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Monday, June 27, 2023

Larry & Kenne at Porchfest
"saturday 24 June 2023, Quincy porchfest 3-4 pm, Kenne Highland's air force. lineup was me on guitar/vocals and Shel Pierce of the Runes pinch-hitting for Schmel herbie Hind; as KEnfusion says; "if you cant get schmel, get Shel!". larry newman-bass and Al hendry-drums AND double keyboards: Captain easychord AND Alex Gitlin of mad painter! Highlights: Asa brebner's "I'm in love" with double keyboards took me "All the way to Quincy";captain sang Doors "Five to One" and the sun appeared (we were WAITING) after "the rains came' suring "reincarnation' which channeled Plan Nine more than we should have! (OR the Tom Constaten 1968 dead of Aoxoamoxoa/anthem of who loves the sun/live dead, captain Easychord playing like PigPen, and me looking like gerry and smelling like Pigpen. The band after us, wicked nice guys, lap steel,guitar, upright bass and drums opening number had band harmonies. "Fat man in the Bathtub" by Little feat was done; i got BIG feet and captain easychord had to lift out a "Fat man in a Lounge chair!" Captain and i did "ride captain ride" as i gave thumbs up to other band for doing Allmans "aint wastin time no more' which we diddnt coz captain had to "get his act together and take this show on ride" for Glider at be KENtinued and two cups of coffee and a 1369 coffee house croissaint equals On the road as written by highland S. Thompson!".....


Tuesday, June 27, 2023

"saturday 24 June 2023. after my disco nap. tyme to "run to the jungle"! matt trainor on facebook!) was acoustic punk wearing a pogues t-shirt,which was one influence with some Billy bragg tossed in. also KEnjoyed 'you can get it if you really want", mon: harder they come as midnight movie at Orson Welles Thee-ate-er summer '81! GLiDER's bassists keep spontaneously combusting or is it like Goldilocks where "this is just right"? GLiDER wins the Afrika Korps soundalike contest; Al the new bassist learnt my ole basslines BUT I swore i hear Jay gruberger playing "you're a tease baby' (Music to Kil By on Gulcher!) on one toon. Cal cali drums like Tommy Bonham using traditional grip on drums. Schmel Herbie Hind is as solid as Solomon Gruberger on guitar and captain easychord adds some Stranglers-type colour to the sound. Covers: "stuck on the same refrain_-Peter dayton; Prince's "raspberry beret", 999's "Homicide" and....ON jeff beck's birthday, yardbirds "Heart Full of Soul", again cf. Schmel versus Solomon on Afrika korps Live at cantone's (Gulcher!) with a note-for-note solo that wont leave you arguing with Solomon gruiberger's ghost like i do daily. gotta mention Condition baker whom followed and did a Weezer cover; in '90s, my cuzzin linda garreu Highland took me to Landsdowne street to see Weezer/Tuscadero; not only was i the Geezer at Weezer (ALREADY an Alta Kaka rocka!) BUT there was even "stage Divin' on landsdowne Street!(dont you know it's a real treat, say it again").....go see New! Improved! GLider open for Dead Boys in Rhode Highland for some "peace of Mind"! ('you gotta know when to fold 'em/ or play like randy Holden" ("my facebook friend/and let it be KNOWN he aint someone like Ken!"))".....


Wednesday, June 28, 2023

day of Wodin 28 june 2023. Since I am channeling "Valhalla i am coming", let me remember the Omega of Jack Hickey; he was my neighbour and we had a drunken party jam to which he taught me the Zeppelin b-side "hey hey what can i do"; with beer jack daniels and Stones songs jammed, we were Exiled on hampshire Street. The Alpha was autumn '82, Tim Sprague's Junta D'Amour, i went to see and a suprise treat was Noise Pencil (Turbines with differrent rhythm section and Hopelessly obscuire!) jamming on Stooges "1969', a $1.87 album i bought December 1971, WT Grant's, Brockport NY whence I learned my initial barre chords. This same autumn I wrote "She's my best bette' covered by two former Stooges in Dark Carnival as "Best friend". RIP Jack Hickey and "will the circle remain unbroken"?"



Thursday, June 29, 2023

Eddie Flowers!
day of Thor 29 June 2023. Stenson Eddie Flowers of the Rockabilly Yobs (formed in Chicago summer '74 after talking to Hound Dog taylor and seeing Jobriath) sez It's Psychedelic baby magazine wants to inteview me; they already done eddie and Craig Bell, whom wrote the music for "Final Solution" back in '74 ("leg/table/chair/ leg/table/chair"-Pere Ubu at bethesda maryland's psychedelly with Suicide Commandos; Chris Osgood recognize me from Gizmos e.p.! been Hopelessly Obscure ever since). This fanzine originates in SLOVENIA which is where Micky Dolentz's father was born! Get a DNA test! Interviewed by Micky's cuzzin? You KNOW I shall, that way, turn around the conversation,me, after you throw down the stairs to me, mon chapeau!"


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