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May 14, 2014

Kenne Wrath "Monday went to Goethe Institute for Werner Herzog films EVERY Monday $5; Aguiree, der Zorn Gottes! There was a reception but "foot hurt, mon" (Bob Marley). Gee Julie, rock'n'roll nurse, dropped me at urgent care ("Emer-gency"-999!) in Kenmore and "Doctor Doctor" (UFO) sez I had cellulitis in my bad Gene Vincent leg, so am on the DL list from work til Monday. Blowfish sez that "retirement thing can't be beat"; I'm diggin' it! So maybe a short column this week as Gee Julie saves my life BUT: Video Underground, J.P., has 2 for $5 Tuesday! Julie just back from Deutschland, so der kino ist Herzog: Klaus Kinksi, My Best Fiend; Kinksi was NUTS, cussin' and all, german with english subtitles using language I would NEVER use unless Harry Vee didn't pay me royalties for Broken Jug covering "Rain of death". also Fassbinder; The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant. Marvin P. "Jewey Ramone" Goldstein, a true mensch, sent my Bloomington bus ticket money and BeBop Shepard calling me 1 AM for a WIUS interview; I should be on the sun deck at Vlora, talkin' in me Irish whisper; "you can talk for 10 minutes or an hour if you like"....poor girl! She's about Miss Lyn's age in '78/BGN interview".......

May 15, 2014

"Just finished an NPR interview about the Gizmos with Be-Bop Shepherd; her release date into life= NoBody gets on the guest list (her ma born same year as Miss Lyn!) so I guess that is the timelessness of Gizmo Music. Also Bob DuBrow wants the Gizmos to play this WMBR anniversary thang in the fall; one of the dates = Gonerfest in Memphis, but Marvin P. Goldstein, who even ADMITTED he wanted to Epstein a band ("Hey,i'm a regular dude! no holiday in Spain for me!") will be sorting out plane tickets etc., I'm just hoppin' on a Greyhound to play...ANYTYME! ANYWHERE! ANYHOW!"...

May 16, 2014

"Had a burst of inspiration this morn after my NPR interview Be-Bop Shephard of the Tsunamis. We were discussing southern phrases and hit upon "ah.m gonna beat you lahk a red-headed stepchild". wrote this morn on Gee Julie's Epiphone acoustic (so TOTALLY Beatle John!); chorus is B/A/C Dolls meets Moto; verse you hold a B like "Puss in boots" verse and solo is B-F# like something off Mott. I decided the Gizmos needed a new song plus if the Tsunamis cover it; my sick tyme out from work being fruitful and my thick leg half the size it was!"......

May 17, 2014

" Went to supper at a place called Park in Harvard Square, right up from the bridge where the Blodgetts landed in 1635,so 11 generations later, me eat with Gee Julie and Miss Lyn. Debuted "Red-headed stepchild" for Gee Julie on John Lennon Epiphone this morn; solo is MC's "baby wont ya" intro and it's High Time we did another Gizmos record! Tonight's club action= Miss Lyn ringing Gee Julie or vice versa and am buying my Indiana Wants Me bus ticket, 3 weeks in advance, wicked cheap!".....

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