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Monday September 14, 2015

Ken Kaiser shall be happy to know it was a Lyres/football weekend! In Short (me?): Lyres were awesome, glad i saw whom i saw, i stood near Steve Aquino's amp, lotsa minor chords and drones and it was the 1980-floor-show watching Skeggy from arms akimbo gittin' DOWN to New colony six "i confess"! Drew Johnston Townson called me to warn me jammin' '98 had a landsdowne street block party (25 Mac-fookin' dollars?! bollocks t' Grex thet!) so he stayed down the Wilkie South shore and i waddled down the hill to flann o'brien's and watched a buffalo bills VICTORY! 1245 AM Bradley J was doing a punk rock trivia show on the AM news station! played lyres "tired of waiting for you", reminisces about WBCN, "Patsy from beverly" knew it was Lyres; this is TWICE I've heard Lyres on mono AM radio this year! glad there is still some good ole boston rocknroll out there, like Lyres Saturday night!"...

Tuesday September 15, 2015

I have TWO Kenne/Korps gigs to promote: wed. 30 sept 15 Lilypad Inman Square 7-10 pm; fable grazer, then what =THE KORPS/Grex. mister John SURETTE, STILL leading a Boy's Life, emails and offers friday 30 october 15 at JACQUES with Charlie Dont Surf and brigands; all the East Coast Gizmos (on double live Gizmos cd) DID agree to play! also, go fund the next Gizmos vinyl..I have other gigs and who knows about recording sessions maybe but that IS busy enuff for now!"....

Mal Thursday Austin Texas gonna play "everybody's a lyre"; there was a flexi-disc version in some british magazine, this is the Orange album lineup about '87; quite psyched! and some-a my exes live in texas!"

Wednesday September 16, 2015

"I'm So Glad" to find Saint Steven on youtube! poverty/rent forced me to sell my vinyl album (an influence on the Hopelessly Obscure ep on majestic!) but now "ay-ay-po-day" with it's Disraeli gears guitars on youtube! i even did a fake release of johnny and the jumper cables i get nervous b/w ay-ay-po-day in take it magazine, best fakeout since lester bangs wrote about a fake count V album (carburator dung) AND of course, Havelchek stealing the ball! (you should hear captain PJ as johnny most!)

Thursday September 17, 2015

Gee Julie called this morn and wants to show her class "landmine" by jumper cables as an "anti-war song"; influence: "2+2=?" BY BOB SEGER SYSTEM! (both written about michigan Marines); I also, of course, lame joke, remain "Hot for teacher" (as if Gee Julie needs a Kenne on koffee singing this in the morn!) now that i'm ricky gervais (in THE OFFICE); Mal Thursday will be playing the british flexi-disc of "everybody's a lyre" 24 sept 15 in northampton and 1 october 15 in flagler beach florida! (?!) i appreciate all airplay even on records i forgot i made! (cf. John lee hooker being drunk, recording under name of "Mr. Lucky"; my '80s product= same! Johnny Black: "Highland, you ARE like an olde blues guy"; dream came true! this is no IMITATION OF LIFE!)"

Mal Thursday Mal Thursday also playing his boston salute 8 pm (3 pm) in UK, radio nirvana/trash can radio AND thursday 11 pm, northampton, mass.; his flyer is basically "all kindsa girls" picture sleeve; playin' the ole Boston stuff world-wide!"

found a WMBR late risers club website listing all tymes an artist was played; lotsa johnny and jumper cables airplay with exact dates! folks usually say 'oh i heard you on the radio"...nice to know! though today on my cell, i told gee julie: "lissen to what bob bittner's playing on WJIB"..."wichita lineman"! a fave of hers"...

Friday September 18, 2015

real kids documentary All Kindsa Girls at regent theatre; finally saw the 2006 finished product with Gee Julie ('a north shore girl that's gonna love you forever"!) and what a GREAT documentary! of course, i noticed Gizmos/Real Kids running parallel on certain dates and when they recorded the Red Star album in "autumn", friday 19 august 77, i had music to kill by in my hands! also good seeing billy and alpo as alive as i remember them; blue ribbon bbq had appetizers (with GLEE i stood next to carl biancucci with a kielbasa in my hand!) and got the cd from cheryl eagan-donovan; me: "what'd i do, end up on the cutting room floor?" she: "no, kenne, you're in the "extras""..MUST view with Gee Julie, she's never seen a clean-shaven, 50 pounds lighter me! also, bruce hamel, who played bass on gemini on a full moon cd had a spare ticket so i got in "Scot Free" (hey! that's racial profilin'!) and bruce's best quote, evah: "when i saw you, i thought roky erikson had walked in!" roky's paternal grandfather, born denmark; "it's a viking thing; you wouldnt understand" as i walk past bromley-heath, bad mofo that i am".

Saturday September 19, 2015

Jazz I know my colonial/British ancestors wore "hose" but "Til the End of the Day", my "Gene Vincent leg" says "Bodies need rest", so no Taste/Hendrix isle of wight double feature at regent theatre (hoots, mon, 'tis on youtube, seev yersel' 15 dollar, ye do!) "Winner by elimination":WEEI, BC football game and 10 pm, radio dram, 1330: THE JAZZ SINGER! (never knew the plot, really: choosing between show business ("the devil's music"!) or singing for God (cantor/gospel, it's all the same "Big Sky" bloke...) Gee Julie left for the LOON mountain Highland games, i caught a GREAT John Hammond toon about dyin' on the WHRB blues show and then hillbilly at harvard had a shoutout for the ole gents at the chelsea ole soldiers nursing home, which, Mission of Gizmo is "my certain fate"; they're older gents who like "the older, classic stuff, they all sit around (somebody; Mr. X?) room and lissen, so here's Hank williams with "jambalya!"; a favourite of my father who woulda been 81 except "2+2=?"; to be followed by Harvard football! college game day, tail-gatin' and i like the mascots! sports report for Ken Kaiser, of course!".....

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