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Monday, August 14, 2023

Sonntag 13 August 2023 and yes, it WUZ my lucky day! caught a 87 bus to Davis Square getting off past Orleans restraunt past the Somerville Flea market. walked past Metamorphosis; "cool record/antique shoppe" (text to BGN). "There's a gnome for sale"; Ich ist ein gartenschwerig! "There's a cellar with records! "5/10/$15" says the guy from...Brazil! ok, so TWO floors of records/antiques etc. "Ten bucks for a mono copy of Kinks Kontroversey!" you'd think i was Dave Bass with a Rising Storm album (which I DID find for him!) In basement: 'anybody singing along with Leonard Cohen's "so long maraianne" in a Brazilian accent is mucho frijo (cool) by me!""I'm Eddie; come by and hang out sometime"...EVERY genre of record here, nice guy/good prices...ok that's MY review!"....


Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Sonntag 13 august 2023 (part twO; like a james brown 45! wahhhh!!!!) caught the Hi-energy Vintage booth at somerville flea market and saw Mystery Train's Rick wentworth at wife's Holy Crow jewelry booth "next High energry vintage night at vera's, beach party theme thursday 8-midnight 7 sept 2023". Schmel herbie Hind, whom lives near Bobby "Boris" Pickett's boyhood home AND Stereo jack's sez "U got a good score,mon, from Hi energee vintage". ray Charles r and b greats comp on the british Oriole label MONO 1963; $7! a webb pierce e.p. that is as vintage as Miss Lyn was FIVE DOLLARS and has "there stands the glass: ("fill it up to the's my first one today'...yeah,yeah,yeah "SO talk to me Karen O.", ben there,dun that, Benghazi)..Lastly, for a "perfect day" on this "Not very august afternoon": sausage biscuit gravy brunch to Orleans watchin' "America's national Pastime"(Byrds song,i forget) which equals (base) BALLZ!!!!!".


Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Dienstag ides of august 2023. somerville thee-ate-er, attack of the killer b-movies five bucks! Killers from Space (1954)and Mesa of Lost Women (1953). these plan Nine level movies are on youtube but "aint nuthin like the big screen baby' (marvin gaye born 2 April!) . Schmel herbie Hind had scored a vid of Killers in '80s and usedta "get stoned to it, mun"....Gee julie got a kick out of the aliens with big-ass bug eyes! "Mesa' could be mexico , GREAT band in dusty bar with a flameco dancer favours Rita hayworth. just that whole '50s vibe/clothes/outdated retro fashions etc.....more b-movies next month! check somerville theater schedule!"


Thursday, August 17, 2023 < Dienstag ides of August 2023. tyme for a shoutout to Rik biskit Roth, WMBR If six was 9! 0611: Quicksilver messenger service 'who do you love' NOT off the excellent happy trails album, but Smokin' Sound ("unofficial" release, but no Bootleg Dan involved!) recorded live at winterland in Frisco 7-10 Nov 68; Holy Ararat in Holliston, mass. batman! AND 0639 "Rattleshake Snake" -Fleetwood mac, recorded live Boston's tea Party february 1970; LONG-ass guitar solos so maybe I had this on an "unofficlal" casette bought at rick Wentworth's Mystery Train that took up a whole side; as Schmel herbie hind woould say "dis is fockin' phe-nom-inal!"

Friday, August 18, 2023

"day of ThoR! stardate 17 aug 2023. text to captain easychord/miss lyn/gee julie. 656 pm 'here at vera's for yacht-rock night 8-midnight. Toto's "hold the line"!". "year of the cat" was my distant cuzzin Art Cardinal's fave.""The captain has landed! woke me up too! (and i was drinkin' coffee!) Music to Snooze by! Afrika Korps yacht rock lp including; 'death to yacht rock; right on right on". adjourn to what was 'a nght that she called Toast" and "a fake beer and steely dan's "hey 19"!". captain sez: "they're playing the soundtrack of my childhood!" (to me, I'm still stationed down south yearning for the rat and CBGB's!). "Captain and i getting into "baby come back' by Player". After one beer, the Captain, whom had gained a George Clinton ticket; said "I'm havin' more fun here!" (aint gonna mention GliDER practice, though they have dead Boys gig in rhode Highland!). Other "low" lights; there's a vid of Highland and oates singing along with "I can't go for that" (as schmel herbie hind would say "captain douche was using his chick phone ta film yew moddafockas") and some young ladies playing air hockey were dancing to "love will keep us together"! Non-alocoholic beer and self-loathing in Somerville! signed; Highland S. Thompson and does that make captain raoul/ or is he sal pair o' dice (by the dashboard light!) and me Neal cassidy who plays like jck Cassidy? 'we got our act together/we're takin' this show on the road' b/w "union square"!"....


Saturday, August 19, 2023

"when's your next gig modda focka?"- distant cuzzin/boston music hall of fame Justine Covault.

answer: mad painter lower east side "Hello New York" parkside lounge saturday 2 spet 2023. "it's gonna be epic!" sez Epic anklin Dan. what else is Epic? the flip side to Donovan's "Mellow Yellow", "Sunny South KENsington"..."John Paul Belmondo and mary Quant got stoned to say the least"...when I "bot" that album in "Bra-ck port" NY back in '69, I hadnt yet got stoned AND was Clueless about Breathless! (movie poster) Thank you Brattle Thee-ate-er, I watched the french New Wave wearing buttons and dressing New Wave! Now I'm all washed up"....


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