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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"sunday 25 march 18; walked to fenway cinema, discount ticket from work and "winner by elimination": TOMB RAIDER. Lara Croft without Angelina Jolie but with a Swedish actress who's 25% Finn and the stunts she does can ONLY be done by a Viking! Lots of masonic clues, a bit of raiders of the lost ark, father/daughter rapport is "touching"....lots of hairy escapes and ONE young lady with a bow and arrow takes on an army of assault rifle dudes....improbable? This COULD be in sci-fi fest....I'll do a spoiler; she kicks the "bad guys" in the balls and he falls into an abyss! THERE'S my real wife!!!! you can like it on facebook and (damn I AM spoiling endings); a New World Order controls everything after all! Plus it was shot in South Africa and no animals harmed! Though I don't think i saw any anyway....action-packed, DO see it if that genre is you".....




Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Diana- Dusty
saturday 24 march 18 as Ken and Gee Julie were hoovering to BBC radio Wales; interview with Diana Vickers (facebook!) for Son of a Preacher Man (facebook) musical. SO awesome hearing Dusty Springfield on the BBC and I know Jayne County will agree! The musical was touring Wales this month; next week is Ipswich, I believe and I dont mean Agawam! Dianna Vickers was on X factor and born in same Lancashire town as Jon Anderson of Yes! It's also close to "4000 holes in blackburn lancashire" ("a day in Sir Paul and Sir Ringo's Life"), so maybe....she even knows how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall! (Sgt Pepper was SO British, but I now "get" all the local references on all their "only a northern' songs!"......


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tim McGarry and Dr David Hume- The Long & Short of It
Wednesday 28 march 18, 'avin' me dinner at 1430 our tyme it 'twas, BBC radio ulster on, it 'twas and (look on my facebook wall), The Long and the Short of It. Tim McGarry and Doctor David Hume (a vertically-challenged Orangeman) discuss bits of Ulster history. BBC radio ulster video on wall has them discussing the Potato Famine; heard this on a train from Providence RI, coming it was: the British actually DID have food, there was also a potato famine in Ulster and it was "planned genocide". Me lunchtyme lass-in (that's lesson!) was aboot the hearts of steel boys; all-Proddy lodge fightin' thuh land lairds, 1772 battle, all Presby-tarian they were, similarities to American Revolution etc. (it's them fiery Scots-irish preachers works folks oop!)....they damn sho' din't teach me THIS in Brockport High! (or down south neither!). ok, so a BBC historical geek-age half hour show, lotsa FACTS!!! and final joke: "last we saw him he went into an old graveyard near the battle"...."oh, we wont see him til next month"....Et wooze no me BUT wait'll I visit the Allin Burying Ground Barrington Rhode Island, Lt. Mathew Allin, di-rect ancestor of GG and Merle; was at Bunker Hill! worth salutin'!".......



Friday, March 30, 2018

John Proctor
John Proctor
"well before i enter into my 62nd year as alien on this Earth planet, lettuce NOT forget that there's a CLAGG show wednesday 4 april 18 gig, Opus restaurant, Salem Mass., where my Quaker and Baptist ancestors got ran out of and Miss Lyn's John Proctor/The Crucible uncle was tried....."kenne what's there to do in Salem?"....RESEARCH JOHN PROCTOR! but again, that gig on muddy waters-birthday has club linehan-ago-go 9 pm; thee flying fish (half the Stigmatics sounding very New York dolls-y, so that's MY kinda olde school) and Matt Burns drumming in EVERT. 'course i coulda seen 'em the Midway but now opening in Salem. and more gigs to come! Ken Highland AT Large!".....







John Proctor John Proctor


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