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Monday, July 24, 2023

"sunday 23 July 2023. after watching Beverly Hillbillies on MeTV 2-3 pm, then hung at 1369 coffee house 3-4 pm, then got to Lilypad inman and caught Poor Eliza's Jane Park on vocals/guitar with eric on percussion. She is of that '90s MTV folk ala Jewel/Cheryl Crow, whom i have dubbed Joni Mitchell's grandaughters. "Sky Blue Sky' by Wilco was an impressive cover. Ginger Ibex I dig greatly. Sharon Crumrine's classical piano playing could be the Who's "love reign over me"; a regular nicole Hopkins. TWO Electric violins could echo It's a beautiful Day; also clasical art-rock like Ars nova. there was a tango plus also black sabbath's "N.I.B" riff done flamenco. All instrumental though there WAS an encore with Sharon singin' kinda country. Ginger Ibex/mad Painter adjounred to Ole restraunt outside, GREAT fun and networking along with leon Rich: he's at the Jungle sunday 17 sept 2023 5-8 pm; see you all there! (I love walking 1/4 mile in ten hours on foot since my jeffferson airplane got shot down by the red baron,mannnnnn".....

Kenne At Large
Ginger Ibex
Kenne at Large
Jane Park & Ed

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Kenne at Large
"column saturday 24 july 2023. 420 PM on The Immortals radio show Zuma radio 740 pm Toronto.

A GREAT salute to the late, great Tony bennett and Amy Weinhaus duetting on "Body and Soul". As my distant cuzzin captain Beefheart said "I'm gonna google-ate you" and looks like Tony DID say to Amy "you know, it sounds like you're influenced by Dinah washington". micelf, agin, I saw the ole video of "I'm no Good" and said "Sarah Vaughn". Either way, ALL of 'em in music heaven duettin' and DO they have a helluva band? Hell yeah! Helluva Good Cheese!"....


Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Kenne at Large
Reverand Gary Davis
"Sonntag 23 July 2023, WHRB blues 1000 0r so. Reverend gary davis with "say no to the devil" from an August 1962 album; I remember drinking that camp lejeune water in jacksonsvuille NC and seeing Marilyn Monroe Dies on cover of Life magazine age six. This reverend gary toon is SO kenne Highland Air force gospel blues; listen to the youtube! THREE chords AND a message! So i got into reverend gary mostly through his profound influence on late 60s classic rockers, of note, jeferson Airplane's Jorma kaukonen finger-pickin' style....TOTALLY stoned at Hot Tuna 2 april 73 SUNY brockport NY (Orphan opened!) and yes, reverend gary davis WAS my high school homework back when I was "too cool to fool"...I could go on about this great song but i sat down with guitar and HAD it before the I went to the V! (and I DO "thrive on I-IV-V"!)"..


Saturday, July 29, 2023

"as Justine Covault, sitant cuzzin always did ask: "when's your next gig modda focka?".

and that is: The Jungle! saturday 5 august 2023 eight pm. Mad Painter. hope to see y'all there!"....


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