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Monday, August 24 2020

Sonntag 23 august 20. "Rain of Death"! Walter Lure was the last living Heartbreaker; I played LAMF pretty frequent in my trailer in South Carolina. Jayne County was lamenting "Waldo"'s passing PLUS "my bassist Charles Hall from my band The Amazing Cherubs"...Giz-torical: saw Chas and my cuzzin Bebe Buell at Bunratty's '88, Gargoyles band (he did a record; source: bebe). "here's our address, we're moving to NY". But after 1988 Bunratty's dont see him til 2019 GLiDER Portland Maine gig; 31 years of musical misadventures in "Que pasa new York"! Sometime in new york City!

"The Ghost of Charles Eliot Hall guided me to this: ' issue 2 . ""little cracked egg article written by Charles Hall! (Moguls, Portland Maine): "my band the Amazing Cherubs has had the distinct pleasure of performing as her backing group for the last several years". "Coz I'm a bad detective.....and ah always git mah man"........


Tuesday, August 25 2020

"Monntag 24 August 20. At Cheapo records four for ten dollars; a DOUBLE album on Columbia Special Products called The Sound of Philadelphia ($19.64 on sBay!-ed). If you ever danced to "I will always love my mama' at the Other Side (like me!! 1973- ed), you know these hits. MFSB (MoFoSoul band!) are my favourite with instrumentals of Sly's "Family Affair" and "TSOP" ("Soul Train' theme! And COULD "backstabbers" and "where are all my friends' have inspired "everybody's a Lyre"?"

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

"Til Tuesday 25 August 20. Came across a cassette that just says "O. Rex" in black magic marker. It's the September 1976 sessions from when I was on leave from infantry training school before reporting to Quantico Virginia (my birthplace!). The next week, bands whom left the living room recorded Live at the Rat. in that 29 avenue W, brooklyn Ny recorded the "My Head's in '73" maxi-45. Solomon Gruberger wrote the majority of songs so i'm on drums (wait'll you hear "My generation" morph into "heard her call my name' or "pushin too hard' becomes 'sister ray"!). I actually have a collector interested in buying it! Good to hear jay gruberger talk (age 16) before singing "rocknroll is better than music'. Five months before we met Ken Kaiser!".....

Thursday, August 27, 2020

day of Wodin 26 August 20. still listening to my four for ten dollars cheapo records vinyl albums and "goddam, i do declare' I LOVE Introducing Eddy and the Falcons by Roy Wood, 1974. Now when Big Al Baase and i did Rock On, Greg Shaw (who put the bomp) was mailing United Artists product to Alan's house, so he's receiving the "california man" 45 by Move, Wizzard's brew, first Electric Light Orchestra album...But by '74, Rock On was defunct, I'd graduated high school, Gizmone leaves home (oh wait! no album from them til '76!) I fucken missed this album! Age 16, 1972, i was surely a rocknroll revivalist, so all those jerry lee Lewis-isms on "california man", Frank Lima, Sol Gruberger on top of that shit! eddy and the falcons, like Zappa's Ruben and the jets, is '50s put-on tributes ala White Album and wikipedia nailed down the obvious; Duane eddy/Del Shannon/Neil Sedaka/Elvis all get a send-up and there's a TOTAL Phil Spector SHOULDA done cut....Others have and WILL pontificate on this! back when a quart of Genesee Cream Ale was 68 cents and Blue Oyster Cult's Secret treaties was STUCK in the 8-track player".......

Friday, August 28, 2020

"day of Thor 27 August 20. My final four for ten dollars Cheapo records album: From the Vaults of Duke/Peacock volume two, 1973, ABC records; STILL SEALED! fantastic soul collection and highlight, for me: O.V. Wright singing "You Gonna Make Me Cry"! havent checked the vintage on EVERY artist; that's for 90 degree inside summer daze! "Hot Fun in the Summetime" (but not for Miss Lyn!)".....

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Freitag on my mind 28 August 20. Trying to review the Asa Brebner I am not gone cd track by track; a lot for Robert E. Highland, Stranger in a strange land, to "grok". So cd begins with Robin Lane doing "Sunshine Blue Skies"; band is Robin, Trick Wallace on guitar and bass and Tim Jackson drumming. DOES sound like the Chartbusters, since Trick had 'the radcliffe chair' but wait! there's more! Opening riff is "Sweet jane" as played by the Byrds (and i guess that is Trick doing that impressive 12-string action). i might also comment Robin sings this in a "Society's Child" -era janis ian kind of voice. Ok, veteran rockers, '60s roots, yeah, yeah, yeah. Since I'm trying to mention folks I know from "back in da day", backgrounds vocals by Linda Price of Children of Paradise and Emily Grogan of Inky Spoon! (and if you remember THOSE bands, you're ALREADY on social security!). More next week, happy GG Allin birthday (Saturday 29 August) and me....I'm rockin' to Nitzinger on youtube,man!".....


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