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Monday, May 22, 2023

"Sonntag 21 may 2023. Preservation Kinks tribute Tavern at end of world 4-7 pm. BEST song to open with: "Sunny afternoon" as I drank my fake Guiness. First the songs: the "hits' BUT also b-sides like "I'm not like Billy Borgioli' or "This where the Daughter Belong" (see ALL the good Boston bands including me do ONE Kinks cover!) but my favourite: "See my friends' raga-rock where it sounds like "reincarnation'; "they all stole from me and Lil Richard! whoo!". the band; george Belli; Ray davies vocals and lead guitar, Louise Belli (his wife NOT his cuzzin and I DID ask!) acousitc guitar and harmony, Lt Larry newman-bass, Tom reid-keyboards and Jim Wayda-drums; hope i spelt everybody name Wright. drummer from The American Who got up for "Kiss of a Rat" (to translate; when i moved up north and heard "kids are alright", i thought they were saying "kiss of a rat", y'all!). Now, how IS this a SupaGroup? George/larry/Tom were in the Real; sometyme in '86 they opened for Extreme at Orpheum; need to re-read my copies of Boston Groupie Beat-ratty's! (unless i used 'em for rollin' papers,man...or loo paper)....Tom Reid was an Angry Young Bee! (Kenne Highland on PEARMANENT vacation from sanity). Tom says it was about 1983 at Club III ("dead boston club") when he read george was puttig together a Kinks kover band; i usedta wander stoned past the Bunraty's door,on a Sundae, see Preservation but cost of cover and beer; IT WAS CHEAPER TO DRINK AT FATHER'S ONE on harvard ave! SO glad i saw them and if not, like Ozzy sez in "sabbath bloddy sabbath:": "you missed it!""......


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

"Dientsag 23 may 2023. 0153. "Tonight on Coast to Coast AM we discuss; 'was JFK assaniated because he knew too much about UFOs?"....well, during JFK Dad was stationed at Camp lejeuene and i drank the water but didnt see "lights" (a farm south of my NY grandmother) til after we moved up north in "the winter of '64' ("The Night they drove old dixie up!"). Sadly,i fell back asleep and missed this'un but go to the Coast to Coast site; george Noory is da bomb,yo!".....


Wednesday, May 24, 2023
day of Wodin 24 May 2023 0149 or so (or "3 am or later", the Guess Who!). Coast to Coast AM as usual and tonight's wack-ass topic: "after the Bay of Pigs, THEN we started noticing these objects in the sky"...Though my father was stationed at Camp Lejeune NC and I was in Clyde Irwin elemnt-arry school jacksonsville NC ("The principal had dirty fingernails"- Ma's steel trap memory now rusty with dementia)...oops! MY brain is rusted! It was early 1961 so being just shy of five, I cant remember a goddam thing! Kindergarten in the fall, yes....well, george Noory helping somebody with a book on this JFK/UFO KEnspiracy....tyme maybe to lissen to UFO!"...


Thursday, May 25, 2023

day of Wodin 24 may 2023. Fug the nazis series $18.00 double feature casablanca seven pm and The guns of navaronne nine pm. Everybody's seen casablanca since forever and can quote the lines BUT....DEAD PEOPLE FACT! went on Humphrey Bogart wikiitree and despite the New netherlands surname, lotsa Connecticut Yankee! ma can claim Stiles and Dowd, dad can claim Holcombe and Hicks and BOTH parents can claim Bliss, of which Bogie descends from a Bliss/Chapin marriage AND we all kin to an acquited witch! (Mary Bliss Parsons). THUS: "I'm ridin' on my broomstick...gettin' stoned" ("she was gonna be an actres/ til Cromwell banned the theater"...AND wore black!). as for The Guns of Navarone, gregory Peck (his Peck ancestor settled Hartford Ct, as did the ancestors of me and Red on Red mogul Justine Covault!) leads a dirty half-dozen going only Where Eagles Dare with help from greek rsistance fighters. Let me say cinemetography of Aegan sea is beautiful (my dad was on a Med cruise), and THE best actors are Anthony Quinn as Zorba the Crete and Irene pappas! Any Greek woman who can fire automatic weapons/ drive mountaous roads like a Tazmanian she-devil, slap her lil brother (James Darren!) for not writing from the America AND shoot a nazi-collobarting skela as a traitor....maybe I'll sing "Sag a po" next tyme I cover "I'm in love" off Asa volume two! let's not forget the Classic Ruins they hide out in AND the trad greek music that sounds like Grecian Echoes Wntn 1550-am. wHAT A GREAT MOVIE even if i got home 'Round Midnight".....


Friday, May 26, 2023

"day of Thor 25 may 2023. somerville thee-ate-er $18 double feature. two di-rected by william wyler. Roman Holiday black and white with audrey hepburn and gregory peck. Gee Julie noted how Princess Audrey had to dance with old "codgers' (like me) and decides to "slum it" ala "The Prince and the Pauper' (Gee Julie familar with samuel langhorn clemens!). Lotsa of misadventures funny as hell and eddie Albert BEFORE Green Acres as a bearded beatnik photographer with a hidden camera in his lighter; "I hope this GIZMO works!". Rome in black and white looked like Fellini's early '60s Rome as Audrey lived La Dolce Vita!

840 pm The Best Years of our lives, THREE hours movie but damn good! released 25 dec 46 dealing with three returning veterans battling alcohol/PTSD and worst of all, a dude with no hands but metal hooks who was quite adept using them! You'd think this be a 1976 'nam movie like Coming Home with hanoi jane (cuzzin to GG Allin!) but PTSD etc was "unspoken' back in the macho/cigarette smokin'/martini drinkin'/meat eatin' suit and tie '40s. REALISM! And once i bought On the Road at the Lift bridge book shoppe brockport NY fall '69, I thought the '40s was all jazz records and zoot suits! Miss lyn says I'm "Krazee" BUT: wodin's day 31 may fuck the nazis; judgement at nuremburg and the train. thor's day 1 june is the sugarland express and duel; early '70s spielberg before E.T.! ma's cuzzin Jim Morrison was a film student as I am! (plus a great drunk and a great singer and a great poet and i DO have an elektra complex; I love ALL the records on tht label! please tell "My blind shrink"!"....


Saturday, May 27, 2023

"freitag 26 may 2023. mad painter practice before mad PAinter plays a Russian fest in the Catskills (Jeopardy: "what is Echo Fest?" (link, wray!). and highlight: drummer Al hendry brings in Post- gazette, American-Italian news and a GREAT review by sal Giarratani replete with band photo! (click here for image and to read the review!!). Though this ISNT Finding your roots (NO! It's DEAD PEOPLE FACTS!) in photo we are sixty per cent a canadian band and family tree DNA sez I'm seven per cent italian (that would be my great-great grandaddy born west virginny 1827; google Italians in Appaclachia and there were southern Italians whom worked on railroad and DID have "Love Child"'s....more reseerach needed); 'Til then: GRAZI! TI AMO! This DOES equal O. rex in rock scene '76 (Malpractice opposite page; Thomas Blogget descendants!) AND Gizmos page 59 december '76 creem (Lou Reed lp review opposite page; worry if lou read about his "Idiot Bastard Sons"?) ok that's it, back to Radio Swiss jazz on my i-phone; hearin' some great stuff but THAT another column!"......



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