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Monday, August 28, 2023

"Sonntag 27 august 2023. decided to shoppe at Metamorphosis, Davis Square furniture/antique/record store. There was a photo viewer thang like my grandmother had where you put still photos in and look at it through a viewer, plus old books of over a hundred years vintage. cassettes i found a 1994 comp Blues favourites; always a token John lee Hooker toon and those are indeed "tokin', da blooze,man...' ('70s me, pre-rat). grand Funk E Pluribus Funk casette, i translated 'all rights reserved" and Gizmo Google sez it wuz italian. AND side two starts with "Footstompin Music"! (hey, reversing the sides and Italian writing....Hopelessly Obscure?) Eddie from Brazil, owner in Black Flag t-shirt, has enough imported world music oddities to rival an uncluttered Diskovery in Allston! My final addition to $20 (one vinyl lp, two casettes) was the 1964 blues comp Turn back the Clock King 859; james brown on King is awesome enuff so I knew that "everyone's a winner". John Lee hooker song i dont know but lonnie Johnson doing "Drunk again'; "Best Bette" is i'll love it and want to cover it, having been there, done that "one bourbon,one scotch,one O'Douls" (fond memories of lissenin' to george Thoroughgood sing this on the georgetown university station, sweltering laurel maryland heat, dead flies on the Ford Fiasco....


Tuesday, August 29, 2023
Dienstag 29 august 2023. 0500. Channel 2, Boston PBS is showing Once upon a tyme in northern Ireland 0500, all week long. (here's the trailer) my interest is Dad's stepfather, Robert Albert mcCutcheon, born 1902, belfast, came to States 1920, said "Amerika First' to citizeship 1943, swearing not to follow King george (which ma's side did in 1776) and when he retired from the Ford plant in Dearborn, MI near George noory about 1964 he took my dee-troit grandmother back, pre-Troubles. So episode two: bert's accent and even his doppelganger riding by on a bike! A lot of sectarian stuff granpa dinna tahk aboot but what i DIDNT know was, one dude almost got obducted ootside his job, opened up Good Vibrations record shoppe where teens of BOTH religions could hang out togither!

Also, a John Lydon "get a DNA test" doppelganger was a singer in a punk rock band the Outcasts in 1978, who were even better than the korps!(Ken kaiser and i disagreed a lot, but it wonna religous differences; i mean, folks wuz gittin' capped like a mofo in da seventies!). The Outcasts played at a club called the harp and again, mixed audience; this was like the 1950s South, the kids uniting under rocknroll! So the outcasts bloke met 'is wife, the harp, mixed- marriage; she spoke of the sticky floors and "the tie-let; it woo loik sumpin' oota Trainspottin'!" Ya were no at thuh Rat, lass! The belfast 1978 and the Boston 1978; like McGuinn and Crosby; two different byrds! Rory gallagher and taste never mentioned any of this but by then they were major label and van Morrison was covering "Amerika Forst" with his best girl "Janet planet". One last bit; irish girls dancin' with British soldiers to a T. rex sounding toon and dressed like mad painter! Like Alvin lee said; "Rock and roll music the world"!"


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

saturday 26 Not very august afternoon 2023" four pm or so. I seem to have a DNA match to Sir Giovanni Grimaldi, whom on first google seems to be a film writer/director in Italia of both Spaghetti westerns and mario Bava horror. Bored scheiss-less, i googled a film and "everyone's a winner"! The She Beast 1966 British Italian Horror film with barbara Steele. 2 may 66 release in Amerika, First and beatle-wise, this release was between "Nowhere man" and "paperback writer' (GREAT stuff!) plot premise; transylvania 1765, a witch is drowned but curses future generations. returns 200 years later (1965!) as the very Mod barbara Steele and the rest is like a central Europe Hammer film. Why the brattle or harvard Film archives has not shown this grade-C gem, i know not though 20 odd years ago there WAS a mario Bava fest. WILL be researching more of Sir Grimaldi's films in future!"......


Thursday, August 31, 2023

'Sonntag 27 august 2023 "In between brunch at orleans and sup at Burren, I took advantage of the four dollars Somerville thee-ate-er kino. i had JUSt missed Oppenheimer,so Theatre Camp was "Winner by elimination" and well worth four bucks plus "all this and (Jody) Moore". A theatre camp in catskills going bankrupt but kids AND teachers (NONE of whom needed to "be more Flamboyant"!) put on a musical and save the day etc. Funny, camp, light-hearted, NO violence! "feel good" yeah yeah yeah....recomended by me, the ebert of films! (Roger DID write Beyond the valley of the Dolls starrng mine and GG Allin's eighth cuzzin, Micnael Blodgett!"........

Friday, September 1, 2023

Freitag 1 Sept 2023. to quote captain easychord, "I got my act together/takin this show on the road"...mad painter NYC, saturday 2 sept 23. BUT; 'when's your next gig moddafocka?"-Saint justina of Red on red (distant cuzzin)

and captain easychord got HIS act toether; Alex Gitlin's birthday at Square Root, ides of September 23. So far, Captain easychord; Kenne Highland's Air Force AND Frank Rowe! Was hangin' with Davis Sqaure with needlez and pinz and Ginger Ibex/mad painter Sharon Crumrine giving adult piano lessons PLUS cat-sitting; she's on facebook, I'm merely doing a masonic referel'...

"Freitag 1 sept 2023. News flash! captain AND Schmeil added to 15 sept 23 square root show SO captain easychord/ captain and schmeil and two guys whom played cantone's saturday 19 nov 77 afrika korps/baby's arm, that Kenne Highland's Luftwaffe und Frank Rowe!"...


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