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Sunday, August 5, 2018

unclean eating
"saturday 4 aug 18, Billy Borgiolli WOULD have been 64 and i've worked up a sex pistols arrangement of said beatles song; Sgt Pistol? Johnny and the Jumper Cables usedta share a rehearsal space with Grand Theft Auto and my "niece" Justine and I even had a Carl Biancucci combo called CABLE THEFT (34th birthday, Bunratty's). One generation later, I've been remiss in catching Justine and the Unclean, but a 7:30 pm middle east show is NOT elder abuse! and "the band that eats together stays together'; I quipped that with members of Malachite/Swank and Ross Phasor/Bags, they were "the new Blind faith!" charles hanson, guitar HERO! quipped "we couldnt get Ginger Baker so we got Jim Janota"; Ginger woulda fought with Jack Bruce, but my money's on Juanita the Scene Queen! ("don king/you make my heart sing")...So, now I DO see why the BGN Crew likes this band plus my version of "crosstown traffic" as THEY ROCKED! one could Let it blurt with cliched accolades but that aint me....but I WILL say the first song grabbed me coz it was like the Dead Boys young loud and snotty covering first Pretenders album, so Cheetah Chrome backing up Chrissy Highland? (after Kill Slug played her divorce party from Ray Davies, I tried to make my "move" but she said "not me baby, i'm too precious, fuck off!"). Justine still has that Pioneer high school, ann arbor, mee-che-gan influence of Pretenders and Joan Jett, just like Grand theft Auto did ("no glove no love" STILL memorable! but musicians are one step higher). On harmony, and legs, was Janet Eagan playing with a pick like Dee Dee Ramone sounding nothing like Heidi or "you piss down"; I DO know a lot of Gizstory! Charles Hanson CAN be Jimmy Page incarnate but he held it down to some excellent fills on Justine's toons. Sarah Billingsley declares that Jim Janota is THE best drummer in town....well they couldnt get Ginger Baker! so yeah i loved it, i want gigs, Justine hadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........

ooops- falling asleep at typewriter! Jack kerouac wouldnt have wrote it like that! what i meant to say was Justine wants a Cable Theft reunion if we gig; sure...."give me my flowers while i'm living" -slim and the supreme angels. as for Nervous Eaters, been watching them since july 77, Rat with atlantics; never heard a bad gig! a GREAT "just like old days' set from the 66 year old old Saint Stephen; even some new toons which means they COULD have another album in them. "you really got me" WAS released 4 aug 64 and Kinks khords played by justine covault
and Nervous Eaters alan hebditch. his son on bass, steve cataldo in great voice and piercing leads and David of clan Maclean boom boom-ing the drums whilst wearing on his chest flag o' SCOTLAND! J angell wendell, on my "status", facebook wall, asked if it was a "50-plus show"....yes BUT he shoulda seen Ken's Cougars, Mellencamp! great rockin Rat fun and midnight snack and Soul-le-lu-jah with those great soul 45s! "I coulda danced all night" if I was both less lame AND Julie Andrews!"..

and CANT forget Art Freedman for being his plus one, i aint no pissant, I ne'er fergit a MacArthur! he also gave me contact info for audio cassettes at harvard film archive, Ken Kaiser bands in there too but check THIS; Hoplelessly Obscure and Four Letter Words! that was streeets early '82,"The Korps and Carl" (Biancucci lineup); Dana hath four letter words ended up in cheater slicks and saw the Gizmos at "disaster in dayton"! quite a few Hopelessly Obscure/Lyres shows meaning drummer wore the maskenzie tartan. last tyme i saw those cassettes was Jim Condon (bass) and I were getting stoned at Artie's listening to live Hopelessly Obscure....release it ALL!!!!!!!"......

Monday, August 6, 2018

after work sunday 5 august 18, possible two year anniversary death of my distant cousin Linda Garreau Highland, I tuned into WMBR 6-8 pm r and b jukebox. GREAT ole soul like always but today i mention the masqueraders 'just an average guy' (youtube). Before he retired, i worked with Eddie B., whom spun at the Sugar Shack and he turnt me onto this and many other Hoplessly Obscure soul 45s. There's a uk site SOUL EXPRESS, British soul collectors, in-depth articles full of FACTS! But i'll keep this short kinda. This Houston band started out with gospel,'50s, tried to "make it' in Detroit in '60s, i found that interesting since I may have visited my grandparents there then; Memphis they sang on Boxtops albums (!) and 1969 was when "average guy" was a hit. The guy in song wasn't rich but could offer love etc.; well that's my TAIL! great gritty gospel voice, southern.....Kustom kenne made soul! AND the masqueraders ("we sounded so much like the original they thought it was US" or somesuch) have a facebook page! and WILL play your I need to MacLaren Kil Slug into playing more divorces"......

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

what better way to spend frank lima's birthday (tuesday 7 august 18) than jamming on UFO songs! (bassist and Frank have same birthday: "doctor doctor" and "too hot to handle" WERE jammed on! MJ Quirk, a driven man with a purpose: velvet underground cover set Hearing Room, Lowell saturday 8 sept 18 and a Jody Moore set sunday 2 sept 18,rat beach party, hull Mass. After that,the Blue Oyster Coughlin Band (John Hess and Matt Burns,Awakening Stick;Mike Lyons,"best guy evah" and MJ Quirk toss in some Highland and ALICE HIGHLAND RETURNS! HIXXgiving, Richard Mirksy from the wayouts knows the venue but date 1s 11/17/18 no relation to 11/17/70, live elton john album. I can think of no BETTER way to celebrate Miss Lyn's Beatleseque birthday (I have a J. Rotten version cooked up!) more fun than Afrika Korps/Baby's arm/J. richman cantones 19 nov 77 with Ritchie Parsons saying "I want to start a band" and Teddy Cantone to Miss Lyn: "Lyn, where'd you GET these guys?"......

Thursday, August 10, 2018

"my musical misadventures have me truly AT LARGE, so let me piece it together. Sunday I learn "afterglow" by small faces with Mad Painter (amazing what a good review will do!), this suggested by Ian maclagan's Leslie/Hammond-keyboard-influenced Alex Gitlin; he was in an earlySilver Star/Jukebox angels and their bassist's SON plays drums (too busy rockin to play with dead people?! what the fuuuccccckkkkk!!!).... I researched "afterglow" and first tyme i heard it was 3 june 73 madison square gardens FREE extra ticket from Solomon Gruberger ("that cheap bum!") alice cooper/flo and eddie coz he pointed out they were covering it,review in Rock On #7 maybe. Now I have Flo's gut and Eddie's hair and beard! and a TURTLE could outrace me! "what a drag it is, getting old".... so, dig this! hair metal bands Quiet Riot and Great White both covered this "power ballad" (where's my aqua net?) to really make Miss Lyn and Blowfish blanch: WHO SAMPLED "afterglow"..."touch my soulby lack of afro featuring steve marriot (2007)"....gotta pump this mutha UP in da Hill! as my pants ride down my ass.....a Kiwi already requested a taped version of ME covering it! sadly, I DO have a Lack of Afro, unless my lil brother Grandpa Herbie Highland with his 1977 Peter frampton do....either way Sunday 5 pm, a block from carl biancucci's! and more covers to come! "black to Comm"!"..... a lot of geekage over when J. Harold opened Rat. wed. 25 sept 74; i coulda been the barge inn, brockport NY watching Backstreet do "cant get enuff"and "cities on flame" but PHULPH played Rat. turns out Robert Alan Colby, Frenzy magazine, DID own the album when we were 1983 roommates...a 45 of "doctor mind" vs. "twin cities of the mind"...hmmmm....Bosstown Sound though my favourite remains that power trio Eden's Children (Kenny marshall 1983, chet's "you DO sound like eden's children!" but we were wasted, couldnt find way home etc). "....

Friday, August 10, 2018

"so in KENklusion (doesnt he ever shut the Fugs up?), two years after Phulph and 1974 post-glam ole hippies, two years later almost to the DAY, live at the rat recorded (me, brooklyn, O. Rex) SO J. Harold only owned THE RAT a couple years and did a "hilly cristal" coz CBGB was country/bluegrass/blues or such pre-punk '70s....Happy birthday Ian anderson, a lot of punk-rock history "livin' in the past"; i say: "it was a new day yesterday/it's an old day now"!

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