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Monday, September 23, 2019

Joe Bussard
Sonntag ides of Sept 19. My fellow Aries sang 'bout them "workin' man blues", so I missed a Mess Around and Tavern open mike BUT: volume one of Ken Burns series Country! "Mississippi Goddam"! Joe Bussard plays old 78s on WPAQ, mount airy North Caroliny every Sat-dee, but even more intriguing was the music before 1927 Victor Bristol, Va/Tennessee (I been there! a town in two states! mebbe a city, hell...)....So the ole Celtic fiddle music (that'd be my McBee grandaddy) and Primitive baptist shape-note singin' (Dad has some Welsh settled Newark Delaware musta done that); some white folks DID NOT know the "banjer" come from Africa! where in the Grand Funk were you in the '90s when Taj mahal told that fact at the Africa fest on the Common! (I's with mah cuzzin Linda garreau Highland; I seen her trailer, she seen mine, after that "a golden wing ship is passin' my way")....Just a-watchin' folks in Appalachia entertainin' theyself without a dang "TV Eye" "was da fockin' balls" (to quote Schmel Herbie Hind). This series looks damn good but to quote that ole curmudgeon Joe Bussard (youtube) : "well country music died about '53" THAT is a purist! and country got ran down like rock and punk, Elvis and Rotten.....Miss Lyn does seen it! (she's mah cuzzin too) "they're all ignorant white trash".....hey! that's racial profiling 1956! to paraphrase my 8th cuzzin Elvis "they said you waz white trash/honey that was just a lie"

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Monday 16 sept 19. GLiDER on salem mass cable tv; I even was near the post office where dad's Sweet ancestor was before gettin' run outtown (Baptist) to Rhode Island. Salem library is da bomb, yo! read Black Sabbath's Symptons of the universe bio, which is excellent: Geezer butler's hero: Jack Bruce! Tony Iommi's Shadows fan! (wouldnt "Iron Man" rust whilst surfing?) Salem cable studio cool, TJ Welch is the man; he filmed Kill Slug on Sonic Lobotomy! (youtube). a lot of reminiscing about olde Boston bands and YES! DO! contact him to be on show, he wants to give bands "exposure" (I've had enough....loss of kilt, Kirkland cafe 2 apr 94; birthday in birthday SUIT! and NO pictures of that, thank Wodin).....Rachel Lee of Psych-o-Daisies dropped now also reminiscing on gigs past (2001-2002, i think).....As usual, riding with Captain Easychord and Schmel Herbie Hind, I fell asleep in car, but GLiDER did good set, Cal Cali did good interview and I guess it'll be up on youtube!"..

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

"Til Tuesday 17 sept 19. practice with Triple Thick for Roky Erikson tribute at "Jasper's" 24 oct 19, i think. triple Thick sounding truly awesome with Jim Seery holding down that beat. Greg Flanagan has nailed the Roky Alien album leads and Mitch Murphy has perfect choice of songs, also made a tape of practice! "Fire engine" by 13th floor elevators; had the 45 in '73! And all that "I walked with a zombie' album, I TRULY felt Roky's spirit.....or was it just me tryin' to sing "Kielbasa"?".

Thursday, September 26, 2019

"day of Wodin 18 sept 19,caught Contagious with lindsay wagner release 22 jan 97. i DIDNT see it on tv eye coz i was hot and heavy with Goody goody Gumdrops (stanton park) whom i recorded "white light white heat' with 2 march 97,Lou reed's birthday. this was "I'm fucken bored, let's watch youtube' and it's about a cholera outbreak from bad seafood; IF like me, you enjoy reading Pennsylvania death certificates (Dead People facts!) my granddaddy McBee had a Darling aunt died of it early 1900s Pennsylvania; researching, wasnt no indoor plumbing then and outbreaks were fatal! (My great-great-"ant" died in 20s....)...SO, maybe, "The Point Is" it stars Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman) and Tom Wopat (Luke Duke, Dukes of hazzard!)....this is called "I'm a 70s has been now I'm doin' a Plan Nine level "TV eye" movie. If you're THAT bored, as me, watch it on youtube!".......

Friday, September 27, 2019

"day of Thor, 19 sept 19. To close out the week before i leave for New Netherlands with GLiDER, that day (19 Sept) was a Clark Dark (Goodpaster) Zimmerman cover band practice. Unforgettable moments: "Roger (Greenawalt (?) spelling) sweet-talked the Channel et al into giving us all those good gigs" this in reference to me being Claudia Perry (Real paper) plus one early '81 (?) Dark/Lyres/Dead Kennedys! No it does NOT get as eclectic as that no mo'....maybe I shall print mine and Clark's conversations in Through the dark (Darkly)! (hahahahahahaaha!)....But onto Dylan tribute: day of Thor 24 oct 19 at Jasper's, I mean Thunder Road! ("my head's in '81" b/w "my head's up my ass" (dub) produced by Lee "scratch" Perry and me as Big Tubby coz I am!) and Thor's Day, All Hallow's Eve, 31 oct 19 for those of you not a tune to the "old ways'. Cal Cali having good moves and playing good Zimmerman "I lost my harmonica ALbert" harp and fucken Schmel Herbie Hind on "Tombstone Blues"; fuggin' nailed Mike Bloomfield's fill after the chorus! Captain easychord has Al Kooper happening and Blowfish has already reviewed my bass playing, so alles gut. No one really happening at the Jungle but there will be OTHER days of Thor, so, even if I, Kenneth Edward Van Highland, did NOT marry Valerie Bertenelli ("she makes a grown man cry-iy"...)...I DO take all my gigs et al ONE DAY AT A TYME and even hope to Grand Funk you show up!"......


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