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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sally O's gig
friday 16 feb 18 sally o'brien's, somerville Mass. Jittery Jack open the show and I love them! caught Raging Teens at TT's in '90s, now they've had 20 years to get even better. "elvis" Kevin Patey, vocals, acoustic, told me he and did a Xanna Dont gig that I DONT remember (DRUNK!!!) and though I micelf was told I looked like a lumberjack, Kevin's theme of "I'm an indoorsman" is truth! indoorsman versus outdoorsman....Nobel prize winning lyrics! And Miss Amy Griffin on guitar, combining fluidity of Scotty Moore with sturm und drang of Link Wray. turns out back in '73 Rockin' Ronnie Wesier, Rollin' Rock records, sold me All Kindsa rocakbilly 45s and i even had a Ray Campi album ("hey Ken meet me at the croossin'"). I did get an autograph 45 from ole J. Jack; Sky Saxon "i'm now a man...." Kewn Saxon: "I'm now a fan!". Stop Calling Me Frank came out in Beatles VI white shirts with black ties and sang about drinkin' after work AND bowling; blue collar townie rock that even sounds good with saint pauli gurl non-alcoholic! all my ole drinkin' buddies were here: Piranha Brothers sang a song, Jay Allen sang "stay with me" by dictators....but that ole Sun record of "Ubangi Stomp" sold me, wailing sax and all....saxman switched to harp, Dave Forbes switched to rhythm, a lil merseybeat....basically Stiff Reocords-type pub-rock that Steve Jones would enjoy! lastly, my set, as a trio, fucken Grand Funk, open wit "TV Eye", dolls, MC5, danny from stop calling me frank helped MJ QUIRK sing "smokin' in the boy's room" thus making it THREE ex-Peecocks on stage! (Geno's Portland Maine 31 dec 91!). i counted 60 paying customers so nice to play a gig to crowd that diggs ya even if yer pretendin' to be Mark Farner, madison square gardens december '72"......

Wednesday, February 22, 2018

O rex
"saturday 17 feb 18, post-sally o brien's gig, I crashed at Groupie Towers II. so musician news: Miguel D'Amour needs roomate by 30 march 617-470-7422. also GoFundMe scott morgan of the Rationals, wicked nice guy Johnny AND Jumper Cables opened for him once green street station. 200 page The Real Kids book/CD by Tim Warren of Crypt Records is EXCELLENT! (See & order here) I'm kinda in there even; a cutting of James Isaacs Cellars by starlight: (paraphrasing the parts i like): TINY TIM getting married madison square gardens.....Ken Highland, guitarist for Afrika Korps....gets married on radio saturday 20 august 77"... and tip toe through the fucken tulips wi' me and dont fergit to scrape the shit right off your shoes...and i couldnt PUT DOWN the Steve Jones book Lonely Boy tales of a sex pistol given to me by Blowfish! ("my favorite Sex Pistol"-Pierre le Coutre, Flensburg Groupie News! und das ist gut musik!). i'll be quotin' this book like th' Bible, cockney slang and all ("John Lydon and his Arsenal-luvin' 'ereberts"? can we spesk fucken Queen's English please or do i gotta call in rex harrison!? Eliza Do Little..."coz she's a lazee sod"! anyway, Back in '72 (bob seger aLbum), Solomon Gruberrger and his hissy O. rex quality cassettes of UK rock i coudnt get in Brockport NY; Steve was diggin'! Free/Groundhogs/Faces (well I did have ":stay with me" 45 but had to go into Greece NY, Rochester suburb; I was country! RFD mailbox too!) and Roxy Music (RFD mailbox c/o major Kinks fan Frank Lima!)...also Steve learning to play off Funhouse....muscially, i agree, the rest of his life til turnin' 'round (thievin', shaggin").....a REAL punk, I only pretend to be one with my James Dean poses for O. Rex in Rock Scene (we were bigger than the Pistols then! malpractice is Merle and Kevin Allin too! the Sex who? and those other bluidy "two-bob" punk bands from Britain"......

Real Kids

Thursday, February 23, 2018

"sci-fi 43 marathon, davis square somerville mass. noon sunday 18 feb 18 til noon monday 19 feb. my annual fun starting with close encounters of third kind; me and Miss Lyn saw this XMAS 77 but again BIG SCREEN and i sit in balcony in seat #13. since computers werent invented in '77, wikipedia sez richard dreyfuss first saw UFO MUNCIE INDIANA! 9 april 77, John Cougar says "PFC Ken Highland.....the Gizmos!" (Gulcher). well Vulcher COULD get a long piece on this theory! "Time machine"; gee, I'd just covered that Grand Funk 45 "the night before" as Ken/Mike
They Came
and Matt but this 1960 film is brilliant; 5 jan 1900....I COULD bore you with where my American and Canadian ancestors were c/o 1900 census but we'll save that for Vulcher's Dead People Facts! Humour; the doctor is in future with future Utopia lady who goes "how do women in your time wear their hair?" that helpless blonde female ONLY leads to "Idiot Bastard Son" after one combs hair whilst taking out the garbage! (which I dont, so no REAL Kids, only Surreal). the 7th voyage of Sinbad i saw as a young lad in Manassas Virginny '63 and there WILL be a Highland/le Coutre/Kaiser pyschedelic toon coz Herr le Coutre, Flensburg Groupie News calls it a "Technicolour Dream" ever try figerin' a T chord? (answer: M is 13th fret; N is one so 7th fret to D, Doors-type recitation about the voyage of Sinbad PLUS his sailors "naked ears WERE tortured" so a bit of ole Pete Brown....saving my SF43 Thon programme to write HELLO UNIVERSE by the Hopelessly Obscure!). Bride of Frankenstein: at end ole Frank says to doctor: "you stay. we belong dead". 'is missus lets out some kinda Tasmanian wail; oops! there's me real wife! (and "ow's your Byrd's lumbago?"). THEY CAME FROM WITHIN: "sex crazed Canadian zombies!" THIS was man of the match and even tops "attack of the pre-natal vampires"! (Bob Both, Hello World, produced.......JAMES BROWN!!! AND.....KENNE HIGHLAND!!! whaa!!!! good god!!!!) facebook wall seems to give a Grand Funk that oi 'ad brekkie at Mister Crepe but since the politcally correct Utne-readin' Starbucks-lovin, man-bun wearin' davis Square hipsters decided to close Dunkin Donuts....The Crepes Are alright! ("I DON' mind.....another guy dining with my gurl".....holy MacFuck, I'm turning into the Rutles!!!!)......20 million Miles to earth, black and white 1957...hadnt seen it but plot is....lizard from venus destroys Rome; Godzilla destroys Tokyo, King Kong rampages NY....lady doctor falls in love with Army officer; she's tryin' to be wimmen's lib and be a doctor, but when the officer offers candle-light dinner and she succumbs...well, it was the fucken '50s alright? Nowadays who the fuck knows what woulda happen, but her submission to men reminded me too much of ma back then but as my cuzzin Linda Garreau Highland said "she's a '50s housewife" and for better or worse, it is what it is (fucken hate that phrase but....)......ok enuff TAZZING or i'll start editing this rag! Looper, 2012, Bruce willis, life in 2074 in kansas and time travel is back to the Wild West with a kansas lady in Daisy Dukes and boots blasting time travelers with rock THERE'S my real wife! " the only thing that'll make 'em see sense"....what a great tyme! see y'all there next!!!!! (sic)".......

Friday, February 24, 2018

Before going to Providence RI for a french film festival, my only excitement during 'welcome to the working week' remains the Coyle show BBC Ulster0530-0700. thursday 22 Feb 18 about 0600, 1100 in belfist, Hollies "here i go again"! what a GREAT pop piece, played along and the double strokes on the I-IV-V in C is the Korps "gotta be pretty" transposed! (who sez i needed to go to fairliegh dickinson univeristy and play jazz with Dr Saturn and the men from mars to know all this bersekley bullshit!)..there's an E to an A part in there, could be monir, "fallin' in love...fallin' in love" and then some bridge which I ended up burnin'....goddam the Hollies were SO fuggin' good with Graham Nash, cf. "he aint heavy" and CSN and there just is NO kenparison! Now that those Mancunians have made me happier'n Morrisey (poor rotter; I love takin' the piss out of his mopiness; me 'umour is loik a catheter, roit?) (and if Deborah Staines and her Arnseal-lovin' 'erberts can decipher this you get....a Dream Date with Steve Jones!!!!) on my wall, 2 march 18, Lou reed birthday, Geezer's garage night, granite street, quincy, Gizmos fans flying in from atlanta! ($96;cheap! as alfred e. highland or kenneth e. neuman woulda said). and on John Cale's birthday: 9 march 18, club linehan-ago-go at cantab with Billy Connors; Live at the Rat "I want sex"! tell that bugger "A is the way"!"..

Gizmo Clagg Gizmo


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