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Monday, May 11 2020

"Mother's Day 10 may 20. Ma spoke at me for 45 minutes then I went up to Minearo Brazilian market where folks spoke to me in Portuguese, even concerning De Niro for my Brazilian coffee (waxed MY brain!); musta seen Dad's Iberian Peninsula DNA matches. Then over to Macchu Chicken (Peru) and one special plus one fish entree PLUS two free dulces! Everyone was "goodbye Ken!" etc. BUT the ONLY reason I mention this is.... THREE pushme pull-u's with masks on, on three separate tables practicing social distancing! Tuned into an online Portuguese station, napped in between entrees and life in lockdown not TOO bad (read my book on Imperial Spain too) BUT: we need JOE Walsh as mayor and GINGER Baker as guv'nor! "I wanna see stevie wonder in the white house....Aretha Franklin, first Lady of Soul (was he predicating Michele Obama?)....and ah luv ewe CC"....ALWAYS quote George Clinton and parliament-funkadelic! "......

Tuesday, May 12 2020

: "Monntag 11 may 20. coast to coast AM. as usual Sonntag nacht ist Richard Syrett von der Conspiracy Show von Toronto, canada. I heard some good vocals and fantastic guitar as bumper music; "that was Johnny Depp singing with Jeff Beck on John Lennon's "Isolation""; HOLY shit! Depp can sing not bad for an actor and jeff beck is....Frank Rowe circa 1977! Let's wikipedia a "deep album cut" I'd almost forgot....John Lennon/Plastic Ono band recorded 26 Sept-23 Oct 70; janis died during recording and damn if Pearl aint GREAT! still!!! released 11 dec 70 and two weeks later 14 year old Ken Highland gets $9 Sears acoustic for Giz-mas. "Isolation" closed out side after "working class Gizmo" ("it's something to be!" and unlike the rest of these spoiled useless pieces of fucken shit Amerikaners, I was already working and paying social security! "Gimme back My"...Phil 'N' the Blanks!). "In the Philippines, Apple records released "Isolation" as the b-side to "Mother" of Filipino 45 on wikipedia! Though elsewhere Yoko's "Why" was flip side...hmm...loved that Yoko b-side! Even more Hopelessly Obscure: Mexican e.p. with "Mother", "Look at Me" and "My mummy's dead"! oops! this song recorded 6 oct 70; janis died 4 october...."there are no coincidences!". Lastly, the verse borrows from Barrett Strong's "Oh I apologise",1959. b-side to "Money" which John sang lead on my stereo Beatles Second Album, bought fall '68, Capital rainbow label. So Depp/Beck do Lennon Filipino b-side.....Hopelessly Obscure!".......

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

"Von Constaninople, Holy Ottoman Punk Empire von Tolga Ozbey, Reptilians Von (From) Andromeda (lovely wife Marina Poison has posed with "I'm in liebe mit der Heiland und he ist beautiful" Gizmos e.p.s whilst on tour in Berlin). "10 May 20. 0906. My new project Diabolico Delerium-acid journeys and horror traumas of the 1950s, UFO abductions, vampire bites and some bad habits like guitar music, with calm and old-fashioned sound. just a cheesy soundtrack injected to your brains by this fuzzy garage punk recording..... if that aint Kenne Highland! kafadankontak. Diabolico Delirium, by Kafadan kontak, 5 track album. AND, in between petting Istanbul's stray cats (but NOT covering "stray cats blues"!) there's "international split 7 inch starring Brazilian garage punks Bang bang Bang and Istanbul's Reptilians From Andromeda. -from-andromeda-x-bang-bang-babies. Evet! Bon musicia!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

"Til Tuesday 12 May 20. 0500. channel 44. episode five of Baptiste, Masterpiece Theater. (By next week's finale, Governor Ginger Baker will be done soloing on "Do what you like" and we can open this Live Free And Die state!). One way to end a series; start killing off characters! Highlight of this episode: British actor that played Queen's manager in Bohemian Rapsody is getting chased by a Roumanian "death squad of the mind" over some stolen money. Brit is in hiding back in Jolly olde, having fled Amsterdam and is in hiding with his ex-wife and his best friend from "uni"...."roit!". SO... "well, we 'ave some paperbacks to read in this caravan.....and if we're REALLY fuckin' des'prit, we can always play fookin' SCRABBLE!!!" I woulda hooked my ass to a Roumainian death squad GPS; (ya but Kenne they get their throats slit!!!-ed) not that the NSA didn't know I played a lot of long, hot, fly-ridden summers playing Scrabble in Laurel, Maryland! (They went through my garbage!)....wonder what's NEXT on Masterpiece Theatre? (Lockdown CAN be fun!)"......

Friday, May 15, 2020
Day of Wodin 13 may 20 maybe. Online radio box, German American radio. Bald-a-more Maryland. CALLIOPE MUSIC! Patented by Joshua C. Stoddard of Worcester, Mass. 9 Oct 1855. (wikipedia). "most calliopes disappeared in mid-1900s"...BUT! (popular culture)) ; the Beatles, "tears of a clown" (smokey robinson), The United States of America (1968 album is....a BIG psychedelic WOW!), In the Court of the Crimson King and barclay James harvest! My next album, more "progressive" MIGHT have samples of calliope engine: "calliope music in Germany".>CALLIOPE-VISITS... THe Ol' Calliope Man Visits a German Hofbrau vinyl record! "currently unavailable"! People COLLECT these records? year released; 1961, REPRISE records....1964; 'you really got me", 1967: JIMI!! such a "exotic' world listening pre-Beatles/JFK...Music of my pre-Beatle youth down south!"

Saturday, May 16, 2020

saturday 16 March 20. On German American radio Bald-a-more (fastly becoming my FAVOURITE station!); "Never on Sunday' sung in Deutsch! BUT I've been neglecting the Miss Lyn Latino bodega musical score. Today, cd: DJ Eric Presenta: La Busqueda. plastic wrapper says: "grocery $12.00). " Outside on sidewalk: GRATIS! Amazon has one left in stock; $11.51. and they describe it best: "14 songs by various latin djs'. also (quite interesting): "Latin Electronica' (once I actually HEAR these modern genres, I DO like them...)....Discogs gives more info: "Madyatch Records" (Lawrence, Mass. address; our editor tied to garbage can up there, I think...(NO!! It was in Fitchburg Kenne!-ed))...."country: Puerto Rico. released: 2002. Genre: latin. Style: reggaeton". Going further on DJ Eric he "& Piro did a vinyl 12 inch on RMR records in 1989 (year Juan and Jumper Cables played les Rumble!). "No Al Aborto" is side A1; "No Al Aborto (instrumental)" is A2, B1 and B2 are repeats. "genre: hip hop" (gotta roll with the trends! Ask DJ Gismo!). In all, "real name: Eric Resituyo" ("latin/reggaeton producer") has an impressive 19 releases. "No Al Aborto" IS on youtube, all 4:45 of it; hip-hop espanol! Good beats! I like it! As for reggaeton, I lived in Roslindale,mass and Chelsea, mass. 2005-2006 and reggaeton was blasting EVERYWHERE! ( I used to drink El Bustelo caffe and watch tres Mujeres on Univision. Dudes use to drive by with oversized NY yankees hats blasting Daddy Yankee....and WHY do I think THAT is the good ole days? Coz now Governor Baker is soloing on "In-a-gadda-Da-Vida" keepin' shit closed another day....Back then, George Bush Jr era (my cuzzin!) only mofo with a mask was muthin' fucken FM Doom! "Nuff Said".....


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