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Kenne Highland Airforce


Monday, September 25, 2023

Freitag 22 september 2023. A Mad Painter practice and MOST important of all: recording Sunday 1 Nov 2023 near Miss Lyn's cousin John Proctor's house (Salem witch trials) with Tom Hamilton whom engineered "lovin' you has been my fiasco" on that $20 Kenne Highland album Stanton park records PO Box 58, Newtonville,mass.!"....


Wednesday, September 36, 2023

Monntag 25 Sept 2023. 0330 Coast to Coast AM with George Noory was presenting the theory that Lee harvey Oswald and his mother were a conspiracy....over morning coffee, I decided, "let's google Lee Harvey Oswald on "Famous Kin" So Lee's mother's famous kin is son Lee BUT, Dead People Facts, Lee's father is akin to buncha preisdents and Kenfederate soldiers and....mary Chapin Carpenter! Mary IS akin to harry Chapin, whom, like BOTH my parents have a Bliss bloodline as does James Taylor! Gizmo/James/Harry and mary? singing "I'm my own grandpa" as I jam with Marilyn manson/ Twiggy Ramirez as: Lee harvey Highland! (we both were station "Camp Pendelton" but at least I saw the Ramones and wrote "califawnia Gurls" and "Gimme back my Foreskin" and toted an M-60 machine up Mount ModdaFocka DAILY!".....


Thursday, September 28, 2023

3 AM or nearer" day of Thor 28 Sept 23. Coast to Coast AM WRKO 740 AM george Noory asks his guest: "what do you think about Reincarnation"? (I always seem to wake up when they say "reincarnation"). MY answer: check the Gee Julie video of Kenne Highland's Air Force doing that Fin de Siecle song OR buy the orange Kenne Highland Clan album from Stanton Park records, P O Box 58 Newtonville Mass.! (going for $20 I see....)"

Friday, September 29, 2023

"Frigga's Day 29 Sept 2023. As my distant cuzzin Saint Justina Colt DID ask: "when's your next gig moddafocka?".

She has blessed Mad Painter with Monday 9 October 2023 at the jungle

Daniel in the Lion's Den Anklin has booked a Kenne Highland Air Force tour with Wednesday 26 sept 23, Erie Pa.;

thursday 27 sept 23 Syracuse NY and

saturday 28 sept 23 Parkside Lounge, Lower east side.

Hey heathens! youtube has a vid of "church of st. justina, padua,veneto, Italy! must be some kinda merch for her, St Justina medal...YES! Etsy has the Saint Justina of Portua Oval religious medal for $39.95! Get 'em before Jesus overturns the merch table in the temple! (or Crystal Ballroom, one)".....

It turns out that October 7th is the St. Justina Feast Day!!  And she has red hair too!


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