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Monday, August 19, 2019

Sonntag 18 Aug 19. Funhouse by Stooges released that day in 1970 but I had Mad Painter practice for Rat beach party saturday 31 aug 19, C-note, Hull Mass. Game plan: do same set we did on WMFO two months ago before hiatus. Ok, nuthin' TOO new here besides me naming every Jon Lord lick that Alex Gitlin played on keyboards. What is "new" was the inspiration for an Alex original came from "Rain and Tears" by Aphrodite's Child (the Greek Vanilla Fudge, we love them!) THIS song based on Pachelbel's Canon (wikipedia): "composed for Bach's wedding 23 October 1694" (is it too late to send a gift?). Aphrodite's Child ADMIT to being influenced by "whiter shade of Procol" which, according to wikipedia is some kinda Bach thing (how about Sebastian Bach in Skid Row?). Roll Over Beethoven, unless you gonna act like lack of music theory reads on "Pale" in wikipedia: "moderate tyme C major and is characteristic by the bassline moving stepwise downwards in a repeated pattern throughout. In classical music this is known as a ground bass" Hey, I was educated in a segregated four-room schoolhouse in Virginny, I dont know this shit! To FINALLY tie up Mad Painter's "aint no use in hangin' on", inspired by Aphrodite's Child's "Rain and Tears". I dub this song "a white shade of gitlin'. "and the grable had a beard"

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

"Til Tuesday 20 Aug 19; shit! I remember all the fun getting married on WTBS in 1977 by the Reverend Willie B. Felt but today's column is: Dead People facts! Witches Tears, doom metal out of Scituate mass whom were at WMFO when GLiDER was, played Rhode Island recently BUT (and LIKE them on Facebook, think picture is there): they posed on HP Lovecraft's grave! (They're also big GG Allin fans but Highland/Moore has been to the Allin graveyard Barrington,RI). Since I wasnt listening to "Jean Genie", I did some "Gene Genealogy" on HP Lovecraft and sure as shit, his mother's side has a Rathbun as does my great-grandmother Highland and further research puts them in Exeter RI where Schmel Herbie Hind has both been AND in same WMFO building as these Katz. here's the Rathbun line of descent; the immigrant went from "5000 holes in" Blackburn, Lancashire to Roxbury Mass to Block Island. Subsequent generations lived in Escoheag Hill area of Exeter RI. on facebook>ms-my. R.I. Haunts History and Scenics-Siaran/ facebook. "they are right off of Falls River Road, which is a dirt road off of Escoheag road". Rathbun territory. To KENclude, on Block Island, "settler's stone' carved within name of Lancashire John Rathbun; his descendants: HP Lovecraft, me and mark farner. gittin' stoned reading HP Lovecraft and lisenin to "Into the Sun" off side foor of Grand Funk Live (gatefold album, good for rolling man.....)...."it's a family afffair"!"......


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

day of Wodin 21 aug 19, 42 years after Afrika Korps live at cantones (Gulcher). Lettuce take tyme to RIP Peter Fonda. Easy Rider, Strand Theater, Brockport NY early '70; big for my age of 13,got into an R movie! Great soundtrack and i even bought the paperback book! BUT before this goes into Dead People Facts, go to 12h generation from P. Fonda is Joseph Loomis born 1590,died 25 Nov 1658 Windsor, Ct. (Dad's Eno ancestors buried there). "woolen draper in Braintree UK, sailed from London 11 apr 1638 Susan and Ellen, arrive Boston 17 June 1638, settles Windsor Ct". Loomis Homestead has wikipedia page, Famous kin: Henry Fonda's Yankee ma and progeny, Peter, Jane. Brigit (I'm kin to Barbarella!) Jodie Foster too! nancy reagan and Dan Quayle but also the Mayflower Madam! (read the book!) I descend from Goodman Loomis through my dad (my great-great grandmother Highland and her Connecticut Yankee forebears all buried in South Lyon Michigan!) Also through HER dad, Justine sans Unclean. So since we is ALL kin, in honour of P. Fonda watch Easy Rider with the sound down and a 30 pack of Stroh's and listen to justine and the Unclean on Rumbar records! (photo of cd and "Peter Fonda's cuzzin!". Also RIP Merle and GG Allin's ma whose Fonda ancestry DOES equal that of Henry's New Netherlands ancestors! For $24 in trinkets, ancestors of Springsteen/Beefheart/Cobain/KenBain/Allin AND Charles Manson ruled ye that borough! Reparations for those Indians PLEASE! THEY'VE suffered enuff.....".....

Thursday, August 22, 2019

"Thor's Day 22 august 19,42 years after Afrika Korps/Gizmos partied at Groupie Towers after Afrika Korps debut; what may NOT be in BGN archives was Labour Day '77, me singing "Gloria" with baby's Arm, my first tyme playing with Frank Rowe, though me punching out that skinhead at Middle East onstage with Frank Rowe HAS gone viral! (watch it on youtube!) "Float like an Iron Buttefly, sting like a Mcbee and I AM the greatest!". So lemme boast about the rat Beach Party, saturday 31 aug 19. One of Dad's founding fathers named Phelps (wikipedia entry!) landed at Hull about 1630 and I was certainly one of the rat beach party founding fathers, so....first I'm madly Painting everything a Deeper Shade of purple with Mad Painter (on bass), then guitar with the Count, so that's brought to you by the letter V: Vanilla Fudge/Velvet Underground. After a supper break it's bass with Glider, then guitar with Club Linehan-a-go-go. And on the seventh day, know ye, I rested and all September gigs we deal with then or until i sing earth Wind and Fire "September Song"!!!!!".......


Friday, August 23, 2019

day of Frigga 23 aug 19. Bevis frond show 0700 WMBR. 0800 he plays "aint that just like me" by the Hollies recorded 4 april 63 at Abbey Road, when I's seven years old jacksonville NC watchin' Beverly Hillbillies and listening AND readin' "alley Oop". Did a wee bit of history over morning private coffee and it's a 1961 Coaster song, also done as b-side of Searchers "Needles and Pins". my MAIN point of this 45 as I was "havin' a lie down" at 0800 was: holy shit! this sounds like Muck and the Mires! as USUAL, Bevis Frond, with his wit said "Graham Nash was on this track and six years later he was singing "sweet judy blue eyes" at Woodstock. Think of 'ow much music changed after that....the Who...Hendrix, this woulda sounded dated by then"....A man surely after my own heart! Tune in 0700-0800 WMBR!"....


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