! I could wear the whole alphabet around my neck"....

Friday, January 31, 2020

day of Thor, 30 Jan 20. regent theater. Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones film premiere. Danny Garcia did this and Johnny Thunders film, (and the Stiv movie and The Sid and Nancy Sad Vacation movie and The Clash movie and stayed at Miss Lyn's when he was in Boston- ed) Becoming a noted filmaker! You have to love Brian Jones as it's two hours of never-before-seen vintage film; I always wondered what bloody Cheltenham looked like! (Posh family, he had...)....They even "solve" his "murder" (I save conspiracy theories for Coast to Coast AM), some great studio and recording performances....and last but not least my old high school buddy Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost has two songs in soundtrack and the music credits...dang! Good company, hometown boy does good and thanks to bassist Bruce Hamel (Gemini on a Full Moon-Highland Clan (Dino)) whom had a extra comp ticket! was it Kismet that I arrived in "style" on the 80 MBTA bus which dropped me right in front of the thee-ate-er and I got a free ticket? My new Hollywierd name: DASH RIPROCK!".....

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Frigga's day, 31 Jan 20. Cantab. Robert Bushinsky opened up; he played two tiers of synth and to his left was a fellow with a computer whom kept beats and to his right was a fellow playing heavy guitar. Two guys born 2 April (me and Stigmatics Bob Roos) drank fake beer at a table and i quipped "Rammstein meets Kraftwerk"! (which means I liked it!) from that era also, Roxbury's own Planet Patrol, whom "borrowed" from Afrika bambata who "stole" from Kraftwerk! Sadly, it'd been "A hard Day's Night" as Legendary Cazbats were playing Chocolate Watchband's "Are you gonna be there at the love-in"?" when, like Traffic, I made LAST EXIT. Coast to Coast AM had a Beatle book guy BUT he and George Noory werent sure if Stu Sutcliffe (original bassist) was alive or not! "Stu Sutcliffe, if you're out there, call in"....something only a seance could conjur! Lastly, 0500-0900 before Hillbilly at Harvard, was a superb blues show hosted by a "Alabama born and bred" dj whom sounded like...Eddie Flowers! So listen to Blues hangover 0500-0900 saturday and sunday 0700-1100,WHRB and THAT is it for this week"....


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