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Kenne at Large

Monday, May 14, 2018

sat 12 may 18, fado music, sunset cafe restaurant, east cambridge, 6 pm. Disclaimer; they are on "Portugese time" and these elder gents driving from New Bedford DO need to schmooze and eat! Laid-back, like the Mediterranean BUT they play all night. and it was worth it! Fado was "music of the underclass" cf. blues/rebetika/hillbilly "sung by prostitutes"! ("don' want 'em to be no 'ho!"). Lead singer had very operatic voice and favoured George Noory of coast to coast Am (DNA test please!) and other two gents played using hand/thumb ala flamenco chords on regular acoustic but mandolin sounding leads of "Portgugese guitar" (looked like medieval design, research further!). "Those were the days" is best melody line I can tell, it's usually V to a I or a VII to a I. Miguel D'Amour was texting about his Uncle Fluffy whom had seagram's sevens v-neck sweaters made up; perhaps Ken Kaiser remembers those from Hopelessly Obscure '83. I shall check the website and tell you of more fado, beats goin' down south coast to hear this Portuguese folk music! or sailin' backwards to Lisbon, lissenin' to vasca dam Gama"...

Tuesday, May 15 2018

"Mother's day, 13 may 18, burren, davis square, somerville mass. Randall Bays and John Coyne and their "Real" Kids opened playing button accordion; traditional Irish music, I dig it, roots of bluegrass etc. Randall Bays lives in Cobainville (Seattle) and plays a helluva fiddle with not ONE note of grunge! John Coyne sings and plays acoustic; and is Limerick, Eire but resides now in MELROSE, Mass. the whole family plays, wife sings, plays flute, whistle etc. "it's a family affair"-sly stone wearing Royal Stewart tartan. sound by Tom Binachi, a Middle east bakery regular early '90s; this back room is more wooden than the Middle east and the $11.95 fish and chips is humungous! lotsa Guiness drank and reading last week's BGN link on this show, Mister Coyne also does Druid sessiuns! Next week is some mountain music, I may go but the main thing is: there are no drums, needs SPOONS besides the "real" kids stompin' their feet tae keep tyme....not a bodhran in site! They moosta dun sumpin' days be-fir 'lectricity"......

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kenne At Large
on my facebook wall, from group Not Necessarily Stoned, but Beautiful: Hippies of the 60s and Beyond, but this aint no flower power peace crap: this is that biker rock i grew up loving! ("proto-metal"?). a photo of bassist Dickie Peterson, blue cheer, miami pop festival, gulfstream race track, hallandale Fla, May 1968, "liked" by 63 "friends", 36 comments but these guy made me point and bow. James Recca, post-Funhouse Stooges bass ca .'71 (?): "seen blue cheer at the grande ballroom, detroit 1968.the stooges opened the show". cheer AND the stooges.....two major Kenne musical influences! THEN Marvin Nunley, who does the German spoken introduction on "snoopy", royal guardsmen: "I was there, great festival!". this is may '68, i saw them on tv in march. also, Marvin; "yes, i saw the jimi hendrix experience in the summer of 1967, at the cafe a go go in the village. awesome! this was right after the ill-fated gig opening for the Mucking Fonkees (Monkees; banned by DAR!) at the Hollywood Bowl...what a waste!"....putting this in perspective, 1967 was "return of the red baron"; I was still a year away from Hendrix. 1968 has "snoopy for president" and Marvin's watching the Blue Cheer. according to royal guardsmen discography, i wager that in 8th grade (post-woodstock, pre-kent state) I woulda been "shuffling' (cd versus my vinyl) Royal Guarsdmen with Cream/Hendrix....and the 1967 45 "airplane song", "you can go up/you can go down" b/w "om", fucken stoner/TM messages to lil 11 year olds like me all coz marvin seen hendrix! "purple haze"!!!"....

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wodin or Keene
Wodin or Kenne?
Wodin's day 16 may 18, club linehan-ago-go practice for sunday 10 june 18, midway cafe 4 pm backing Jody Moore. so highlights; MJ Quirk ALWAYS prepared and organized on songs; "boots are made for walkin'", Joe Quinn has nailed the bass line;"precious" by my real wife Chrissie Highland Kevin Linehan has also nailed that drum part. the A to C intro one COULD play Nugent's "journey to center of mind" (like I did!). as for improvisation, John Keegan is doubling me on sax with my guitar so "Jackson" he sounded like Boots Randolph! yes, I was digging the "yakety sax". and lil walter's "my babe"; I did Jimi's third stone from the sun" octave chords in solo and our Keegan goes "Chet Atkins!" Truth (Jeff Beck!) be told i'm closer to hasil".....



Friday, May 18, 2018

Rhode Island County
besides geezer's garage night friday 18 may 18 and klaus kinski brattle saturday 19 may 18, i shall once again be on a South County RI vacation; my great-grandmother Highland's ancestors. you can even text me 617-803-1289. "carve your number on my wall/and maybe you will get a call from me.....if i dont need someone!"-Kenny Rotten singing! AND will the Pistols reform and sing "god save the queen" at the royal wedding? "i mean it man!""...


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