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Monday, July 9, 2018

Freitag 6 july 18, micky dolenz at regent theater arlington. My sister and i wuz textin', her boy chile goan have a young'un in February, her oldest gurl baby comin de-cember....thought I'd make "Granny's" day since she's been a 50 year Monkee fan since i bought her the album begining september 68 (and i'd only started my rochester NY democrat and chronicle paper route in august; musta gave her meet the monkees but bought ME Cream and Big Brother 45s!). So the money benefitted "65 roses", so it was $40 for photo (now going viral; those krazee Gizmos caption it "Kenne asks Micky to join the Gizmos") then grab reissue merch for $40 for autograph, so I got my sister a 50th anniversary HEAD poster. Micky asked me my name but FOR ONCE that was unimportant, this was all for my big lil sister so i started babbling "it's Julie; can you write "julie do you love me" coz she liked that song; she had bobby sherman, she had the Monkees"....Bubblegum is the naked truth! So he oblidged; there was q and a. Micky started as a flamenco guitarist, age 12, auditioned with "johnny b goode" but obviously they stuck him on drums....."davy only played maracas so we're goin' out there as a power trio".....Gee Julie thought the Head movie and it's non-sequiters was like an LSD trip; it was but the music's great! to be Rock Scene, seen was Roy Sludge and members of Butterscott/Sticky Business/Dents and a bunch of Monkees fans! (some COLLECTOR got Headquarters autographed.....again, my sister's gonna travel 425 miles for this?!). Jim Sullivan, local writer, by way, did q and a at a COMIC CONVENTION the next day and shared me the hour long video! thank you SIR! and also done by a Mike Nesmith-cover salute solo acoustic; he plays bass with Ken kaiser in Moose Mudbugs, but also and you CAN like it, LOOSE SALUTE, all Nesmith toons. Lastly, Nesmith gonna be somerville theater in september, so NO gigs that day.....ok i gotta go answer Bevis Frond whom surely woulda loved HEAD"......

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

sat 7 july 18, cantab, Mass. Ave. walked in heard The Very, they had me on first note! I went to see Tim SPRAGUE (junta d'amour) but as i walk in Tim go "I love acoustic sounding electrics that sound like real kids "just like darts"! So, this banana-album sounding "ostrich guitar" "really got me" (haha!). there was also a lady playing a Beatle bass. Robert Alan Colby of Frenzy magazine walked up to me with his WATCH that said "Kenneth Highland made a comment 'bout ewe" which was "dang! Bob Colby would love this band! Afore He heads out to where Vince Furnier sang with the Spiders and the Nazz, here's Colby background info: "Julie Kantner, guitar. was in Twig. As the Twig is bent so grows the tree, candy floss 1996. Julie Kanter (love her guitar playing), Donna SARTANOWICZ (sorry, I can only spell the Polish-American names on my first Gizmos records) on Beatle bass and DID I mention their folk-rock harmonies? Leslie Boisset drums, all three was in Fertile Virgin "but is moving today". Final opinion: first Velvets album meets an in-tune Shaggs; Francis Vincent Highland leading a cow in HEAD sez so! BGN John Keegan said Crow Follow (I been following Tim Sprague since 1982 Junta D'Amour/Noise Pencil gigs!) was kinda like Morphine....I take it back a few decades. My notes (kinda): Engine Judy adds Exene vocals to Tim's John Doe (again like Junta D'Amour) Tim boogyin' on a Dan Electro; John Keegan doin' some wailin' baritone sax solos, crossing Blasters with Tom Waits (who stole from Beefheart, so Morphine is like third-generation Beefheart, in the opinion of a 295 pound former marine, try-n whup mah ass)...rhythm section damn good, bassist lookin' like a young Mark Sandman. maybe a few notes on Sandman: i liked the treat her right song that sounded like Lizard King, I met him Fort Apache a session, saw him the plough he WOULD stop say hello; I like humble "legends", so cant say no nuthin' bad. all this and meetin' Micky Bliss's growed-up daughter (me, I'm "Grown Up Wrong") and both the Very and Crow Follow I would Shirley gig with!"..

Crow Follow


Thursday, July 12, 2018

sunday 8 july 18. argentina film at brattle. raven books, church street has a $5.95 crazy world arthur brown bio; believe gulcher interviewed him in '70s. My point: Ian Gillian ,Deep Purple, even ADMITTED he stole "I am the god of hell fire" for his vocal style that i stole for "kilebasa". Border cafe's country music drove me in, hot as hell with a fake O' Douls beer....yep, file under: Life is good. ZAMA was the 230 pm argentina film at brattle; I passed out sober during first hour but rest was damn good. A "corregidor" (kinda like a governor) in Paraguay wanting to be transferred to Buenos Aires; this is the "colonial" period. He also is looking for a mythical bandit. the new yorker and them kinda magazines DO agree with me that the last half hour was "influenced" by Aguirre the Wrath of God. They're in some kinda primeval, indigenous Indian come out attacking Spanish troops, there's a whole tribe of blind (!) Indians that ghostly walk through the Spanish camp....i'll even tell you the ending coz is so surreal....the bandit chops off the corregidor's arms, goes "put them in the sand so you wont bleed out", then the corregidor with visible stumps for arms in a dugout canoe, lil Indian boy asks him "do you want to live?".....since I slept through first hour I WOULD see it again and again, fans of Aguirre: check out this movie!"....

Friday, July 13, 2018

day of Tiw (Norse god, look it up; it's Tiw's day!) 10 july 18. Club Linehan-ago-go lodge meeting, rib-a-geddon in south boston saturday 14 july 18 next gig. also learning velvet underground toons for velvets set in Lowell in september. Gigging every week, so when my great-niece (uncle Tom Highland's granddaughter) has her first birthday in Colorado, I shall be be playing geezer's garage bbq, as reviewed by AJ Wachtel in the Noise in years past. That's AJ of the Beat and friend of the Cowsills! (hey he made me friends with suzi cowsill so he's alright in my baby's book). let me mention my weekend in case I really DO go and will review next week: after Rib-ageddon, Mad Painter at McGann's saturday night; gonna be jamming on some Small faces with them. sunday afternoon midway, Ken kaiser and Mick Lawless have been Moose's Mudbugs, but Mick on bass; now he and kenny in a pop combo and this is Boston debut.....if it sounds like Hello World, my lawyers,Gruberger/Gruberger and Berg (madonna's kaballah guru) WILL be suing!"......

monkees poster
Signed Monkees poster

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