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Monday, August 31 2020

Kenne at Large
Joao Carlos Silva
"Sonntag 30 august 20. channel-surfing and coffee and SCAT (channel 3) and saw this fantastic Portuguese band and singer; couldn't find much on him but he did do a Rodrigo Leal song (son of Roberto Leal; you have to REALLY live in Somerville, Mass. to know your Portuguese music!). Singer had long Nuno Bettencourt (Acores to X-Dream!) straight hair and sang a lot of power ballads with female backup trio with dresses de la rojo; guitarist had long curly black hair like Mike Lyons of Alice Highland and played a white Strat through a marshall; short tasteful bursts of Strat in those power ballads! THEN it switched to more traditional fado acoustic duo of Joao carlos Silva whom I DID find on youtube. At VERY end, SCAT-tv kinda alluded to this footage/show came off RTP, which is Portuguese station....I'll try to tune in every Sunday! Fuck MTV; I want my RTP!!!".....

Tuesday, September 1 2020

Monntag 31 August 20. Dug out a $1.99 cd from somewhere: The Best of Pickin' on Eric Clapton, the ultimate bluegrass collection.(it's $19.98 on eBay!-ed) I WAS takin' lotsa trips down south and lissenin' to WUMB, folk in '90s WERS played those "pickin' on" The Dead/the Allmans etc. "Sunshine of your love" bluegrass style with upright bass playing like jack Bruce is "surreal", as i lay on my "pillow"; his solo hits are the muzak that they are and better'n sominex! Idea! (great bee gees album!); the guy who engineered my orange Kenne album from '87 ("Lieben du ist mein fiasco"; bamberg,Deutschland!) is recording me Saturday next unplugged demos; I DID figger "how come no one done Lou Reed bluegrass style" and shit! I COULD do an album of.....LOU GRASS! Sirius radio played "My Girl" soundin' like "waitin' for Maureen Tucker"....Threat? Promise? Total Destruction to your Mind? (Swamp Dogg my facebook friend!".....

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Til Tuesday 1 Sept 20. Rik Biskit Roth, on WMBR's If Six Was Nine, had played two tracks from the Asa Brebner I Am Not Gone tribute that morn: "babes in the bar" by GLiDER (superb track lads!; more to come/Black to Comm) AND ironically, track two, Richie Pah-sons doing Asa's "Last bad habit". reason I am doing track by track reviews is just how DO you list that cavalcade of "local legends"/"veteran rockers" (fuck that! those mofos are OLD!) (I should talk...),so....!: "Last bad Habit' starts out with a riff reminiscent of the Who's "the Good's Gone"; again,I never realized the extent of Asa's song-writing, i mostly "graded his guitar playing! A regular George 'Arrison, 'e was...People I know from "the old days": Richie parsons, Unatural Axe, met him cantone's '78, he was "18" and KNEW what he wanted; saw the Afrika Korps sat 19 Nov 77 and decided to form a band! (urban legend? rural FACT!). On the chorus Frank Rowe (Classic Ruins, 'nuff said) harmonizes in a gravelly voice that echoes....Popeye the Sailor! (slander/libel/ (Jeff beck's) Truth?! Last tyme i was in court, I pulled out my pretzel and the Judge dismiss the case; "why your honour, I ask?" "'cause the evidence wont stand up in court!" "I got a million of 'em...and a majestic nose!": which part is true?). Frank Dehler on bass, Unatural Axe, a long-tyme Richie Pahsons associate. Malcolm Travis of Human Sexual Response on drums! How SUPER is this group? Add Brother Cleve of the Suede Cowboys! Ok, so maybe these guys can play a little, but the chorus: echoes of Ohio Express's "Down at Lulu's"! Ok, so great lineup and great song "influenced" by the Who and Ohio Express. Send Lt. Larry Newman, USMC those shekels for this cd!".....

Thursday, September 3, 2020

day of Wodin 2 September 20. "when I'm 64" and five months; "Lights Out" at seven pm or so lissenin' to Cassandra Wilson cassette (found) After the beginning again. 1992. She is four months older'n me and jackson Mississippi-born (like Stenson Eddie Flowers!) versus my Virginny borned; "heavily influenced by singers Abbey Lincoln and Betty Carter' says wikipedia (UNLIKE Iggy Pop/Lou reed: me!); damn good influences! First version i EVER had as a teen of betty Carter was her and Ray Charles singing "it's cold outside'. As for Abbey Lincoln (wiki quote): "heavily influenced by Billie Holliday" so like I tell ma "let's do the begats" (OR "begin the beguine!"): Billie Holliday begat Abbey Lincoln whom begat, verily, KNOW YE!, Cassandra Wilson! ("Here ends the first lesson"....)....PROOF that the Boston rock is "mellowing out"/ 'all my rowdy friends have settled down' re: mama cass Wilson: Paul Caporino of Moto: "She has that kinda voice. very soothing'. Janice Clougherty of SPIT: "I dig her' (and Janice HAS seen JANIS!) Paul Dionne, whom did tyme as moose's Mudbug with ken kaiser AND Carl Square (who played on a GG Allin album) : "2020 has come- caporino (Werner herzog fan! Ken's first conversation with: FUCK musik! herzog kino!) and Highland waxing soporifics on jazz vocalists (and yes, Cassandra Wilson is a worthy contender)". Also check out paul's Buffalo springfield facegroup group; all those gigs i did at geno's Portland maine when he played with Marjory Meadows of D angerous Byrds as The givens, i didnt know he/we were such big Springfield fans! ok, that was MY day's highlights! (reading my facebook wall on the MTA with a cracked screen; "Cracked by the pace"- the MIAs!"....

Friday, September 4, 2020

"Thor's day 3 Sept 20. Cheapo records one dollar score: promo copy of Mike Stern Between the Lines album. I saw him the once at beantown jazz fest near Berklee on a co-worker's recommendation. jazz-"rock" as admitted and heard influences are hendrix/Clapton/Beck and this is kinda like Jeff Beck Wired et al. wikipedia says his father was a Sedgewick! yes....a third cuzzin is workin' on ma's side the family; wikipedia lists "The Dwight family" of dedham, mass. as does famous SO: Edie Sedgewick/Mike Stern and me all descend from same Puritan! (Stern is like ma's nineth cuzzin)....Will he and I ever collaborate on the soundtrack to Ciao manhattten? What is MORE real is that Saturday 5 Sept 20 (bags at green street station, same date in 1987) is I am recording an e.p.'s worth of toons with Tom hamilton whom engineered "loving you has been my fiasco"! Will "Lightning Never Strikes twice"? (Move b-side). Stay tooned for SUNDAY's column!".....

Saturday, September 5, 2020

saturday 5 Sept 20 recorded with Tom Hamilton for the first tyme in 33 years maybe (if you lived in Bamberg, Germany and enjoyed my orange album mit "Lieben du ist mein fiasco", he was engineer; also has done the Brood/Bob Cenci/buncha hardcore bands and a pretty credible list!). Four song demo, maybe I'll get "signed"?!? (haha!). "Pizza Delivery Move" was first cut recorded inspired by Miss Lyn watching Schmel H. Hind drive the wrong way down a one-way street. "Arguing with ghosts" was next: Captain easychord "Hearing some Mott the Hoople key tinklings"; please do! "Might be a song Roky Ericson might have written!"- Rachel Lee, Psych-o-Daisies, whom played piano on "(Not too shabbey) at the Abbey". "Dead Boston Clubs" was next, a title from the Goody-Goody Gumdrops days by miss kandy Kane; I hit a C-nineth just like the velvets did in "Lady Godiva's Operation" (bought Velvets album/started band etc). lastly, via ken kaiser from a phrase from our dead Hopelessly Obscure bassist Jim Condon : "dont you want to be on the winning side" about a movie I saw with Anton LaVey and jayne mansfield...with a topic like THAT, Captain easychord has it right: "Roky vocals!". So nice having other folks review me vs. vice versa! Why d'ya think i gave up rock writin' for the gizmos in '76?! Lastly, Tom hamilton created a youtube channel of the demos "for the people,man"...summer '80 i KNOW I was supposed to be New wave but I read an article on THE DEAD in Sweet Potato and Jerry was "cool" about the "tapers' coz "I just want them to dig the music man"....Admitedly, me and jerry garcia US Army are an Altamont waiting to happen and if I COULD ("welcome to my nightmare!") be ANY Grateful Dead member it woulda been Pigpen coz a) nickname and general uncleaness and b) gittin' it on with janis, man...."what DO you do when you're 12 years old and you cannot get a girl?"......."....


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