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Tuesday, February 16, 2020

It was a Mad Painter weekend! practice Saturday 13 Feb 21 for a 20 Feb 21 Lowell Street, Peabody recording session. then "fun" covers: "Sugar Me" by Lynsey de Paul, "Mammy Blue" by Stories and "Viens" by Marie LaForet. Sunday: Paul Slater of It's always rock and roll in Australia DID play Mad Painter! Second Oz airplay! Keyboard Tovarich Alex Gitlin wants to play Oz! For me, make mine TAZmania!!!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2020

Sonntag 14 Feb 21 0500. MeTV has The Invaders which I LOVED back in '66 (I can even make my pinkie and ring finger separate like the Vulcan salute kinda!) BUT: 0600. "Kenne what the hell is that???!?!?" queries Miss Lyn as "the price of one admission is your mind": THE POWERS OF MATTHEW STAR! (ON youtube!). 1982 sci-fi that only lasted ONE SEASON!!!(gee I wonder why!!!-ed) that season was 17 Sept 82-15 april 83 (HEY! there was a hopelessly Obscure gig at Maverick's that night, now on my youtube channel!). 28 Jan 83 (I think the next night I may have been at Prime Movers/Unattached at cantones PLUS: I didn't own a tv!!) EPISODE: "The Racer's Edge". there's A "HOT CHICK" ('80S HAIRDO!) whom rides Motocross and some teen magazine is stalking her...punchline; after she loses or whatever (I was drinking coffee!) the paparazzi starts stalking her rival. "whats your favourite band?" "well it was herman and the hermits...but then...Oingo Boingo!" I think a better class of folk were watching URRGH then.


Thursday, February 18, 2021

"Monntag ides of Feb 21 or so. Eric hehe informs me that on Rock Writ "Howard Wuelfing of Forced Exposure and Creem" open.spotify. com I am mentioned along with sLICKEE BOYS AND GIZMOS in some podcast. (The "some podcast" is Rock Writ and here is the link- ed) LOVIN IT! Also "Golden Love" by Slickee Boys on youtube off 100 copy Separated Vegetables with my cuzzin Martha Hull and I loaned the drummer my black leather jacket at the photo shoot..."Memories" and "The Way They Were"!!


Friday, February 12, 2021

Pete Lost!!
Freitag 19 Feb 21, birthday of Pete Lost of MIAs! I will be out-of-office for FOUR days along with Mad Painter/Stigmatics recording sessions BUT Miss Lyn passed me on some GREAT news: Kevin Smith of the Time beings (Gizmos fan at late '70s UMass) wants to release my unreleased follow up to Be More Flamoboyant! (whole album in can). In 1998 Kevin released Gemini on a full Moon on his DINO label funded by owning Cantone's pizza! (sign). "I'd release an album of blank tape by Kenne!" I've hit L. reed territory: MENTAL machine muzak! COULD I interest him the Lowell Street sessions? "Give me my flowers while im livin"!-Slim and the Supreme Angels!


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