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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

sunday 19 may 19 tried to get to AMC Boston Common for Indian and/or Chinese movies but harvard square 4 pm meant John Wick Three at 445. way too bloody, but Keanu Reeves dog was cute as were Halle Berry's. Two people taking on forty people is improbable even despite Marine Corps proganda i heard in boot camp ("the odds were ten to one; good odds for the marines"; I'd rather pay the impossible gig, after combat trainin' there ARE no obstacles!). There were also a couple good trailers. One takes place in Sweden where guy and girl become part of some pagan cult.... can we say "The Wickerman"? And then The Rock (part Samoan) goes back to island, says "mom where's all the guns?" "I gave 'em away". Rock "ok we gotta go olde school!" meaning spears etc. THEREFORE if i ever see another John Wick movie (and Jim Milton of the Beachmasters DID want to see my review!) I'd rather watch the Rock leading an army of Angry Samoans to fight the bad guys! Or better yet, listen to the Angry Samoans! I heard from Gregg Turner, he says I taught Metal Mike Saunders how to play Velvets "I'm set Free" which Samoans recorded! And he has a new cd out. Gregg Turner! buy it! dont waste your money on Hollywood pablum! only Bollywood!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

monday 20 may 19. a Glider practice and let's see how the gigs fall...if you read this Sunday 2 June 19, head to out of the blue gallery allston Mass. for more Glider! otherwise next week looks like Friday 7 June 19 at Tavern at the end of the World with Joe Mazzari of Daughters channeling the White Stripes! (61 Ghosts). Two sets of the Cal Cali crew! (you can walk to sullivan orange line station or take 91 bus every hour on half hour (930/1030/1130pm/1230AM) to central square. 86 bus to harvard. either stick around or plan your escape! I dont give a shit, we get paid....two sets, Jetset punk toons then a lotta 60s cover; makes "grandpa feel like he's 21!" as I have Afrika Korps flashbacks...."The Girl Cant Help It" playin' as Jen E. Talia (now Jamie to you and me) sashays down the street! (just call me Ken Waters! "I love that Johnny Waters!/ Baldamore,you're my home!")

Friday, May 31, 2019

day of Wodin 22 May 19. Glider did an excellent show and interview on WMFO and Joel Simches was Man of the Match on production. BUT let me promote a SCITUATE MASS. band whom I let in the door; I was greeted by four young lads in cutoff denim jacket and long hair looking like my "forgotten boys" from first Gizmos e.p. I was sittin in the record library with SCHMEL herbie hIND and captain easychords and when they played their demo we went "this sounds like early Sabbath!" Witches Tears is the band, like them on Facebook. Vocals were like Cookie Monster and
Joel Simches
described the various cookie monster vocals but when Joel said "and then there's the Tazmanian devil vocal", Captain easychords started channeling the Taz! just another night at home....interview was wicked Scituate townie to which homeboy Brian Young could SHIRLEY relate and lastly, the Tears noted we all had mutual Murder Junkies friend so irony is GG and Merle have ancestors buried in that ole cemetery where Witches tears posed....I love any band that poses by olde cemeteries! (Hylands buried there too, all Puritans and Men of Kent!). Witches Tears had a Midway Cafe matinee, I had to do some music, but we'll hook up. sorry fir short column (holiday) but Mad Painter on the town with mikey dee wednesday 5 june 19 (That's THIS Wednesday) my cuzzin martha hull's birthday!


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