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Tuesday, February 9, 2020

"Til Tuesday 9 Feb 21 0520. I'd overslept past Coast to Coast with George Noory and Wall Street Journal this morning was on with the passing of Mary Wilson of Supremes. SO much will be said about her but I have THREE points of insight: born in the Delta of Greenville Mississippi, "named by it's founders for General Nathanael greene, friend of George Washington"; Wikipedia entry and distant cuzzin of my great-grandmother Highland. looked like she ended up in Detroit after Dad joined the marines but my grandparents and distant cuzzins still there. In the '90s on my WALKMAN, I listened to the AUDIOBOOK of "Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme" which I borrowed from central Square library, Cambridge Massachusetts whilst married to my distant cuzzin Linda garreau (RIP). lastly, looks like Miss Ross is THE last surviving Supreme from classic '60s lineup; say hi to Flo Ballard for me, mary!".....

Wednesday, February 10, 2020

day of Wodin 10 Feb 21. Lowell Street Studios has on youtube with my 19 subscribers the Hopelessly Obscure covering Thirteenth Floor Elevators "She Lives (In a Time All her Own)" live at mavericks 15 April 83. Von Pierre le Coutre, Flensburg Deutschland Groupie News he sprechen "Killer version!". "She Lives" was a 45 off easter Everywhere (I bought the 8-track in 1975 pre-Gizmos Bloomington Indiana) b/w a cover of Zimmerman's "its all over now baby blue". DOES list other folk covering "She Lives" but mein gut freund Pierre sprechen: "Yours is by far the best cover! I couldn't even imagine covering it THAT way. Keeping the substance but standing on its own" (I Kenne-ized both lyrics and music as usual!) "Should be released as a 7"". labels? jah? Nein? Liebe mein arsch? Equally rabid and even MORE Hopelessly Obscure is Wayland Groupie News Schmel herbie Hind: "fa king fa nom ma null", "like rosemaries fa king baby"....(sic) (known to drive the WRONG WAY past Groupie Towers II doing "Pizza Delivery Moves"!) One last bit of Lowell Street news: Tom Hamilton 'tweaking" (VIRGO!) Radiobeat Sessions ca 1983 from a Pep Lester cd. My distant cuzzin Linda garreau and I bought a J. Genzale bootleg up Salem once and he had a track "Bootleggin' the bottleggers"; I am inspired, thusly! Saint John of Thunder, in the name of the father, the Son and the Holy Gizmo

Thursday, February 11, 2021

"day of Thor 11 feb 21. Our John Keegan reports that my "Trickfucked" (recorded at Lowell Street,Peabody) was played on Brian Young show. THAT was quick! last week I had told Schmel herbie hind he had my permission to give Brian any and all rough mixes of whatever; i.e. I Am Not Gone b/w "Give me my flowers while I'm living". John Keegan also reacts "Glad to see you have such a robust youtube channel!" Yep, puttin' it all out there; SO toon into Brian Young!"

Friday, February 12, 2021

Sunday 7 Feb 21 111 PM from Pete MacCormack of Stigmatics re: 21 Feb 21 Stigmatics session at Lowell Street, Peabody. Gee Julie singing backup on FIVE (of eight!) songs on cd and I will be playing guitar on "Creeper" and "One man's Loss". Looking forward to next Stigmatics cd!".....

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Every day is a Saturday 13 Feb 21. Mad painter news, ALL good! 7 Feb 21 518 PM. Sweet valley Sounds. Valley FM 89.5 (AUSTRALIA!) Issac banks. "top ten tracks for January 2021. #1: "aint no use in hanging on"-MAD PAINTER"! (like Painter page plus Oz radio. Paul Slater of Its Always rocknroll (also Oz) will be getting MP3s of Mad painter for airplay from Lowell Street. Glad Oz is getting with it! What next? Kiwis? Tazzies? Abos? Nick cave fans? hey! There's a mad painter practice tonight! studio Saturday 20 Feb; more new Alex Gitlin (keyboards/vocals) songs and Gee Julie will add vocals to randy Pie's "Highway Driver" and Alex's song "The Moon" (kinda '20s 'alice's restraint"-style cabaret). I THINK that's it; bluesy kinda mood today; AccuRadio has a blues channel; diggin': Junior Wells 2006 Live at Theresa's (?) "Snatch it back"! As usual, GREAT STUFF! and "give him a great big kiss" all my reader's on Valentines Day!"....


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