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Tuesday, March 8, 2021

every day is a Saturday 6 May 2021. Another splendid Mad Painter practice highlighted by jams on Uriah Heep's "Stealin'" and "July Morning". All of this eventually to be recorded. A session Saturday 13 March for Schmel herbie Hind on guitar, Gee Julie on vocals and I believe Alex Gitlin working on some vocals. Couple-three more songs to complete the album and drummer Al Hendry and I will lay down rhythm tracks. After 45 years it NEVER gets old!"...

Wednesday, March 9, 2021

Sunday 7 March 21. WJIB 740 Am, Bob Bittner 0800-1200 plays Country Memories. This tyme (during warsh), A Sun Records two-fer! (in mono, lil radio JUST like the '50s!). Carl Perkins "Dixie Fried" released August 1956; I MAY have been in my crib in a trailer in Quantico Virginia! I want to return! The music was better! Followed by "Home of the Blues", a "yaller Sun record" released 10 August 57 (still in Virginny AND STILL an only child; Life WAS good!). Irony: back in 1969 my Rochester NY Democrat and Chronicle paper route money from a record club (I was in THREE!) I got, ON SUN, my FIRST JR cash album Songs That Made Him Famous (1 Dec 56). So I been into "Home of the Blues" since early 1969, ALSO on that album (and ironic, decades BEFORE Wikipedia!) "I walk the line" b/w "hey porter" recorded Sun Studios (been there twice!) ON,,,2 april 56! What a great week AND "Heartbreak Hotel" Top of the Pops!"....


Thursday, March 11, 2021

"Monday 8 March 21. "Holiday/such a holiday". IF I were retired, I'd be listening to The Halls of Justice with Larry Justice on WMEX 1510 AM (in MONO!); he was one of the WMEX Good Guys in the '60s like "every Christian lion-hearted man should know"...didn't hear any Bee Gees BUT: Dave Clark Five "over and over" (#1 25 dec 65, only once Rubber Soul came out 3 dec 65, they were SQUARESVILLE, man!); then danny and the Juniors "rock and roll is here to stay" (January 1958; I was pushin' TWO down in northern Virginny; still act it too!) and lastly "sweet city woman' by the Stampeders, May 1971. a Calgary band whom moved to Toronto back in '66 (Mynah Byrds/ the Sparrow/ JONI MITCHELL "Scorpio Queen!") and Wikipedia says they wrote it about the Toronto ladies but also liked it! "voulez vous couche avec moi?!"

Friday, March 12, 2021

"It's been a week of good radio! (in mono!). Tuesday 9 march 21. Patrick Bryant Subject to Change WMBR, A "its all over now baby blue' orgy. hey! Chocolate Watchband AND 13th Floor Elevators before work! Wednesday 10 March 21 0330; George Noory and Coast to Coast AM BLASTS me outta bed with Bowie's "Suffragette City" as bumper music. Thursday 11 March 21 Pontoon palace 0600-0800 WMBR plays FANNY's version of Cream's "Badge"; check out June Millington's solo! Lastly, WMBR 0600-0800 BLOWS MY MIND with Fanny's "Blind Alley" off Fanny Hill (reviewed by Solomon Gruberger for my 1973 fanzine Rock On (BEFORE the BGN!) (50 copies tho) and DESPITE Sol's MANY "arguing with ghosts" negative traits, he DID turn me onto Fanny...on the MTA on my NEW $30 a month Apple phone I DID google "Blind Alley" and there is a splendid Fanny performance on Deutschland's own BEAT CLUB....since THEY put Fanny on the telly, der Kopf ist nicht von der arsch!"....

Saturday, March 13, 2021

and THE best way to end my week was Tolga Ozbey of Reptilians From Andromeda posting a recording I did released in TURKEY; 45 years after the gizmos, besides Europe I may now add ASIA to my discography! The album is available on Bandcamp Diabolica Delerium. Santanico Pandemonium by Kafadan Kontak. kafadankontak. Lotsa of international guest stars and MY inspiration for recording at Lowell Street; songs about horror/sci-fi, all recorded during pandemic. hear me hot pentatonic guitar scales on "The Bloody Sea of Montezuma"! recording next week, Saturday 20 march 21, 45 years after first Gizmos....hmmm....guest stars? "My Stars"!"...


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