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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Saturday 29 May 21. Mad Painter has a song "Friend in France" (about the bloke replaced Steve "Win weird" in Spencer Davies Group). I have deu! Dom Genot posted "reincarnation" live at Bob Colby's 60th TT the Bear's 12 Aug 12 (my finalist gig there). Mon ami noveau, Francis Lornet; "c'est "Slip inside this house", non?" I took one month of French at the French Cultural Center and even I know they talkin' 'bout my Thirteenth Floor Elevators 8-track (Bloomington, Indiana '75!). These two record collectors j'adour Monsieur Kenne (descendant of Hugh Capet, le roi de Franks!) they even mention the Afrika Korps! Everyday A Sunday: Afrika Korps. Read it Anglais un Francaise! "sounds like the ramones'. Non merde monsieur Sherlock! "J janet" and the Hopelessly Obscure "I laffed out Loud" mentioned; Ken Kaiser will be happy HE has a "Friend in France"...glad folks around the world lissenin'! (there's a 1970s Ken highland in every country!)"..

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Sound of Metal
"Sunday 30 May 21 perhaps or was it memorial Day? Miss Lyn had Sound of Metal (2019) on Amazon, and Gee Julie and I watched it. It's about a punk drummer going deaf but things that caught my eye: his deafness happens at a gig in Missouri; all I can think of Rerun records, Jason Rerun and the Gruberger Brothers album Greetings From Reading, Pennsylvania (on youtube!). (liner notes by me!) Drummer and girl is a two-piece noise/core band and they tour in their r.v.; his final words before deafness; "but we gotta play Dayton!" cue up the Gizmos "disaster in Dayton"; home of Toxic Reasons! Also, cool t-shirts worn like Rudimentary Peni, Gizm, et al. I also like where he teaches the deaf kids at deaf school how to drum on buckets etc. Altogether, a GREAT movie and lovin' the "punk" imagery. An even sadder Sid and Nancy movie kinda; death or deaf? pick one".....

Friday, June 4, 2021

day of Wodin 2 June 21. There is NO better way to celebrate Lydia Lunch's birthday than an open mike at the grande re-opening of the Jungle! I walked in and was asked to perform and
Capt Easychord, Gee Julie, Kenne outside The Jungle
thank God I HAD told Captain Easychord. put on this event and facebook is ; Mega Mass. We were mixed with hip-hop acts and I appreciate the diversity! Black Prince went on first then Captain Easychord did "Searchin for the sun" and the singalong "My Blind Shrink". After drinking a Jamaican ginger beer, Captain was on keys (was I Tenille? NO! Gee Julie filmed all on captin's phone!) and we did my reggae "hit' "Insult to Injury" (Stolen from A Sir Lord Comic toast). The "diverse" crowd appreciated me talkin' 'bout gittin' high with Toots Maytal and, in the vein of Iggy/Manzarek '74 and/or "Suicide" I also launched into Sonics "Psych-O" plus "96 tears' (four and half minutes, circulating facebook). Two mixed rappers followed us who were slammin'! "In honour of the last act we're sampling VINYL"; dang I'm an influence. Schmel Herbie Hind thought I added some Baptist gospel preachin' to the perfmance….again YOU decide! Being onstage after 15 months...dudes, I was fuckin' WIRED!!! Open mike, Jungle, every Wednesday! I stopped there on day of Thor, got some wings (NOT Slade's quality, but what is?) and ALL kindsa options coming up and I walk a couple-three blocks. LOVE the Jungle and more news as it happens! ("what's happening?"-Murray the K; "you're what's happening!"- Ringo)."....

Saturday, June 5, 2021

What a day was George Noory/Ken Kaiser/Pierre le Coutre's birthday! 0100-0500, disclosures on Coast to Coast Am on government UFO coverups (I did review a UFO album for WIUS Tipsheet about '74). Then Joe Quinn of Club Linehan-a-go-go texts and posts on my facebook wall, MICHAEL DES BARRES announcing "I'll show them who's Mod" on Sirius radio off my Be More Flamboyant cd. HONOURED! He was a mod in To Sir With Love and Silverhead were certainly FLAMBOYANT! Took a listen to some 1973 live Silverhead AND it's SO Thundertrain! (formed 1 August 74). lastly the 91 bus took me to Union Square and hey! FREE! EARLY! shows at the Jungle! (like them on Facebook). Wednesday was hip-hop, Thor's day was ONCE, reincarnated and Friday I thought I was at passim's for alt-folk (could NOT talk in Irish whispher!). So I liked the two acts: Woundikin (like him on facebook): "Ray LaMontagne to The tallest Man on Earth" said one review. don't mean shit to me but do yer homework on these artists! And I REALLY dug this cat from Ralph Waldo. Indy-folk (did I say that?) like Ralph Waldo on facebook. I liked song and title "Premonition" whilst sippin' Jamaican ginger beer, mon! More scrawled notes; "emotional falsetto like Dino Valent e" (somehow in '70s I heard his album on Epic?) and my favourite: "bloke looks like Van Morrison during his Astral Weeks period" (semi-long hair but it was the red goatee that sailed me "into the mystic"!). Lastly, mad painter practice, all the news is on Facebook page including go-fund-me for the cd AND: Saturday 31 July 21, 7 pm, MAD PAINTER at Jungle! with Kaleosscope. ok back to Black Gospel radio 365 and like Stevie Wonder said about clubs re-opening (LIE!): "Heaven Help us All"!".....


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