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Monday, March 2 2020

Sunday Saint David's Day! (Dad descends from a Welsh Revolutionary War soldier in Delaware, last name David, which equals Davies; dont tell any Kinks groupies!): Mad Painter had a superb practice, all set for 10 pm Sunday 8 march 20. Either I see you or I dont. Soaked in Strange headlined over Mad Painter's last Cantab appearance and are good people. They played the Jungle so Ken and Gee Julie went there and got food, of course. Machine Gun Mayhem (photo and like them on facebook!) totally blasted us away like Sabbath on steroids or maybe Bull Angus or Sir Lord Baltimore. Looking at Iphone V/MC5, looks like singer has on a top hat! Loud music, good people from Brockton/Taunton partyin' down; rumour has it Armoured Saint stickers still abound in that area! A king's Descendant, more of same, only singer/guitar had on a Burger King crown! If only they knew Dad has a Royal Descent wife of Hartford Ct. founders whom is direct descendant of Hugh Capet of France AND Charlemagne! (Agnes Harris Spencer on famous kin). Lastly, Soaked in Strange were semi-prog-rock in between the RockIronRoll of Blue Cheer (Vincebus Eruptum released 2 march 68!) and guitarist admitted to King Crimson fandom. 3 march is bassist Stephen Oh's birthday, so he and Lucretia Machine will be doing Pisces birthday 8 Feb 20 Jungle. Stephen's BABYSITTER is currently Springa's "Best bette". Lastly, got a POSTCARD of an event I want to promote: Wolfram Promotions and Booking Presents Road to Packfest: Grace, Burn,Grace, Iron and Sin. saturday 18 apr 20 sammy's patio, revere, mass. $7, 21-plus, doors eight pm. One-fifth of a mile from the MTA! (revere Beach). Got lotsa folks to like Mad painter (all I had to do was mention Deep Purple!/Deep Painter!) and "Future/Gigs right now....if you're willin' to pay the price!" (funny how MC5's "Future/Now" sounds like "Human Garbage Disposal"".........

Tuesday, March 3 2020

Reno Daly
Monntag, Monntag 2 March 20 and fug! "when I'm 64" in a month! Freitag 5 June 20, my cuzzin Martha Hull of slickee boys birthday (Dad descends from Naomi Hull, Connecticut Yankee, line leads into my great-great grandmother Highland's big-ass Highland grave in South Lyon, Michigan, where was borned Barbara Lewis "Baby i'm yours"; my cuzzin Unclean Justine (another Connecticut YAnkee kin)'s high school used to play South Lyon in hockey, us being from same county). BUT 5 June 20, Hull, C-Note, memorial for Steve "Reno" daley of Harlequin (bass), a plain all-around great, nice, mellow guy. And, of course, I'm playing but who the FUCK is gonna play my memorial?!?!? answer: Kenne Highland tribute bands!!!!! OTHER great news; (ALSO a cuzzin via the Woburn Mass Pierces; Simone Berk of Kid Gulliver, please take note!) (she likes dogs, dead people and rocknroll and I DAMN sure heard the first two Blondie albums at that Whistle Stop thang aka Midwest mafia aka Ken's Cougars, Mellencamp!) (have i offended anybody yet? Tryin'!). I was at the hipster 1369 coffee house "one velvet morning" or better yet "One velvet manbun" and the hipster Compass listed German films at Goethe- Institute. Best birthday present I could get! Go to Facebook, open house 4-5 april 20 and EVERY day of Wodin, German films! (ich liebe der kino!). Das ist Alice! (i think A. Cooper and R. Nixon had same mutual Pa. Deutsch ancestor, so when Sol Gruberger and i saw Coop and Flo and Eddie, madison square garden, sunday 3 June 73 and Coop punched Nixon in the nose....havent seen THAT yet THIS administration! "I wanna be elected!" (with picture sleeve, mint condition!)".....

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

"Til Tuesday 3 March 20, Stephen Oh of Soaked in Strange birthday. Kenne Highland Air Force practice but first: Lt. Larry Newman, USMC and Nikki and the Corvettes, played me HIS track for that Asa Brebner tribute cd and "it's da fockin' ballz" to quote SH Hind of Jetset. "Like a country Lou Reed" but the fuzz bass is like Ostrich bass! (versus Ostrich Guitar). If you arent at the Jungle Sunday 8 March 20 1045 pm I DO have three "Future/Gigs right now": saturday 21 march 20 Midway. tsunami of Sound- 3 pm, kenne four, catch State of the union THEN go catch Bent Men at Once! friday 5 June C- Note, Hull; memorial service Reno Daley of Harlequin. lastly, Sunday 14 June 20, Out of the Blue benefit, 1030 pm slot. And accepting MORE gigs, of course, since I aint dead YET!".....

Thursday, March 5, 2020

"day of Thor 5 march 20. Pontoon Palace WMBR 0600-0800 has been playing early '70s Sonny Vincent tracks which, in my early '70s "cannot get a gurl" hard-rock/proto-metal way I been diggin'; something had a jack Bruce vocal and "white lace and strange" instrumentation. Running late for work, two cups coffee and Rock Antenne; Heavy Metal radio von Deutschland! (MUST toon into Goth channel and wear schwarze!). If Judas Priest's "breaking the law" and Motorhead's "Breaking the law" dont git yo arsch down to the 1369 coffee house for coffee drei, "Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend" (my kinda Hopelessly Obscure title!) WILL!!!!!!!!".....

Friday, March 6, 2020

"Freitag 6 March 20. Dead People facts. My great-great-great-grandfather Thomas Highland sailed from London to New Netherlands in 1845; I have ascertained ( he was born 1808 Kent England to Peter Highland and Mary Cooke (married 1808) but it looks like he had an older brother that didnt emigrate! Even in the last century there were Highlands in Kent. Seems the older brother was Henry Highland, whom in 1861 was a coachman (domestic) and wife was a laundress. census lists Dunloran, tunbridge wells of which there IS a wikpedia entry! Henry Reed built Dunloran mansion, tunbridge wells,(Jeff Beck and Sid Vicous also resided Tunbridge wells) but later emigrated to TAZMANIA! "I believe in reincarnation"! Henry's one son was coachman also. HIS brother Charles Highland (same as my great-great born 1855, 17 miles north of Iggy's trailer, Salem, Michigan) in 1871 was a WHITESMITH (wikipedia explains difference of that and a BLACKsmith). This is in Folkestone, Kent, where Noel redding was born! In 1901 and 1911, Charles Highland was a "plumber"..."why yes Mister Redding, your loo is "Stone free" in that "Red House over yonder""....But of all my great-great grandfather Highland's British cuzzins (Charles Highland, south lyon, michigan, barbara Lewis "Baby im yours" was a "drayman" in 1920,age 70, then died of pneumonia in December that year), check Frederick James Highland. stayed a "bachelor" it seems, watchmaker, jeweler's assistant (a step up, ole chap). Died 13 Sept 17 and was "of Bath" (that's BAHTH, ole chap!). effects: 6233 pounds, six shillings, 4 d. Same year Dad's grandfather was driving truck for Arctic Ice Cream Company, Grand River, Detroit. None of this fortune reached us Highlands (in 1940, grandma sewing for the WPA, living in boarding house, one out-of wedlock child)...."really Holmes, what became of the Highland jeweler fortune?" "ele-men-terry, Watson...'is plumber brother climbed h'it and h'it went daown the loo!" HAWHAWHAHWHAHWHAHWHHAW!!!!!".....

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Jerry Reed in Gator
ik Biskit Roth sat in on gorilla got me WMBR freitag and played Afrika Korps' "too cool to fool"! For a song written in september 1976 and a meld of Kiss's "cold gin" and grand funk's 'are you ready" done Ramones style, i guess it stood test of tyme and I AM glad to hear a "DEEP CUT" besides "Jailbait janet". 0500 after Coast to Coast did Midnight express theme, it was STILL two score years ago in my trailer in South Carolina; Turner classic movies as the Boston Groupie cats took swats at each other (Miss Lyn can tell you about Ted turner and cable circa 1979 in that south carolina trailer; best years of my life!). GATOR was the movie and it was White Trash Deluxe! Jerry Reed in a pink leisure suit wrasslin' with good ole boy Burt Reynolds (he wore white bell-bottoms; that meant he was the good guy!). Soundtrack album sadly out of print, tho I think I HAVE seen it! As the credits roll, there's a really good Bobby Goldsboro song ONLY on that album! Movie released the week i graduated parris island! Followed by 1960's Where the Boys Are. VERY dated in what wimmen wanted (marriage, pre-liberation etc) BUT "Listen to the Music"! Connie francis hooked up with a swinging jazz bassist played by the Riddler! (six years til batman). They do a number which is damn good, only no soundtrack album. Though the beatnik jive is very maynard G. crebbs, music is damn good! Lastly, Ric Sanger, Tsunami of Sound wanna "promote the BEJESUS" out of saturday 21 march 20 at Midway. Tsunami- three pm. kenne-four pm. STATE OF THE UNION! JOHNEE EARTHQUAKE! done by seven pm, go to Once and see Des..."oh it's such a perfect day/ i hope to Fug I can spend it with you"......


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