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Monday, May 18 2020

Saturday 16 march 20. Ken and I Gee julie eating takeaway from Thai Hut, Beacon street,somerville, in between "dead boston clubs" Abbey Lounge and Kirkland cafe. supper music was Russian radio from VikVik Radio "retro> Russian> oldies". Oldies?!?!? I heard 78 rpms cracklin' and smelt the 1930s at least! So I googled playlist and: Hopelessly Obscure: ALEXANDER TSFASMAN 'soviet pianist". wikipedia; "He was an important figure in Soviet jazz from the period of the mid-1920s until the late 1960s". Music on youtube! facebook page too for you "Thirsty" (for VODKA!) Scholars: Alex Tsfasman- Posts/ facebook. ultimate geekage (hey COMRADES!! what the fuck ELSE are you doing during lockdown?) patefon. knet. ru >kdf >tsasman. Quite a career! "unfortunately, the band made not a single disc til 1937"; I knew it! "reworking of Polish tango (!) "the last Sunday"...."during the years of world war two...turned to war themes"....."after opening of second Allies front, Anglo-American authors in repetoire....Jerome Kern's "Lyrical Foxtrot" from American film The Song of all, an artist worth reearching; my knowledge being scant, all I can say is i liked it!"......

Tuesday, May 19 2020

:Sonntag 17 May 20 505 pm von Aybike Celik Ozbey, istanbul, Turkey. "Istanbul's garage/punk band Reptilians from Andromeda's new single is "Star Girl" song, a cover version of Zolar X band". Watch it on YouTube!! They never cease to amaze me diggin' on punk from before they wuz born! Now that we got a Turkey-Boston Zolar X club, let me tell YOU! I remember them from the '70s; "Ziggy Stardust on steroids"! (ala the also over-the-top Jobriath!). Zolar X have Martian antenna on their space suits, looking line intergalactic Ziggy Stardust (on steroids!). i "liked" them on facebook and they also friended me....LEGENDARY! I should also mention late '73 AFTER "that's cool" i had a neo-Stones-cum-Dolls "groupie putdown' song called "Star Girl" but my lyrics were closer to "Stupid Girl" and "Star Star". Everytime I turn around these Turkish punks have a new recording! LIKE them on facebook etc".....

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

"Monntag 18 May 20. 1010. Deb Beaudry, Fuzbrains magazine (aka Wormtown groupie news). "from Captain PJ sister Sheryl, whom I've met: "If you have the tyme could you please send a letter or card to help raise his spirits? (share memories, favourite bands, humour etc) These could help distract him from his protocol frustrations of isoloation and help him feel more connected to others. Please note: no items, magazines or packages are being received at this tyme. ONLY letters and cards. His adress; Captain PJ (William) LeBlanc, 2nd floor c/o The Reservoir Center for Health and Rehab. 400 Bolton St., Marlboro, MA. 01752". "Yes, I will" mail a card! And you, reader, should too!!....


Thursday, May 21, 2020

"Til Tuesday 19 may 20 and what BETTER day to celebrate Cal Cali's birthday than the FINAL episode of BAPTISTE! Again, admiring Amsterdam but Baptitste and British actor who played Queen's manager in Bohemian Rhapsody spend a lot of tyme on the beach near White Cliffs of Dover; 30 miles from ancestral Hyland home of Ashford and home of the Jutes (ancient Germanic tribe). wikipedia says "a handful of scenes were shot in Deal, Kingsdown, Ramsgate and Sandwich". Must have been the "trailer caravan" etc. Miss Lyn wondered about the NEXT series; I "mansplained' to her "EVERYBODY'S FUCKEN DEAD!!!!". BUT Baptiste, wife and daughter all played by same actors in THE MISSING. Guess they WILL do another season. Moral of all this: read wikipedia, remember Miss Lyn is ALWAYS right (she "Lynsplains" shit to me!), support PBS/Masterpiece theater etc. and remember when Cookie Monster eats cookie and says "welcome to Monsterpiece Theater""......

Friday, May 22, 2020
"Freitag 22 May 20. Friended by James Lowe of Electric Prunes!!!!"nice to meet you Kenneth....james". me, sutterin' like "you aint seen my generation yet' (Figures on beach 12 inch remake! (youtube)". "thank you sir! a major fan". "thanks for listening" James Lowe. In addition Lick It radio, Wolfsburg, deutschland (Pierre le Coutre left the land of the Angles to go to the land of the Saxons where they make volkswagon!) HAS played saxon, plus deep Purple's "highway star", Glenn Hughes (in Purple on Stormbringer lp), Judas Priest, iron maiden et al. ("fun fn fun on the autobahn' crankin' this scheisse!). I knew my morning was right,starting with Jimi's "purple haze" and then a 1969 extravagnaza: Sly/ "pinball Wizzard"; even canned heat's "woodstock boogie"! My y - dna is RU-198 "saxon", so Pierre (Flensburg Groupie News) has helped me figure out mein lower Saxony DNA matches...glad to have such a GREAT classic/metal station in such a proto-Germanic area! (They speak a Low German dialect there, except for at Wacken metal fest where ist: HIGH German!".....

Saturday, May 123, 2020

"Saturnalia 23 may 20. 0100 or so, Coast to Coast AM....blimey! It's Peter Noone! 'erman and 'ermits! CoastZone The Newsletter has info I can quote (so it wasnt a dream....ZZ Top wuz listenin' to 'erman!). Ian Punnett (Twitter) was last night's house and knew quite a bit about Gretsch guitars! And DID ask Jimmy Page questions I think...."no Jimmy Page DIDNT play on that song it was"....9 Feb 64, beatles, ed Sullivan; they met the ACTOR Davy Jones! "erman also wuz actin'....the next one-two years, wuz 'its by 'erman and monkees, they wuz...What a date! as lil Kenny Highland ran around manasass Virginia still pretending it was the Civil War...a lot of herman bumper music too...But, like Sir Francis Drake, let's sail from Britain to Spain and mention a Miss Lyn Latin freebie cassette. Los Llayras El Tranvia Del Amor. AllMusic.artist.biography says: "Central Mexico's Los Llayras drew on influences ranging from cumbia to traditional Andean folk to grupero music to create their disinctive brand of tropical". This is a 1998 release and sounds NOTHING like my Gemini On a Full Moon cd on Dino (think Gizmo and garfunkel's "el condor pasa" "liked" by Herr Flensburg Groupie News, das ist is herr Pierre Le Coutre,mein gut freund! and/or Inca Sun who used to play the pipes in harvard Square, dressed up in traditional garb). There IS youtube of this group. facebook too! They are even "noteworty" in the 2015 The Course of mexican Music by janet Sturman https://books.>books. "...even South American inspired cumbia (Cumbia Andina Mexicana) from bands like "Los Askis" and "Los Llayras"; scientific record reviewing! Researched and BA was in BS! lastly, as memorial day slightly opens the state, STAY INDOORS! (Blodgetts back home been socially distancing on same road since 1816!) Listen to cactus's RESTRICTIONS and watch Carl Biancucci's Progress on On The Turntable Now facebook group, where Eric Law also posts Kensplain to Miss Lyn, you, a record GEEK, post a photo/youtube of what you're currently listening to and folks'll comment on how cool you are....this didnt happen to ME in Bockport NY in the '70s!".......


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