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Monday, February 25, 2019

tuesday 19 feb 19, my washington DCene facebook feed all aflutter with news of Skip Groff, record store owner/label guy. Sad demise age 70; when i visited my distant cuzzin Martha Hull (who found me through MY SPACE!) she had me call ole DCene folks. So an obit on Skip: I was still living in Brockport NY and used to bid on records from him through the mail as a teen! Lotsa Yardbirds 45s that I played along to in Bloomington, Indiana, so if you ever hear me "play it lik Jeff Beck would", Skip sold me that 45! Stationed in DC, Slickee Boys etc, RECORDS, KIM KANE, I did meet Skip in person and his Yesterday and Today store selling "punk" was equal to the record store in the Rat! His influence on the DCene equaled in Boston by Jimmy Harold. A pioneer maybe. washington post etc gave him all kindsa tribute as is. When Pete Shelley died, Howard Wuelfing, Slickee Boys, played me Buzzcocks in Skip's store. Tina Peel, Bad brains, all that DC hardcore: Skip! Lastly, and he and I DID discuss this, was he put out Hello World by the Korps as a Kleenkut/Limp records release so for that I am ever grateful ESPECIALLY coz ONE copy resides now in Flensburg Germany! Skip currently is of course hangin in rocknroll heaven with all his idols whose records he collected..

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

day of Wodin 20 feb 19. checking my club-linehan-ago-go message thread re: practice, MJ Quirk writes that Peter Tork had died. Next up was a flurry of Tork/Monkees possible covers.....but let me plug the club linehan-ago-go gig at midway cafe THIS saturday 9 march 19 with state of union and crunchtime cd release. SO many Peter fans posting on facebook, I'm even at a loss for words on what even to add.....tho best summed up in a cartoon in my newsfeed with Davy Jones going "hey Pete? ' ow are ya? it's bin a long tyme" as they walk over the rainbow into rocknroll heaven hands on shoulders.... and let's KEEP that happy thought!.....

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Thor's Day, 21 feb 19. My dad died in 'Nam this day '67 when Syd Barrett recorded "Matilda Mother", this being THE first song recorded for Pink floyd's Piper at gates of dawn (released 5 aug 67, ten years before Music to Kill By..."shine on you Krazee Gizmo!"). 2019 I have WMBR Pontoon palace" on WMBR 0600-0800....Doll's "stranded in the jungle", a 1974 fave and then.....Johnny and Jumper cables' "kilebasa"!!! Rich Pontius did a ramble about how he hated the song when it came out (too much airplay!) or "I could say how i lived with one one of kenne Highlnad's ex-girlfriends".....didnt I see her in the opening scene of Fellini's City of Women?" ...


Thursday, February 81, 2019

Saturday 23 feb 19. mad painter practice for gig at C note hull mass. friday 3 may 19. because of Alex Gitlin's heavy Hammond organ, i showed the guys my Vanilla Fudge version of "the rain the park and other things"...."Kenne what song is this?" rearranged SO unrecognizably! Needs Shadow Morton production! Flynn Young nailed the Carmine Appice drum parts so well it "Kept me hangin' on"! (Vanilla Fudge uber bananrama,sorry Flynn!). Thinking of tossing in my re-arrangement of "the letter" next with "hello suzi" intro. Now I have Alex Gitlin (major record collector!) talkin' 'bout Jeff Beck's take on "love is blue", so look for frivolity in heavy! 1968 covers soon, Mad Painter is THE band for this!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Transgender soul music pioneer jackie shane recorded her biggest hit in 1960s Boston" (!) Louie's showplace lounge in roxbury! 1962 (I was in jacksonville NC). WILD put "any other way" in heavy rotation. skippy white had a store three blocks down washington street from Louie's. skippy quoted in Soul Source "at one stage the ensemble was up in Boston and cut tracks for Skippy White (1964)"...Skippy IS legendary among soul collectors! I also find "Money' b/w "I've really got the blues" on Stop label 104; this 45 is on youtube and "producer- Skippy White". Gene Dante did a posthumous tribute to her and I turnt into record geek but hey! you KNOW you're good when people as diverse as Kenne Highland, Skippy White and Gene Dante dig you! WILL I see any music this good as her the weekend?


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