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Monday February 1, 2015

"let's lead off the week with some music news: 845 pm, 21 may 16, chetstock, HOPELESSLY OBSCURE for 1/2 an hour, this JUST in from Tontileo. Jonathan Behar, from the land of the Kiwi, next to the land of the TAZZES (that's New Zai-land in Kenglish) wrights: "you're British now!" (well, i DO descend from those bluidy colonists that were on where the action usedta be, but besides that) "where's the new wave now? a collection of UK New Wave rarities...track 21 out of 24 (Music to Open Fire at Lexington and Concord By!): Mad at the World, the Korps, 1978" jove, as sure as Ken Kaiser and I had ancestors in the Ann (second fleet of mayflower), we shall have Lt. Matthew Allin at Dorchester Heights! (ancestor of Kevin and merle) opening FIRE!..all joking and shot heard 'round world aside, Kaiser and I HAVE been bootlegged, but dang, if the music got to the land of Kiwis (and I DID do an Oz Dogmeat record), all I need is a Taz fan and the sun NEVER sets on Kenne Highland records! (Flensburg uber alles!)".

Corps Funkie

after attending Anglican church services with resident feline Simon Katz (to whom I fed some cheese!), I then went to ye Puritan Harvard Square where my Puritan ancestors would have had a full afternoon of church, but, as a Royalist, following King Charles BOOK OF SPORT, I had "fun" at the "theater" on the "Sabbath"! angela sawyer from weirdo records at ticket counter and John Funke from WMBR discussing MOJAVE and Marky Mark (cuzzin to nate hawthorne, whose ancestor hung ye witches in salem!) and his BAD Boston accent in this Hollywood movie. I was told this only got one star; perhaps...psycho killer in desert stalks Hollywood actor, so kinda PSYCHO scary, Mojave desert (isn't that what begat Beefheart and Zappa?) and a lotta clichés plus I fell asleep the first half hour of a 93 minute movie. I DO like the ending, coz, cliché, Russian roulette between psycho and actor, so even more cliché, THE GOOD GUY WINS. actually, I might prefer Bollywood action films, at least after an explosion or a firefight, the break out into song and dance...had a better tyme readin' rock bios at Harvard coop (and like that dude in the outer limits, i read it once and it's MEMORIzED! did you know Beatle George's mother was an Irish catholic from Wexford, which I think is where the Kennedys hailed from so, goin' back to Coast to Coast (ALWAYS!) if Britain was pissed they'd lost their colonies and sent the beatles over to "dumb down America", WAS the plot formed in Wexford between George's and JFK's kin or am I too busy putting out lit doobies, brother in altoids tins?".....

Tuesday February 2, 2015

"Coast to coast AM 0200, check THIS topic: The Supernatural: a new vision of the unexplained by whitley scrieber and Jeffrey Kridal. OWLS was a topic; Ma say a hoot owl on the ole Blodgett farm for three days before my stepfather died, but I got a good hoot owl tale...2008, my birthday, staying at Inn on Mexican War street, a splendid bed and breakfast, north side Pittsburgh they had free passes to the national aviary, 700 arch street, Pittsburgh ("fur and feathers"; lotsa birds, and fur represented by a SLOTH!). 1910 census has Dad's teenage father living at 1212 palo alto, which is 1/5 of a mile in 4 seconds from the National Aviary! also 7/10th of a mile from Andy Warhol museum; the McBees were in North Side from dad's grandparents 1894 marriage til 1930 dee-troit census, so a lotta history PLUS when they displayed the hoot owl at aviary to a group of deaf children, he got riled up and flew towards me! good thing the handler had him on a leash, since coast to coast mentioned how mysterious, wise and VICIOUS owls are! maybe they're Scorpios?"....


Wednesday February 3, 2015

"news from gizmos world tour facebook page: new Gizmos record out on Gulcher PLUS the Rockabilly Yobs on hate (Italia!)...40 years and still rockin' on"....

"episode four of by the sword divided, masterpiece theatre, one family Puritan, the other Cavalier. Battle of Edgehill 23 October 1642 mentioned and Nicholas hyland died in field September 1642; his Puritan brother settled Scituate, mass. highlights are: a Royalist lass dresses like a lad to smuggle silver to Oxford and does some VERY fancy sword-fighting! Charles I played by Jeremy Clyde of Chad and Jeremy! HE (Jeremy) is grandson of 7th duke of wellington, going back to Henry Colley 1648-1700, irish member of parliament! on youtube, for your pleasure...'...

Jonathon Behar, from Kiwi-land, whom found "mad on world" on English (?) new wave cd and is ALSO a big lover of O. rex/Grubergers/Mountain (?!?!) has blog; http// wait a kere walks .blogspot . com. check it out!"....

Thursday February 4, 2015

Happy Birthday MJQ
Photo: Donna Moray
Joe Coughlin
Joe Coughlin

"when not watching "Monsterpiece theatre" (Cookie Monster takes bite out of cookie in his posh study) and By the Sword Divided, I DO have gigs! (there was a troubadour at ye table, hence, ancestor playin' unplugged, man...)....MJ Quirk turns 50 at the Cantab on the Korps 39th anniversary! that's Thursday 11 feb 16, 10 pm, club linehan-a-go-go! Friday, Abe Lincoln is...207! so one score and THIRTEEN years ago in ye tavern known as ye Ratskellar, Chet Rooney came down to see Hopelessly Obscure; Dan Vitale HAS thanked me for mention so gonna do it agin (love-child of Col. Tom Parker AND Elvis, who was his own cuzzin, lahk me): CHETSTOCK!!!! Saturday 5 march 16 is also 1983 redux coz Chris Brood formed the Brood after watching Hopelessly Obscure and Prime Movers= Black Souls with V's drummer doing DOUBLE drum duty at bay state bowl, it looks like (anouncin' coz emails look "positive" and snow!). 1 april 16 and 2 april 16, cantab (Friday) and midway (Saturday) is my 60th birthday; Saturday 30 april 16 is Atlanta mess around with ye Gizmos; 14 may 16-johnny and jumper cables-midway, joe coughlin memorial and I THINK it's 21 may 16, chetstock, 845 pm set for Hopelessly Obscure...if I'm wrong, hey man..."I don't live today", still stuck in the 1600s and I REFUSE to come back! (though life sucketh MORE then; "you don't know how lucky you are, boy"...)".....

Friday , February 5, 2016

"something I hadn't done in a wee bit, besides check my post office box and sup at City Feed, tryin' to get that 13th sandwich MacFree of course, was.....FIRST THURSDAY in Jamaica Plain! let me say, I went into Sotheby's Realty (yes.....)...and a jazz "standards" band was playing; these guys were altakakas! (think Yiddish and Jay Gruberger will tell you how to say "older gentleman"!) these Katz HAD to be in their '70s-'80s, singer was about my weight, ortho shoes and support hose, GREAT voice and "THAT song was by Jerome Kern"..."My Head's in '43!" would Ken Kaiser be the guy on a hollow body whatever hittin' jazz chords and remembering playing in Doctor Saturn and the Men from Mars? like John Cale's daughter said in the '90s in NYC someplace "I am the future....I am the future"...CityFeed showed some kindsa reels of experimental film...actually this was the JIM CONDON portion of the night coz they had an old-tyme projector and were using film REELS; haven't seen the like since fall 2000 (no kin to chocolate watchband "expo 2000"!) and Abbey Lounge had movie night showing reels of, say, "Bring me the Head of Aldredo Garcia" an "I dont live today" nostalgist, I am LOVING the sound of the ole projector humming and the reel breaking and stopping etc."....

Saturday February 6, 2016

two kenfirmed gigs; 5 march 16, portland at that bowlin' alley Bayside Bowl , Chris Brood, Black Souls and Kaiser and I are callin' it Hopelessly Obscure; 2 april 16 midway p.m. Dusty "numbnuts" Hixx tole this virgnny-born boy who went home to a TRAILER, that Hixx, Afrika Korps (may as well begin at the beginning!) PLUS Moose and mudbugs and Jiblantos (I DEMAND "zig zig wanderer"!), all kenfirmed, plus practice tomorrow 230-430 pm for MJ quirk's 50th at cantab, 9 pm Thursday 11 feb 16 (THIRTY NINE years since Highland met Kaiser!); PLEASE note practice gettin' done before 630 pm supabowl kickoff! I know the Colorado highlands want Denver"...

Black Souls

in case I DONT write nuthin' 'fore practice on the morrow, "facebook is 12!" (so's the maturity level half it's folks, though 1968 had some damn fine music, to me!) 4 feb 2004 was a Wednesday; i always joked if Mark Z. had been to a "be more flamboyant" gig when he's at Harvard, he'd-a no dun facebuik...BUT....9 feb 04 was 40th years of beatles on ed Sullivan, next to my spencer ancestor's 1630s farm lot, ALOUD played Charlie's kitchen at the exact Beatle tyme. also on bill was Me "More flamboyant" and American pulverizer (a post-moving targets Kenne Chambers combo) the bar I met...Gee Julie! so facebook is gud on this ("let's stay in touch"...back when we were "friends"....) PLUS Gizmos reunion happened plus all the world-wide music fans in Flensburg und Broken Jug-land, Bari, Italia, Oz, Kiwis..."rock and roll music to the world"! (and even hearin' 'bout Alvin lee dyin' plus other idols o' mine)...ole Zuck still never made it to a Kenne show, though....YET!!!!!".....


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