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Monday, September 10, 2018

"saturday 8 sept 18. Andy Excuse and Rachel Lee of 2001's The garage-mo-nauts had booked Club Linehan-a-go-go up The Hearing Room in Lowell, Mass. and let me praise this room! Kinda like Zeitgeist gallery meets Store 54; cool stuff, good p.a. backline etc. ok wait, wasnt that Warhol's factory? either way, velvet underground, live in art gallery; i even invited my facebook friend Maureen Tucker who did NOT unfriend me for this. John Keegan was "the man goin' 'round takin' names", so a solo artist
went up and kept name-checking The Exploding Plastic inevitable, then we joined him for 'waiting for the man". MJ Quirk knows the set list and Lady Caroline was "Nico"; some of her sons were there including Damien who was the cover child in Auguste Pages when I was stationed at Fort meade Md. (maybe mine and walt disney's cuzzin Miss Lyn re-nem-buh? - I do not renembuh that!!- But the NSA did go through our trash, right? -ed). Billy Squire, who was NOT in the Sidewinders, did sound and ran some video montage behind us; rumours of videos and photos are abounding. Go to my Facebook wall, where the action is! Rachel Lee be illin', so WE got a rain date/return date, as in NOT BANNED! Lowell has a lot of empty lofts and potential, I know Cal Cali is doing a ramones thing there at another gallery (sorry my facts are so vague, long ass weekend PLUS X-Files marathon on BBC AMERIKA, FIRST and my copy of Jeff beck's Truth is somewhere out there!). Last but NOT least, as Gee Julie went to grab some 7-11 white trash coffee on chelmsford street, I stayed in the "drive my car" (Miss Lyn's butcher cover copy!- Sold to Jeff Connolly in the early 80s-ed) and checked out a doo-wop group I am in. Circus magazine summer '70, brockport NY, I sat on the school BLEACHERS reading about velvet underground's LOADED! age 14, no guitar yet. "i found a reason" "had doo-wop harmonies like the Flamingos" and I was an "oldies" fan then, so anyone with a 50s influence, I checked out. (a year later; Lenny Kaye in circus ravin' about Flamin' Groovies and "yeller sun records from Nashville"...took some tyme get these albums in Brockport Ny but by God I did! So: doo wop= velvets=Gizmos BUT: in Brooklyn! (Sol Gruberger grew up hearing street corner harmony, so toss in O. Rex!); a doo-wop combo: THE QUINNS! (youtube). Joe Quinn, club linehan bassist DID agree (as did his cuzzin Jody Moore! Quinn ancestry!) that THE QUINNS was a GREAT name for a band, tho MJ Quirk remembers i told him about a Rochester NY garage band THE QUIRKS. All i get is Brian hyland and he aint no kin! Sunday at ocean state job lot, Tewksbury, the 'muzak" played Bowie's "Jean Genie" into Bay city rollers "saturday night"; glam/pop as you shop for bargains!"......

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

"sunday 9 sept 18 hingham mass memorial service for dead poet Christina Angell. Cal Cali sang Highland/Moore's "you can be free"; a stones riff/byrds chords/rubber soul harmonies and a Who modulation. Then folks read her poetry as i set music to it; any letter above M was 13th fret plus whatever; N chord= F (Peter Mork of WZBC: 'so that's how it's done!" Me: "no, recording with Pep Lester; "ken hit a B, an E and a D....coz we standing on a bed" (actually cambridge mattress on floor). Gee Julie thinks Christina's poetry is BETTER than Sylvia Plath and since I have 20 minutes at out of blue gallery benefit, looking to be Kenny Laye and Patti Smith with Gee Julie and poetry...not an original idea, but for me, something new".....

Wednesday, September 12 , 2018

"Tuesday 11 sept 18, got a call from Auguste Phenomenon drummer Robin Baltimore that Love and Flame (as reviewed by Blowfish Rat Beach Party) will be at CANTAB (upstairs) 9 pm sunday 16 sept 18 plus a couple more. mad painter practice is 5-7 pm sundays, seven practices before 2 nov 18 Hull debut. Of course THIS Sunday is also Farewell Bob Colby but i WILL be at Large that day. But just to relax, gee Julie and I watched My Favourite Martian on youtube, season one, 1963. There's on my wall, a photo of me at my sister's baptism, holding a chalice; my nose hasnt grown a bit!".......


Thursday, September 13 , 2018

" day of Wodin, 12 sept 18, Cal Cali text "meet me in the bakery", middle east ,then run into carl biancucci (tea in china) and adam sherman (private lightning), posed on street corner as my new doo wop group (The Quinns?). Sonia is old TT the bear's, done over nice, Red Invasion studied 1977 punk same way Stones studied Chess blues only if they were from Revere like Scorcher whom Hopelessly Obscure played with at Channel august 1984. The Ghost Wolves (facebook!) sold me from the minute Carley Wolf hit an overridden Delta tuning, much like Obnox at memphis Gonerfest 2014. drummer played synth and drummed with other hand, she was a ball of fire leapin' around playin' distorted Delta blues; imagine Suzi Quatro on hillbilly heroin playin' John Dawson Winter III's "mean town blues" off Johnny winter and album at 45 rpm. Smitt E. Smitty, figures on a beach, also a fan and bein' from Austin Texas, she's the nahs-ist lady t' tock tuh ,as nice as missippi's evil engines! I spent $20 to watch Cheetah Chrome/Johnny Blitz play Young Loud and Snotty note for note and if they only made ONE good album in their life, let it rank next to Real Kids's Red Star album; I only wish Music to Kill By had BOTH albums guitar sound. Replacing Stiv has been "controversial" to say the least but Gizmanager Marvin Goldstein does know the guy (from a Dead Boys tribute band! JOURNEY got a singer from a Journey tribute band, would you rather have that?) and his makeup and moves was similar to chesterfield kings greg prevost with a touch of lux interior perhaps. encore was "aint it fun" and none of these "21st century dead boys fans" knew who the Grand Funk was Peter Laughner. "son of sam" also, the felix pappalardi album. Young kids mosh/slamming like Sid and Nancy extras and "the old guard": smitt e. smitty band, V, cryptic edge, stop callin me frank, GIZMOS (uber alles!), Keith from Rocket Records, Blowfish, Unatural axe....look at photos if i forgot ya. got home just in tyme for coast to coast AM; 0100, I truly had a ball!"........

Friday, September 14, 2018

"Thor's day 13 sept 18, outside the paradise with Boston poet Lee Litif, someone said "there's brother Wayne!" and this lil short guy walks by and waves: WAYNE KRAMER MC5! Bought a spare ticket from popgun manager Stu Ginsburg who ran THE POND, fresh pond circle club and then it was ME holding court outside! Finally met Rob Basso who played guitar on first GG Allin album which resided "further on up the road" at 25 walbridge street, allston mass 02134. Detroit Cobras sound more like Black Souls than i realised! "putty in your hand" (Jayne County does the BEST version of that song!!-ed) and "leave my kitten alone" were covers and highlights and singer rachel nagy mentioned Scrabble and said she had six cats! (!!!!-ed) (normally she acts Amy Winehouse tuff and both great soulful singers!). I was standing next to Peter Wolf, near sound board, then HE's onstage doing the "brothers and sisters" rap. Kick out the jams in it's entirety! Wayne Kramer like a wind-up toy, i should only be so limber. Zen Gorilas singer Marcus Dorann (?) totally channeled singer Rob Tyner. By now, Tony Kacynski (Figures on a Beach: DETROIT!) and I were singing along with call me animal/high school/shakin' street off that MC5 back in the USA album i had Miss Lyn buy at harvard coop early '77 (I had never heard of the MC5 before that so thankyou Kenne!-ed) plus "Future/Now" off my $1,27 high tyme album brockport NY june 73. encore: i can only give THEM everything/american ruse/lookin' at you....Jams were kicked out, SO worth it, go to my facebook wall, fans still goin' viral and see you Sunday at Once at farewell bob colby (who WASNT there)"..........


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