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Monday, April 19, 2021

"Saturday 17 April 21 mad painter practice, studio Saturday 1 may. My notes say; "Let Him Go"; Otis's "try a little tenderness' chords, so Stax-Volt influence. Schmel Herbie Hind on guitar said Al Hendry's drums sounded like the Animals BUT on the back of my Animals albums, John Steel ADMITTED to a jazz influence; you Get the Picture (like the Pretty Things!). actually Wikipedia; "Steel admired Elvin Jones"; as did Mitch Mitchell of Hendrix's Experience, Al Hendry's MAIN man, so that settles THAT! (I THINK Elvin Jones did a Life magazine interview, liked Mitch's drumming but found Ginger Baker BORING! or some such...)…"Stealin'" by Uriah Heep was rehearsed and I been waitin' since Don Kirshner September '73 to EVER record this song, so...DREAM COME TRUE! There was another Alex Gitlin toon that sounds like grand Funk's "Mean Mistreater" and he says: "I only have Closer to Home, I don't have LIVE ALBUM!". record GEEKDOM at practice! "Lie to me' is the Farner-sounding song. End-time jamming was on Sailor (a 1975 Gulcher magazine promo album! sounding kinda Roxy/Mott) then "Sugar me" (Lynsey De Paul and a Solomon gruberger favorite), then Kleiner Suzi's "Devil gate Drive" (SO O. Rex era, I tried channeling jay gruberger on bass1 Did O. rex cover this?) and THEN an Abba-fest: "pretty ballerina' (not Left banke toon) AND; "Waterloo' (which I covered with Goody Goody Gumdrops). I wanna record EVERYTHING! All them '70s covers are fun!".....

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

"Saturday 17 April 21 1059 PM, after mad Painter ended practice/jamming. text from Miguel D'Amour. He thought Hopelessly Obscure live at "Dead Boston Club' maverick's Friday 15 April 83 "sounded great", he on lead guitar and Dino records VERY interested in a release. Other text; (paraphrased) "friend in North Carolina loves early Boston scene and he said the (Kenne) songs are great and you reminded him of the Modern Lovers. Wife likes the Be More Flamboyant cd". Mucho Brigada! The Rockabilly Yobs WERE listening to Berserkley Chartbusters before we recorded first Gizmos Saturday 20 march 76. A year later...Kennethen meets Jonathan! (more in the Ugly Things interview! carl biancucci sending Jumper cables photos to "Friend in france"!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

"day of WODIN 21 April 21. been REALLY OCD-like record FANTaNIC-like DAILY playing my four dollar copy of Faith Hope and Charity RCA album from Somerville grooves; what a great investment! They have a wikpedia page and their discogs page lists ALL nine songs on this album were on 45s so that's eighty cents per 45! (if I could find them). In 1975 van McCoy was ridin' the charts with "do the hustle" so producing this band helped them get on Soul Train! (youtube!). A lot of good b-sides like "Disco Dan" and covers of "just one look" and "rescue me". They were from Tampa Florida and Florida had quite a good soul scene!  in... from 13 Sept 2005 has "In search of Studio 54"- Tampa bay Times...."New York's a-go-go and everything tastes right"...I shall be researching MORE on this! 1975 was a great pre-Saturday Night fever disco era! (IU co-eds parting to Barry White and Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin and Diana...and I STILL formed the Gizmos!)".....

Thursday, April 22, 2021

"day of THOR 22 April 21. Dug out my Chambers Brothers A new Time- A new day Columbia four dollar vinyl album Somerville Grooves! releases 8 Oct 68 after I'd heard "Time Has Come Today" on WCMF FM Rochester NY that summer (other favourite LOOOONNNGGG song was CCR's "Suzi Q"!). In a South Carolina trailer in the '70s, my cuzzin Miss lyn DID say "Kenne that song would be great for your voice!" 40 years I'll be like Jim Dandy's "Uncle Liljah"; 'a hunnert and five!" (on list to record!). On this album the Chambers Bros. had released a cover of Otis Redding's "I cant turn you loose" (in 1968 after "Time"); I think I owned this dime 45 from In Your ear once! Discogs has 164 copies for 39 cents each!!!! Why buy? Coz the flip side "Do your thing" IS "psychedelic soul" (Loved then, LOVE now!). highlights of the album actually....another Somerville Grooves bargain: Love Peace and Happiness DOUBLE ALBUM TWO DOLLARS, Grooves. Lotsa good long jammin' and soulful vocals which equals: Kenne Highland! My Soul HAS been psychedlsized!".....


Friday, April 23, 2021

day of Thor 22 april 21. 939 PM from Dino records, not on The facebook but devoted reader of column/Dedicated Follower of Gizmo. "tape transfers went well, Next step is mixing'. ok, a NEW Kenne release but "Compared to What"? Either way; ist de balle! Otherwise tomorrow another Kenne session at Lowell Street, opening jam; covering "Evil" by Cactus! A stereo/mono 45 I got back in '85 (?) from Nuggets record store; in a nutshell: Kenne and the jumper cables with me as Johnny! More to Come/Black to Comm!"...


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