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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

"freitag 26 may 2023. seems freitag morgen Bob Bittner of WJIB 740 AM ist torte. has the info on pre-New england Bob so i will quote/comment; 'born 1949...after high school attended RIT"; rochester institute of technology..."he remained in the rochester area after graduating in 1969, working for little AM station WADD in brockport and then for rochester FM stations WCMF'....thanks to facebook, I DID correspond with Bob about the "Brockport years'...He was only early '20s but runnin' that lil Brockport NY station AND teaching radio to the class of '73,(ahead of me) remembering teachers and students. me and fanzine drifter Bill Rowe used to work in the school record library swiping picture sleeves of Blue oyster cult "hot rails to hell" (with picture sleeve!) and other 45s stamped "Bob Bittner'. In '74 for radio class i read the news at WADD and Bob was notorious for scratching vinyl on songs he didnt want played (like "star star" on goat's head soup). In '71 on WADD I first heard Terry Stafford's "Suspicion"...WJIB waiting to happen! When I had supper with Lydia Lunch at that Irish place in Inman sqaure, she said she too listened to WCMF (Rochester's own WBCN) so when Bob worked there I used to hear Geneisis and caravan albums, though I know he werent a progger (31 dec 71 nine pm, WMCF "and now we're gonna play the new santana album Abraxas")...Bob also used to spin at a brockport dance bar called the Lift Bridge! If I drunkenly remember, the floor lit up and I was 'dancing with micelf" to "dirty water" autumn '74...only tyme maybe we EVEN been in same building, outside of my high school and i didnt know in Peace Brockport Bob Bittner!"......

Wednesday, May 31, 2023
"Sonntag 28 May 2023. As a morbid mofo, AFTER WHRB's Blues show Sonntag morgen, let's see if WJIB is still on the air. Yes! Al the computer is cloning bob Bittner's voice (if i saw 2001 autumn '69, strand thee-ate-er, Brockport NY, ole Bob had graduated RIT RIGHT before Woodstock) AND the ole country Sun-dee morning show STILL happenin'! Lotsa classic WNYR (Rochester NY) late '60s country that all my hippie friend's redneck dad's listened too (now, as 21st century Trump-ers, lemme introduce you to Jackson Brown's 'redneck friend"!). That Bittner record collection iz da ballz and my 1100 or so fave was Jerry Lee Lewis's "she even woke me to say goodbye", country, mercury label. WHEN i bought all those jerry lee country albums, post-Woodstock, pre-kent state, Monroe county NY residents included: me/Bob Bittner/greg Prevost/Lyida Lunch and Wendy o. Williams parents! Must be the genesse River OR Flipper's "Love canal" (youtube)!"....


Thursday, June 1, 2023

"Monntag 29 May 2023 0113 maybe Coast to Coast AM. A VERY interesting tale of spiritualism WITH exact date and place! wikipedia lists spiritualisms origins 31 march 1838 Hydesville NY which is 53 miles from my ancestral Blodgett farm east in wayne county NY, referenced by lydia lunch in the canasta game. The Fox sisters claimed to hear rapping, though that musical genre did not exist til 1979, Sherman. The Fox sister's paternal grandfather born 1775 Finningly,Yorkshire UK ( site) and their maternal grandmother was a Hugenot Rutan.

So far i find NO kinextion BUT 53 miles west of the haunted farmhouse DID live my great-great grandfather Lester Blodgett in clarkson NY; married Sophronia Draper, both descend from two of the Four Spencer brothers that my father descends from. Lester married
the "hired girl' (HIS CUZZIN!) in 1839 so by 1840 there was at least four children, one of whom John Bull Blodgett deserted the 140th NY (the "rochester racehorses") from falmouth Virginny (90 years later ma was a newlywed down that-a-way and I was KEnceived); ole John Bull helped out with the Underground railroad AND, as a deserter, had to sneak 'round to see his ma,hidin' by a tree where my sister/cuzzin stood in '66 when our father/cuzzin went off to 'Nam; First Spiritualist Church in Quincy NEXT to Brian Young WMFO, I was learnin' to be a medium ("No Miss jane! ah'm a large!") and somebody said "I see a real tall man in uniform and he's very proud"....thank you Fox Sisters! Spiritualism; THAT was 1800s FOX news!"....


Friday, June 2, 2023

"freitag 2 June 2023; Happy birthday lydia lunch! Tomorrow, instead of jamming with O. rex at 29 avenue W,brooklyn, mad painter plays Echo Fest; review next week. Moor gigs, othello but let's just stay on the one: Kenne Highland Air Force at Quincy porchfest saturday 24 June 2023! DO go see GliDER at Jungle later that night with captain easychord and schmel herbie hind and SADLY, no John Keegan as he is following the Crow in wellfleet whom i wish good success; WHERE were y'all in '82 with Junta D'Amour? (I was THERE Underground WITH Noise Pencil....I think the Underground is a "Dead Boston Club""........


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