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Monday, July 13 2020

Sonntag 19 July 20. 0600, second cup of coffee, IFC shows 1979's The Warriors! Miss Lyn sees my facebook text, as she and I saw this in thee-ate-er whilst i's station in South Carolina and livin' in trailer....Two score years later....soundtrack released 16 March 79 and after I channel-surfed to it, there's a badass gurl gang trying to get with the warriors as "Love is a Fire" plays on a JUKEBOX! sung by Genya Raven, whom by that tyme HAD produced Sonic Reducer et al. 'warriors.....come out and plaAaay" scene...that dude is clinking THREE seven ounce beer bottles on three fingers that aren't thumb or pinkie I think....lastly, the dj, at the end, puts needle on groove for Joe walsh's "In the City" THIS point if I saw the warriors soundtrack for a dollar at Cheapo records, I'd buy it coz that Genya Raven song was damn good!"

Tuesday, July 14 2020

"also Sonntag 19 July 20. brunch on eggs and linguica at Neighbourhood Restaurant, Bow (Diddley) Street, Somerville, mass. "playin' with my phone" to the toon of Kinks "sittin on my sofa"....Cantab closing. Also a Micky Bliss statement. I rang him and spoke at his machine: "Cantones/Kirkland/Cantab....dont book clubs what start in C!" (even if kirkland is brought to you by the letter K but HELL! 12th grade education! "been in all six grades twice!"). I'll go from beginning to end of Cantab memories: attended Lil Joe Cook blues jam scared shitless but after playing Bo Diddley he said "dont go nowhere! I toured with Bo Diddley!" and i first heard "Peanuts" as an oldie on WCMF Rochester NY about '69 so only took 30 years to meet Mister "Peanuts".....I was drinkin' all day with Henry Spencer whom was Sonny Boy Williamson incarnate but he'd always ask my dead second ex-wife "how's that blues playing husband of yours?" Falling off my stool on stage I did my best Brian Jones at Chess Studio and/or "Blind Owl" Wilson with JL Hooker following him and he DID NOT yell at me....I'll take THAT over a John Cougar 9 april 77 Gizmos gig review ALMOST any day! DOWNSTAIRS 31 Dec 20: Micky Bliss had a cancellation so I cobbled together a "free festival man' (tired o' hearin' folks besides me bitch about money!)....a good jam/debut of Kenne Highland's Air Force ending with MC5/Stooges songs with Springa! (there's youtube!)....from the blues to the Stooges, kinda like Iggy drumming for Sam Lay in Chicago and THEN forming the Stooges...I shall miss the Cantab but even JAMIE TALIA agrees; like when one cuts off the snake off the head of Medussa, another (club) arises to take it's place! Like the rebirth of the Phoenix but dont fly too close to the sun! I'd rail sail the River Styx than listen to them!".......

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Til Tuesday 21 July 20. SOMEHOW I have an Andy M. Stewart Celtic music cd on Green Linnett, a splendid label. Liner notes full of Scottish history explaining story of each song. Ok, up my alley. then; "Thanks to Myron Bretholz"! Now that google has been invented, I havent thought of him since in Laurel Maryland playing ENDLESS games of Scrabble; he had the celtic show before Steve Lorber has the "punk" show on georgetown university radio. He's on facebook! Steve Lorber (whom managed early Slickee Boys) says "Myron was ahead of his tyme!". Myron: "I am not worthy!" Very 'eavy, very 'umble but he played percussion on about fiddy-odd Celtic music cds so he's become a MENSCH in his musical field! Glad to know he Still Alive and well!"....


Thursday, July 16, 2020

day of WODIN 22 July 20. Dinner movie on youtube: Sayedet el Kasr. ALWAYS a challenge watching Arabic movies where sometimes isnt even listed the title in English BUT God Bless Google, Village Green, Mother Mopp etc it translates into "Lady of the Palace (film' on wikipedia. released 17 Nov 58, my brother "Herbie" of "Cavewoman" fame born Camp Lejeune NC the next day, "Surprise Surprise" (saw some band at cantones in '78 cover this Rolling Stones Now song) : OMAR SHARIF in this Egyptian film! FATENA HAMAMA also worthy of note; grandson is Omar Sharif Jr.! Fatena is a poor orphan meets Omar 'a rich man" with "playboy friends". Highlights are actually how 1958 westernized they were! lighting ladies cigarettes/ cocktails/formal dress etc. I remember my parents then going to soirees like that, only they didnt speak Arabic with no subtitles! So if you want Mad men (?) cairo-style (?) (making up a genre) check this out but me; I'm googlin' more fatena "Femme fatale" Hamama (as old as my mother, but now dead, but "whadda dame!")"

Friday, July 17, 2020

day of THOR 23 July 20. Dinner movie on youtube. La Extranjera (The Foreigner) 2008 drama. Maria Laura Cali plays an Argentine living in Barcelona who grandfather dies and she inherits farm in Argentina. Acres el Verde? A lone woman dealing with critters etc.; slightly comical but damn hard! Argentina looks like American Southwest and a hard life. What I enjoy about this movie, besides Argentine folk music, is Maria kinda favours Patti Smith; long, lanky etc and gets rid of "city duds" and wears boots, gaucho pants and headband Apache style! A New Romantic! you can read the press, I guess it's a barcelona film but excellent and insightful into Argentian life. read wikipedia's Argentine Rock article! When Twisted Village was in Harvard square, they had plenty of South American psych vinyl, so all I can say is: Los Gatos; "Doorsy". "DONT cry for me Argentina!""......

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Saturnalia. 25 July 2020. Dinner youtube video was: FLAMENCO REVOLUTION documental hd. it covers the life of Camaron de la Isla, flamenco cantaor. 2018 Spanish film. from what I read he was quite a late '60s progressive "rebel", pissing off flamenco "trad" players; like putting drums to bluegrass at the Grand Ole Opry! What i DO want research.tho, is a fellow playing electric guitar to all this whom in interview said "Jee-mee Hendrix.....Peenk Floyd'....any flamenco number that sounds like hendrix's "red House" has my eyes poppin' out like a couple peyote buttons! Seeing Latin hippies that arent santana is also unique....I dug santana THEN but this stuff IS Hopelesly Obscure! well, I'll be "diggin' in the crates til next week!""......


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