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Monday, August 7, 2017

Kenne in King Kenne chair
"Ken Highland as Ken Burns: december 1864 falmouth virginia; miss lyn's great-great in 5th NH, Gee Julie's uncles in 1st light artillery NY and my uncle way back John Bull Blodgett deserted from the Rochester racehorses. But now that we have three-way text (telephone not invented during Cybil War!) Miss Lyn ask about dinner and Gee Julie, watching Alice in Wacken, deutschland, texts Highland and says: Bronwyn. union square, somerville, essen und essen! (see the photos). They had King Kenne chairs and we et the Bretzel mit mustard and a big ole Schweinshaxe, (or tender and juicy porkshank with roasted-crisp skin-ed) Plate for two.

Then at home-"Them Belly Full" (some bluidy reggae artist, too stoned to remember who, mon!) and direct tv on vh-1 had 8 mile! ok, dad's father died october '66, zip code was right near 8 mile road and Eminem, yo was born Missouri! though all the brothers kept teasing him about being a hillbilly/white trash/livin' in trailer park with his mama....AND, like Dad's side, worked in a car factory! this is supposed to 1995 detroit, but i was last there at grandma's funeral in '75. Em wins a rap battle then goes back to his shift at car plant; 15 march 75, Ken Highland on stage at a Brockport NY high talent show and then back to pushin' a broom $3.17/hour UNION! (AND switching from black leather pants into stoner '70s blue jeans, 32 waist! well 1975 aint comin' back no matter how long "My Head" stays there. anyway, as was, Em had it hard comin' up like me AND GG Allin, so actually getting out of the trailer inspirational movie! (as if Miss Lyn wants to hear bout Eminem but just give her a 40 and a blunt and she'll GET it!)".(NEVAH!!- Miss Lyn!!)...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Miss Lyn
Miss Lyn attempts to eat the Bretzel
"sun shines on the common at TWO" b/w "Lazee Sunday afternoon"...AMC $8 movie pass "winner by elimination".....ATOMIC BLONDE! "i guess i'll love it deeehehheth!" Goethe Institute boston site is showing east german films in auguste but then I realized: I saw them there mit Gee Julie! (five generations Straight Outta Deutschland!) As a "Cold Warrior" (and I AM eligible for a medal, though i'd rather listen to pink floyd's Meddle or david jones "she's got medals"!) I love all those berlin wall 1989 Commie dramas coz I was there! Johnny and Jumper Cables play 1989 Rumble and Berlin Wall falls down! Ronald Reagan said "Tear down the wall muthafucka!" (I actually had the Airplane lp before the MC5 but let me actually review the movie! (which movie? Oh yeah Atomic Blonde- ed)) Soundtrack is da bomb, yo! released on VINYL!! ALL your favourite 80s hits! car chase/wrecks spy versus spy as "der komissar" plays! "99 luftbaloons" plays as a east german breakdancer "rebel" is executed by the "Death squad of the mind" (mister J. Black actually wanted to write about central america in the Ollie North, whom attended Brockport NY state college! Big '80s but....)....lastly, Hugenot (like me) descendant Charlise Theron and a French-algerian spy (actually a lot of TRIPLE agents in this mofo!) are "gettin' it on" in a first song, a-side, first Gizmos record way, but the room is a CASETTE! (may as well be a 78 rpm!) of....."voices carry"!!! Now Aimee Mann is telling me the NSA is going through my garbage in Laurel Maryland! (They WERE going through our garbage in Laurel MD!! well it was either the NSA or a skunk, not sure which since it was dark and we couldn't see-ed) Great movie and to quote me on a 45 owned by stooges scott asheton AND Mad Max, Gizmos '14: "'s only a heightened sense of awareness"...(actually the part where i made my voice go higher and higher, I stole from Moody Blues "ride my see-saw!" and WAIT till my column on who sampled! ) But now....see Atomic Blonde; anyone who can kill commies with a red stilletto heel is my real wife! "when i say ah'm in lov, you best believe ah'm in luv, L-U-V!"....

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Photo of meal
Schweinshaxe plate mit German Sausage, meatballs, potatoes saurkraut und apples
"ok so once on youtube i was lissenin' to Bloodrock's "melvin laid an egg" and a new site came up: who sampled. answer: "making dough" obie trice 2012. further google-ation and fucken Terry Knight produced some wack shit from Grand Funk and Bloodrock worth samplin'! (I'm doing a reverse Jeremy Cargill, whom got into the Gizmos via hip-hop samples; no one has sampled me YET, though surely there are PLENTY of Bob Both James Brown tracks; Hello World AND "the big payback"! another great producer! so i will merely today ramble on about bloodrock's "a fantastic piece of architecture" (first bloodrock album march 1970, though back then sticky fingers was IT for me!) sampled in "voices of the voiceless" by lowkey featuring immortal technique (2011). Bloodrock has that heavy Vanilla Fudge organ sound that I love and the lyrics are about a "fantastic piecee of architecture" that the guy built, then in a melancholy Vanilla Fudge way he "crawls into there to die"...death-rock one album before "DOA" (sampled by many gangsta rappers of course!). Garage-rock Nazis will cringe but YES!! the Sonics got sampled...why light up a fag whilst waiting for the tube? (and you HAVE to go to the loo?) My morning commute, after I shrug off My Morning Blanket is to check out Who Sampled!"

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Photo of german beer
Bartenders choice of the day
"club linehan-ago-go practice for Geezer's bbq sans bassist Joe Quinn, Family the Gizfather said "so how do you get along with your family? a man that has his family"...that's Don with the Cojones; my saturday live skit filmed by Caleb Garcia! ok, so me giz-tar, MJ Quirk on bass, Kev Linehan on drums learning Kenne covers in one take and Highland/Keegan trading riffs guitar/sax like that double Black Oak Indiana sound of me and Sam Murphy (buy Vulchur!) live in Chicago this year! a Keegan request: "two headed dog" (Mitch from Shiny Beast wants me halloween to reprise my Roky thang but already told Q i'd do hawkwind cover band but answer and cloning micelf: why not BOTH bands same bill?!?!?!?). "Born to be wild" was built for me to sing, cant remember too much else except "I dont need no doctor"! saw Richie Parsons put his finger in THIS Humble Pie in '90s at Kirkland;"30 days in the hole" WAS attempted but Keegan has his cowbell song (he watches Jim Janota cowbell videos!). youtube of the Pie at the Filmore and Stevie (marriot) did first position chords in the intro; no barre chords! the vocal sounds like...."kielbasa"! i even did the E/G/A open e string droning on fifth chords so it sounds like "i wanna be your dog" in reverse! "one eyed trouser snake rhumba" also atttempted! SO much Humble Pie played, it was like a Johnny and the Jumper Cables practice 1985! after a case of beer, the "quiet" one, Swingers Resort drummer Tommy Bull hollered: "this is the most ridiculous practice i have ever been to in my life!" or was it the Montrose medley? look out Stoughton, we're gonna...."Rock the Nation"!!!!!".....



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