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Saturday, July 8, 2017

MOntery Pop
"Justin case you DONT "Live for the Sun", double feature brattle thee-ate-er, sunday 16 july: dylan's dont look back and monterey pop. "take a while, Think About It", Dylan/Who/Jimi ALL in their prime in these two movies plus my favourite albums by them, then. Also, Museum of Fine Arts, French Film Festival looks good alsa. ass-end of month is an Africa festival, if ewe like Afro-Pop (I do!)- Lowell folk festival, up Lowell; this is the weekend AFTER Giz-Moto Chicago, no gigs that weekend (I get to watch!). OR I could go down Darlington Rhode Island, Oak Grove cemetery, pour a couple of Coors on Mark Darling Giroux's grave and go "what the fuuuuuuuuuck" or go see minor league baseball in the stadium near there too...."Hot Fun in the Summertime" but indoor libraries/museums are where it's at!".....

Monday, July 10, 2017

"Besides friending Jeff (as in and Jane) Hudson on facebook, let me tell ewe about a channel i found on my direct tv app. that would be AXS which is classic rockin' in a way like VH-1 late '90s Behind the Music was. One 55 minute special was the making of Black Sabbath and Paranoid....a bunch of proper British gents discussing in a lukewarm Spinal Tap way how they recorded two classic albums; even the bloke from Keranng was reserved! Henry Rollins, being a Yank, showed some emotion and mid-80s Black Flag/Kill Slug were SURELY influenced by these albums ("slo-core";"sludge-core"? Saabath were the guv'nor, mate!). Just watching Tony Lommi demostrating how he played such classic riffs left-handed and sans fingers was amazing; drummer Bill Ward describing "well Terry and I would come in";Terry being "Geezer" Biancucci/Butler playing lead, Jay Gruberger bass (the engineer separated ALL the instruments running up the whatever=the fuck is on the board; faders? I'm more Solomon Spector than Phil Spector, bluidy 'ell)....and you hear each instrument on a Sabbath rave-up channeling Cream "spoonful", live at Fillmore, Wheels of Gizmo....some Byrd (meaning a lass) said Lester Bangs called them a "Milton of the '70s" but that be Geezer and his love of sci-fi and Dylan-esque protest....but again; fuckin' Ozzy! "scoi-foi? i din't e'en know wha' wuz whin Geezer mention it"...."War Pigs wuz orginally called "war piggies"...."we were walkin' down the road and said "that riff saounds like a big Iron Bloke"...."I am Iron Bloke!" can EWE imagine? lastly, the Sabs were banned coz Ozzy didnt have any shoes! "oi'd show up the club, no shoes, me arse hangin' out me pants, pissed, smoking woodbines"...bluidy 'ell it's Larry Lifeless!!! AXS has even more classic rock (Beach Boys, Genesis) AND.....comedy and Japanese pro wrestling!! what a strange fucken channel...."Strange Kinda Woman"!!!!! (Gee Julie put on the Purple's Machine Head 4 July: "crank it up!" as if I werent "Too Proud to Beg"!)".....

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kenne at Large
"saturday 8 july 17, "A Hard Day's Night" (I worked) BUT WRKO and the oldies, one being "I'm a gurl watcher"-the o'kayshions and I wuz workin' THAT year alsa! (1968). vocals, horns, guitars ALL so good on it BUT..."sunny" by bobby hebb; AFTER all those modulations that Ken Kaiser would love it goes: "Sunny....F#...A...thank you for the D then C#" and it IS the verse of "Amerika First"! even if i stole it from kim kane (slickee boys) Kiss album Hotter than hell switching keys on "Strange ways";THOUGH L/Cpl Donal M. Buckley pointed out verse of "First" and "Hang on to yourself" (a bloke name david jones and spiders from Mars) tempo and strum is same....fuck it!!!! Ronno/Ace and Giz ALL fucken stole from "Sunny"!!! and now for the Miguel D'Amour shoutout...."Sunday morning": WJFD portegei radio i hearrd "Tres Vitas" by Ritual Tejos. a little research and this "pop" band from Lisbon formed 1987 whic h= the orange Kenne record Brian Young plays.....and WHY do i mention this toon? i like the guitar tone and solo coz= "Prettiest Gurl", Dave Minehan et al. Bon musicia! and now "any kind of feesh you like" b/w "have you seen Manny" by Miguel D'Amour!"......

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Our Time Will Come
"Sunday 9 June 17 1300 hours, left for the AMC "Common at noon", more Chinese movies: OUR TIME WILL COME. What caught my interest? Hong Kong WWII, guerilla activity (for more GORILLA activity, see new planet of apes!). Based on true incidents! Japanese came in, started rounding up anyone "in suits", meaning intellectuals etc. so a primary school teacher lady knows the underground movement (teaching school and firing automatic weapons and kickin' ass.....GEE, whom am I thinking of?) Her ex-fiancee becomes a double agent for the Japanese; bits of Bridge over river kwai in here; so she falls for the suave, price on his head, Robin Hood/Errol Flynn-like head of guerillas. The teacher's MOTHER also gets into the act...lots more on wikipedia if you want a history of Hong Kong in WWII; shows a former schoolkid as a messenger/guerilla, but flash forward and he's an elder chap driving cab and Hong Kong goes from '40s to skyscraper (ok, i spoilt the fucken ending but so fuckin' what?!?!?!?!) was $20 to get into Pizza festival city hall plaza, so sorry, Tsunami of Sound, spent same amount in air condition Kinsale, bangers and mash watching Sox lose to Tampa, though they still number one...and since Ken Kaiser DOES like the sports report, pre-season Bills games on Thursdays, the Harp, near Chet's, just so I can say "hey I'm from Brockport!" and people actually give a fuck....Go Bills!!!!!"....

Thursday, July 13, 2017

club linehan-ago-go practiced at Jamspot, Somerville day of Wodin 12 July 17 and a great practice was it; fucken "psycho daisies" Yardbirds b-side was astounding! When we play with the Deadheads at Rib-a-geddon in Southie, be a lot of Stones covers, though my John Dawson Winter III version of "Silver train" I quote from Johnny Winter And's "Mean Town Blues" (in REGULAR tuning!). Another "we coulda passed by each other and not know it" moment; though: the ole Harrison Avenue rehearsal spots near Thayer Street, drummer Kevin Linehan was playing with some dudes and we remembered the layout (I had a lot of Hopelessly Highland Obscure Clan lineups there in the '80s)....But Anyhow (Teagarden and Van Winkle!), naming who had what space: MELIAH RAGE!!!! Kev described thrash metal (it WAS the '80s) then he started singing and I said "oh! cookie monster vocals!";THAT quote c/o Tassa Wilson (RIP) whom I met through Robert Cameron White (RIP)...well it IS a good quote! Maybe they'll have the Tazmanian Devil on lead vocals!"......

Friday, June 30, 2017

Horror Hotel
"Gizmos in chicago one week from when you read this, sunday 23 july, text/call me 617-803-1289 for "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". But since the day of Thor was the THIRTEENTH Turner Classic movies (Direct tv app on i-phone V) had all kindsa horror!!!! HORROR HOTEL (WIKIPEDIA). MY kinda movie! college gurl researches witchcraft in new england "I need to travel to Whitewood for further research!"also known as city of the dead, an english films with all kindsa Gizstorical inaccuracies. Whitewood is on route 28; is this the Brockton Triangle? where a witch was "burned" (took an adult education class whatever is that fucken adult ed thang, no one burned in New England, only hung ;I descend from a Protestant martyr burned in England during Mary queen of scots). So I liked all the Puritan garb only the Pilgrims had southern Mass., Puritans were in ye Bostone. is this on youtube? entertaining as is (Christopher Lee!) and the college gurl is part of a virgin sacrifice, coven and basically get the picture, but for more Gizstorical acurracy, the Crucible was about a Miss Lyn uncle way the fuck way and I DID like the town, even if it didnt exist...I have a lot of August New England NON-Puritan gigs in ye taverns after Chicago but the weekends I dont, who knows where I'LL BE A "day tripper" unless there's "Rain" (always quote Beatle lyrics! between that and the King James Bible, to ME, they're as popular as Jesus! Jesus IS a punk rocker! read the fucken Bible! He got pissed off in the temple and turned over the merch table! Maybe i'll do that! "you are so christlike to me"!"......



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