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Monday, August 15, 2016


"frank rowe's 65th birthday at midway and I played same venue for the 50th: VERY impressed with Randall Gibson IV's new combo of proto-punk garage quartet, the Stigmatics; there was also a country-Keith Richard kinda toon sounded like Tucky Buzzard meets the 2014 southern-rockin' Gizmos. had supper at pizza place next door with MJ Quirk and Donna o' clan Moray, so I heard Ritchie Parsons rockin' his power-pop followed by Classic Ruins and Carl Biancucci outplaying Jay Gruberger with both hands on "tales of brave ulysesses"; Frank playin' his ass off on Link Wray's "ace of spades" which was my soundcheck riff at Geezer's Garage and Geezer had a Radiobeat band early '80s, THE RULE (I can still vision the REEL of tape) whom opened often for classic ruins. what WAS the order? Dogmatics pub-rockin' like Ducks Deluxe on methamphetamine, older brother Jimmy O'Halloran on bass and damn, those guys had some good songs back in '84; Get Your Ya Ya's Out on Budweiser-rock? a lotta songs about drinkin' and hangin' out, as was Stop Calling Me Frank. lead singer Lenny told me once Johnny and the Jumper cables were "the left testicle" but they almost had a Hopelessly Obscure 2016 lineup replete with sax/harp, so THEY were "the right testicle".(In honour of Frank, I DID soundcheck with "testes, left, right"). Some good drinkin', rockin' originals even if I was downing O'Douls like I used to be in the Bud club with Gang Green's Chris Doherty. as for the Hopelessly Obscure, I believe Blowfish covered it all, but I shall mention I did a tribute to Linda Garrow Highland; "my girl" done by "waitin' for the man", last verse sung like Bryan Ferry, she WAS/is a big Roxy Music fan; johnny and jumper cables "she wants the kielbasa" (flip side of AC/DC's "Big Balls"?) replete with phallic balloons (Ken Kaiser's idea, he's SO fucken underrated; a TRUE fucken genius! "best thing you ever did was getting him in the band"-Solomon Gruberger, on cassette, 1977, before he died in 2012). and lastly a Highland/Quirk original "Princess of the trailer park" wrote about Linda ca. Gemini on a full moon (1999) era, only the UNDERATED Ken Kaiser had the Quirk/Burns rhythm section do a Bo Diddley riff like stooges "little dolls", Jerome Green percussion by John "The Hero" Keegan (read in the Irish Emigrant next day how KEEGAN THE HERO in some bluidy footba' match; that's SEAN Keegan t' ye and pogue a'mahon, ye Pogues fans!).

Hoplessly Obscure
Hopelessly Obscure

Johnny Black paid and we made fifty dollars....fifty dollars....and Jim Foley hustled us into Blue Oyster Coughlin, a Joe BOC tribute band for next Joe tribute, "the first three albums"= the songs I covered in high school with O. Rex. "I'm Ready....ready as anybody can be/I'm ready for you/I hope you're ready for me" (outside of Hank Williams, who wrote as good as Willie Dixon? not even me OR Zimmerman!)".....

"so I's in flann o'brian and the bartender said "we have a match on at half-two" and I sez to him "goin' tae the MFA, me movie's half-two". and caught the "half-two" version of METROPOLITAN. rich kids in manhatten aint poor, rural caucausians in Clarkson NY but reading wiki AND IMBD they claim a "dandy" (with top hat!) was a cross between Holden Caulfield and F. Scott Fitzgerald, though I thought he had an Oscar Wilde wit. otherwise, rich kids on winter break, getting together partying leading vacuous lives COZ THEY DONT FUCKEN WORK!!! (spoiled fucken brat pack)....I DID like the asexual girl that liked Jane Austen and glad she hooked up with a nice guy and was SO glad when the "dandy" wanted to whup this Upper Crust baron's ASS!!!! Miss Lyn comment: "I tried watching it but I couldn't STAND those people so I turnt it off". that sounds like a Ken Kaiser Fairleigh Dicksonson university film class review! after my $9 movie (that membership at MFA puts food in mouths of John Powhida's "One's on the way" family!), 'twas back for supper at flann O'Brien's, spanish football (versus the Beck OLA version of "boots of Spanish leather") and in the irish emigrant (on my wall) KEEGAN THE HERO as Mayo beat mine and Miss Lyn's ancestral county of Tyrone and advance to semi-finals in football/soccer whatever the MacFuck you wanna call it"....

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Grandma and Grandpa McBee

"I had a blood test yesterday, though I'd rather listen to Bloodrock and took a vacation day to relax and do Dead People Facts, future Vulchur columns. which reminds me, go fund the Gizmos and also send money to WJIB, Brockport NY and Bloomington, Indiana two towns I lived in B-fore B-oston! (that's more B's than BeBe Buell!).

Michigan death certificates Kick out the Jams and one of Ma's many stories of an aunt and cousin that died young; hey, I got years, dates etc.! Motor City Madness: my great-grandfather Highland married his distant cuzzin in Canada (she descends from the East Greenwich RI Spencers a town Greg Allen hails from, so for ME THAT is reason to see Greg Allen Fringe Religion, fuck that Jerry Nolan connection; he aint no kin o'mine!) "Ma" Highland, my 250 pound great-grandmother said "amerika first" in 1912 (that means naturalized citizen, Trump hadn't built a wall by Windsor Ontario yet). 1913 marguerite highland born, 1914 Maxine highland born (Two Headed Highland sisters name M, 13th letter of alphabet, no wonder I look like RokKenne!). my great-grandfather Highland died of a heart attack drivin' bus (Jackie Gleason!) spring of '29; stock market crashed in fall. 1931 marguerite still living at home (age 18, city directory) but 1934 had different address, so when Dad was born out of wedlock with a 37 year old married father and a 19 year old unmarried lass (the wife was back in Lebanon Pa. living with in-laws), his dad also claimed a WWI pension but listed "no minor children". Ma says he didn't pay child support, grandma threw his ass in jail! (no paper proof yet). as if one bastard child wasn't enuff, I find Frank Highland's Rain of Death certificate; the wee lad died age one (there was a Chelan Washington cousin in 1916 ELTON HIGHLAND only lived a few hours; infant mortality even MORE depressing than the Cure on Prozac!). father was listed, mother MISS Marguerite Highland. later same year 1937, she marries another bloke but SHE dies a year later...and they all dead and buried near a Methodist church in south lyon, Michigan, current home of William Levise Jr. and that DID "sock it to me, bay-bay" both Highland gals Hotchkiss ancestors caught in a "filthy dalliance" in colonial New Haven, whipped (cue up Sparks "whippings and apologies!") and had a musket wedding (well, i doubt the shotgun was around in, say, 1639....just wanted Ken Kaiser to find '39 when it wasn't there".....

"on my facebook wall from my sister, a poster saying "I joined the marines so I could talk shit the rest of my life".

more marine corps propaganda I grew up with til I joined the Korps and got "sick to my guts of the American ruse:: "it's hard to be humble when you know you're the best". if my ancestors hadn't made a Brexit, it'd be "it's be "it's hard to listen to Humble Pie and play football when yer better'n George Best" (insert photo of George Best, UK football star!).


Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Besides studying up on similarities of Kent, UK (where the Hylands were before 1845 Brexit to NY, then Salem, Michigan) and the Australian accent (also watching some of youtube MacNeil/Lehrer report The Story of English), let me mention next week's gig, so y'all got week's notice. Fuzbrains (captain PJ's fanzine) presents: the HOPELESSLY OBSCURE! the flipsides (Chris Brood does covers? my maiden voyage on this lady whom used to be upfront dancing to Hopelessly Obscure at Geno's, Portland Maine 1983);the Time Beings (whose drummer also in Classic Ruins DID request the Gemini on a Full Moon cd AND "Max headroom must die" off Be More Flamboyant) and opening Brockport NY via Worcester Mass THE PERFORMERS; Clash/Jam trio, brothers, I knew their cuzzins back 'ome in the land of the trash plate and Genesee Beer) (that's BROCKPORT NY and they ARE Brockport Proud! Big Buffalo Bills fan too; good people!).oh yes! the club: Hotel Vernon, my "debut" there; 39 years after Afrika Korps Live at Cantone's cant say I've played the Vernon YET!). and that's Performers guitarist DOUG GEER whom suggested me for this gig; see us Brockport boys all gotta stick together like a package of white hots! add Judd Williams and the Real Kids, could almost be some Brock-Rockin'!".....

Friday, August 19, 2016

"this mostly Dead People Facts, as I was resting up for the Sally O'Brien's gig where we open with "ramblin' rose" (as if O. Rex didn't cover it in 1974!). youtube had a bloke walking from Lenham Kent (mutual ancestral home of the not-related YET duo of Krazee Ken and Gee Julie!) to Ashford Kent; this guy REALLY liked time and mileage, so since he DID walk through Highland-related 1700-1800s birthplaces, all of my LEGAL (but "no occupation"!) immigrant Highland ancestors folks were all born in a 15 mile radius as was his wife's folks (Grants/Stedmans/Stringer etc.). very country, very small, when the census says "ag. lab." that's agricultural labourer; looked like Virginia's eastern shore (been there too researching Dad's Knotts line). and let's not forget Kent and HOPS and cue up Tom T. Hall's "I like beer" ("it makes me a jolly good fellow"). and speaking of country memories, I mailed MY check to WJIB, where's yours? go to their facebook page. lastly, seems Miss Lyn's grandmother's grandfather was a sharpshooter in the fifth New Hampshire (they have a reenactment group! aren't you glad I discovered the Beatles through that British conspiracy to dumb down Amerika?). here comes the "there are no coincidences", George Noory Coast to Coast points. Jerome W. Leighton was from Jaffrey NH; go west, young man, to Keene NH where Miss Lyn GLADLY "gave me away" at second wedding (that Real Wife RIP). Private Leighton reported for duty in Washington DC 1861; Miss Lyn reported for duty Ft. Meade Md. 1977. Pvt. Leighton found at Antietam (my cuzzin Martha Hull took me there; oh yea we did music too!), Petersburg Virginny (Miss Lyn left a SC trailer park with a Ford Fiasco roof-racked up like the Fitchburg Hillbillies Friday 25 april 80, drove through the Carolinas and stayed in....Petersburg Virginny! (5th NH history has all the dates). even more cryptic: Pvt. Leighton at Falmouth Virginny (called Ma from there my birthday 2014), where also was 140 NY ("the Rochester Racehorses"!) with a wagonneer my uncle way back John B. Blodgett. ole "John Bull" deserted after four months, went back up the Blodgett farm, north of Brockport's Erie Canal and helped out in the Underground Railroad. why? because fucken BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!! Andrew Johnson (impeached before Billl Clinton and Nixon!) gave amnesty to deserters, so he's buried, WITH an amerika first flag!, in west Clarkson cemetery, due west of Rock On headquarters (8452 ridge road), where Ma's a-gonna be buried. all Ma's kin buried on the Ridge Road. me, i wanna cover the animals "bury my body" "bury my body, lord I don't care where (twice)/coz my soul gonna live with God"...I don't care HOW many holes BellSouth digs in Chaztown SC, ah aint goin' down no debbil hole!".....


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